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  1. Xbox Series X Complete Specs

    Wait, so Squad is actually planned for the consoles? Awesome!!! I think its the right move. The console market is dying for a hardcore military shooter. Screw the mobile market, the general video game market is on the consoles, which means money. With the beastly specifications of the Xbox Series X and PS5. now is the perfect time to get to it.
  2. What is your ram usage while gaming?

    Agree'd, these companies will claim 8gbs is the minimum, but if that were the case, I reckon that the usage rate would still stay below 8 to start with even though you may have 16 or 32 gigs available. The fact that this game uses 14 gigs regularly just proves to me that 16 should be considered the true minimum. Another thing is, Microsoft would have just stuck with 8 gigs with the Xbox Series X like they did with the Xbox One if it were truly the minimum. They upped it to 16 gbs of shared memory instead.
  3. What is your ram usage while gaming?

    I don't know about a memory leak. I mean its possible since the game ain't that well optimized, but memory leaks usually causes the program or even the computer itself to crash. Wouldn't this be more related to the unreal engine itself? I'm not that knowledgeable about the mechanics of game development.
  4. What is your ram usage while gaming?

    Holy dog shit in heaven. You'd think this game was Digital Combat Simulator or something with as much ram as it will swallow whole. Maybe the games just not that well optimized yet?
  5. Xbox Series X Complete Specs

    This video discusses the confirmed system specs and shows tech demos of Xbox One X games like Gears 5 running on the Xbox Series X with Ray Tracing. Its all pretty damn impressive, but that's not why I posed this video. Its the "quick resume" feature and ultra fast load times that impressed me the most. The game loaded up in less than 9 seconds. This coming console generation will be a great time for developers.
  6. What is your ram usage while gaming?

    I always get up to 14 gbs used while gaming. Although I have 32 gbs of ram, I still consider that a **** ton. What does it say for you while gaming?
  7. Topographical Map Suggestion

    I agree, right now the maps look more like a child scribbled on a paper with crayons, very childish, amateurish.
  8. Mortar Design is inherently flawed

    Its more like a glorified, more realistic version of the Battlefield games if anything. The only thing missing is the destructible environments.
  9. Mortar Design is inherently flawed

    You know what, someone once suggested I wear an eye patch or close my eyes and count to ten, so I'll try that first..............................
  10. Mortar Design is inherently flawed

    Well, its only a waste without consistent supply runs to the main base. And despite the inconsistent design, its still not completely useless. It depends on whose using it and how well coordinated they are. Those smoke screens are always greatly appreciated when trying to assault a position that's well fortified in a wide open field with little cover.
  11. Since night time maps are now in the game

    Yep, and the argument should end right there, thanks for proving my point. Its THEIR game, so its their job to fix their ****ing shit. This is called the "feedback and suggestions" sub forum for them to do exactly that, not for us to adjust to an unfinished product WE paid for.
  12. Since night time maps are now in the game

    Take a chill pill, take a dump even, let all that excess gas out, relax, and comprehend what I stated. Your "solutions" only work if the real world environment that you live in was actually dark, not in a virtual environment behind a computer screen. Your interpretation of that article is not at all how our eyes actually work. If you've convinced yourself that eye patches work, so be it, knock yourself out. I on the other hand, prefer real solutions for the gameplay itself with the addition of NVG's and flight lights, like solders in the real world we currently live in actually use. Throwing the problem back on the customer to solve is about as sorry an excuse can possibly get, and a bad business practice at that for a product THEY are selling.
  13. Since night time maps are now in the game

    Oh no , no, I fully understand where the article is coming from, means nothing in the end. Know why? Its very simple. For one, if I am take it seriously at all, your "solutions" it only work in a real world environment regardless, not in a 3D creation sitting behind an LCD screen. If you've actually tried it, you'd know this. For two, the customer shouldn't have to adjust his screen to see in pitch black settings, the developer is supposed to actually address it by realistic, MODERN methods, in a game that takes place in a realistic, MODERN time period, not by eye patches and "counting to ten", and other such foolishness. If you want an eye patch, then you should implore the developers to put it in the damn game where it would actually make a lick of difference, simple.
  14. Since night time maps are now in the game

    Nice little joke website you linked there. We need night NVG's and flash lights asap.
  15. Since night time maps are now in the game

    ........... Really? I take it this is supposed to be a realistic military shooter set in the modern era right? Do solders in the real world tweak the "contrast/gamma" of their eyes to see better, or do they use actual illumination tools like NVG's and lights? Maybe its just me, but I'm 100% certain its the latter.