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  1. Mortar Design is inherently flawed

    Yeah, I have to agree with you on this one, especially when it comes to the mortars. If the target is at a range that can't be measured using the mortars own internal calculator, I am basically forced to use some retarded, bootlegged calculator off the internet. The whole thing needs to be redesigned from the ground up.
  2. Topographical Map Suggestion

    For a game shooting for more realism, I consider the maps not being topographical to start with to be far more amateurish than the level design ever will be. The whole time I'm thinking they already were topo maps to some degree, yet this is just yet another example of game developers these days never failing to disappoint me. How does one possibly miss something like this? What the hell happened to attention to detail in game design for crying out loud? smfh
  3. Better Maps

    Well that's not good then, because it shows the developers haven't been paying attention and I'm wasting my time giving feedback.
  4. Remove option to "Give Up"?

    Well, now you are asking for too much from the developers. This is a video game, not real life, so unless someone is actually holding a gun to your head, the fear of getting shot can never possibly be 100% simulated. There is really nothing more they can do accept impose a bigger penalty. Even then, I can guarantee you it won't change that much when it comes to teamwork.....Well actually, there is something else they can do, and that is allow the player to kill the enemy after incapacitating them. This along with a bigger penalty, losing two tickets instead of one, is about as much as they can do.
  5. Remove option to "Give Up"?

    @DualFlameBane Agree with others, the only thing that could change is levying a bigger penalty against those who give up. Removing it entirely may only do more harm than good. It might deter people from wanting to play the game if they are forced to sit there and wait, and wait, and wait. That one life system works for Tarkov, but it won't work for Squad, two entirely different types of games.
  6. Is fast roping planned?

    I'm sure everyone can agree that it would only be the next natural progression for the helicopters in this game. It really should have been in the game the day helicopters were first introduced.
  7. Are flash bangs planned for this game?

    At least with a flash bang, you aren't concerned with trying to kill the enemy, but to give yourself a chance to kill them. A frag grenade isn't going to do that for you, its not designed to.
  8. It just seems like the natural progression for the game at this point with all the bombs going off and such. I should be able to blow a hole in the side of a building with a rocket or tank. This would be good tactically if I want to make my own entry point.
  9. Increase Realism.

    I doubt soldiers will need to eat something so soon when the battles only last little over an hour to start with. Water, yeah, maybe they would need it, but I fail to see how that would solve any lone wolf tendencies. You should elaborate on how this would benefit gameplay.
  10. Are flash bangs planned for this game?

    I remember seeing footage I think from Afghanistan of marines using flash bangs, it was somewhat brief though. They are trained to use them anyway, so why not.
  11. Having flash bangs would be a life savor for those times you are trying to penetrate a more enclosed or bottle necked enemy position, like a tunnel or something.
  12. So apparently, in order to be able to use the mortar accurately in this game, I have to use a calculator that isn't even in the game to start with. Words cannot describe how dumb this is. Something like this should have been in the game to begin with. Since there is no actual way to range a target in the game, it makes the mortar weapon pretty much useless. Link: The Calculator
  13. The Insurgency Force

    Is the most useless force in the game thus far. Just a bunch of turban wearing hillbillies with nothing but tin cans for assault vehicles against artillery, war planes, tanks, etc. They don't even belong in the game, totally out of place. If they just have to stay in the game, then they could at least make them interesting and fight like real insurgents. Can we use caves and tunnels? Can we at least get some scopes on those rifles to make them more useful in ranged combat? How hard is it for an insurgency to find a scope for petes sake?
  14. The training mode still needs some serious work

    I can sit here and watch ten to forty minute videos on how to do something or I can spend the same amount of time or less applying it practically in an actual training session. Reading and watching someone else do something is not the same as doing it yourself.
  15. The training mode still needs some serious work

    This needs to be priority number one for the next major update. In the event that someone is thrust into a leadership role, they won't chicken out and quit or something because they'll be ready for it.