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  1. Trying to spot someone 100's of meters away in a video game is not as easy as it is in the real world since we are dealing with pixels. Binoculars would make this game an exponentially better experience.
  2. Is this game still active???

    This game is alive and well.
  3. This game is still unplayable for me

    Well I finally got my SSD installed, and hot damn it did my PC and games boot up a **** ton faster. The game runs much smoother now, no more micro freezing. Glad I bought it because my other games were starting to do the same thing, so disaster averted. I bought a 2TB Samsung EVO 860.
  4. I recall there being a feature in other games that dims the sound fx and music whenever someone speaks into your mic. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3 are two that come to mind, the former specifically. This was on the console though at the time though. I consider this a major addition considering the emphasis that is put on team communication. When the action gets popping, it gets hard to hear your teammates.
  5. This game is still unplayable for me

    Is it a plug and play device through a USB connector or do I have to swap out my old hard drive with it?
  6. This game is still unplayable for me

    Well, its a 4 gb 470, so that's not helping me. I guess I should stop procrastinating and buy me an SSD, to see what the rage is all about.
  7. I guess an AMD RX 470, Intel I7-4790K and 16 gb of ram isn't enough even with the graphics set to medium since I am still experiencing micro freezes every twenty or more seconds. They will have to optimize this game better for me to get into it.
  8. The player controls

    I personally call any shooter, or any game for that matter that has three different buttons for functions that can all be easily done with one clunky and out dated. This may not be the sentiment of most PC gamers as one would expect but I'm betting lots of players who game mostly on consoles will share the same sentiment.
  9. The player controls

    I'm the exact opposite of most PC gamers at this point. The availability of over 100 buttons doesn't necessarily mean a good thing in itself, nor does it mean deeper gameplay. Too often this has been used as an excuse for non-intuitive controls and I can't stand it. Arma 3 is considered clunky by many for a reason. The controls in that game represents everything that's wrong with PC shooters as I see it. Yes, console, its where most of my games are going to end up with the next Xbox Scarlett, especially the multiplayer ones. Single player games are fair game on the PC for me, and the buck pretty much stops there from here on in. I am avoiding the PC version of Halo Infinite like the plague, not a chance in hell I'm buying that on PC, lol.
  10. The player controls

    I just don't care for having two or four different buttons to perform movements I can easily do with one button. Its what I'm used to from all the years on console, just easier to me. The one button rule has been a staple for years now, for console games at least. Its why I prefer the whole squad control scheme in the Rainbow Six Vegas series for instance versus the old controls with the redial menu in older Rainbow Six games. Despite what people may think of the Vegas games themselves, the control scheme was brilliant nonetheless. They took pretty much every single squad command you can do in Raven Shield PC and boiled it down to basically the press of a button. It was the very definition of intuitive gameplay.
  11. The player controls

    The controls are pretty good for the most part, except for one thing. Right now, the prone button can only be mapped to a separate button. I'd really like to be able to map the prone command to the same button used for crouching and standing. 1. If I want to go prone from either standing or crouching position, I simply hold down the button 2. If I want to crouch from the prone position, press the button 3. If I want to stand up from the prone position, hold down the button. All this can be done with one button just like it is typically done on consoles. This one simple addition would make my life as a soldier on the battlefield that much less of a hassle.
  12. How well would this game perform with my PC specs?

    Well, that depends on how well optimized the game is to begin with. My PC can run Forza Horizon 4 like a dream, hardly a dip below 60 fps on high settings. This is not at all the case specifically with games in its alpha stage, Squad and Ground Branch. I've had to overclock the absolute hell out of the memory clock speed to even begin to make these games playable. Hitman 2 is another shining example that is admittedly not a well optimized game. Its previous entry did a much better job maintaining 60 frames, but not Hitman 2. It doesn't even have directX12 support. My PC already doesn't meet the recommended specifications for a lot of the most demanding games, so I'm getting rid of this thing regardless. An I7-4790K is mid tier at best, and I'd rather buy the next Xbox Scarlett than waste my money on another mid-line PC.
  13. How well would this game perform with my PC specs?

    Well by vram I meant the memory speed, seems to be working a little better since I did. no matter though, I'm planning on buying a brand new PC soon anyway. I'm just waiting on AMD's reponse to NVIDIA's RTX 2080.
  14. How well would this game perform with my PC specs?

    I keep getting constant micro freezes every time I play this game. Someone told me that its a vram issue, so would overclocking the vram solve it at all?
  15. How well would this game perform with my PC specs?

    Yeah, on medium settings it runs fairly well on American servers for the most part but its also very unstable, often never going beyond 50 fps. Micro freezes occur a bit too much, dipping into the 30's a lot, even dipping into the single digits occasionally depending on whats happening. No matter though, I'm planning on buying a new computer next year anyway because even the recently released Hitman 2 struggles to stay at a steady 60 fps, especially on parts with a ton of NPC's on screen. Its weird, because Forza Horizon 4 runs extremely well compared to these two games. The learning curve is definitely steeper than any Battlefield game, it not having an actual training mode isn't helping. The natural team environment as you call it is exactly the thing I found much better than Battlefield games right away. In Battlefield games, everyone was always using some third party software like overwolf or discord. You can't even speak to your own damn team in the PC versions unless given some kind of permission or joining someones website, and the voice chat quality is trash in of itself. Squad is a **** ton better than Battlefield in this respect. I just wish it was easier to spawn closer to the action, like with your squad or something.