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  1. With the changes in V12 -- increased map sizes, vehicle torque, FOB locking, persistent ammo, etc -- logistics has become a nightmare, ruining the fun and pacing of the game. It's particularly bad on public servers when people don't want to spend 10 minutes making a logi run up a steep hill, when they'll just get blown up and waste the effort. However, while most players don't like driving a logi all match, most don't mind a quick trip for supplies every once and a while. Solution: Player-built supply FOB's. The core of Squad is player interaction, so I think it's important to make sure the focus remains on teamwork, communication, and player driven actions. It still needs to be a fun game to play in both public and organized matches, and players aren't going to stick around to grow the community if they aren't spending most of the play time talking with squadies and shooting stuff. The idea is to make logi runs player-driven, short and sweet, but still vulnerable to ambush and supply chain scarcity. Supply dumps can be built at FOBs, which slowly generate supplies. They must be at least 1000m away from active flags, 600m away from mortars, and 1000m away from other supply depots. These numbers should be examined but I think they're a good starting point. This shortens supply runs on large maps and maps with crappy geography/steep hills, but still requires teamwork and planning to execute. This will encourage supply fobs to be built in areas where it makes sense: major cross roads, easy access, defensible, etc. However, mortars can't be spammed with free ammo from the supply dump, it still takes a logistics network to supply them, and supply dumps are placed far enough apart to prevent easy exploitation. This can also be used to keep old FOBs behind the front line relevant as the team advances. Logis get dragged from one base to the next and run between the current FOB and the previous FOB. Need supplies? Spawn at the previous FOB and pick up the abandoned logi there. Then fill it up at the supply depot and drive it forward. Getting pushed back? Dig up the Supply depot and move it back. Then build mortars to replace the supply depot and shell the enemy advance. Advancing quickly? Dig up the mortars and place a supply depot, then build a new forward FOB. Points generate slowly so you still have strained supply lines while teams are advancing quickly, and if the defending team is holding out against heavy assault, close supply points may run low and require longer supply runs to more distant points. Squads can also go behind enemy lines to make logi runs more treacherous/longer as trucks need to drive further back to avoid ambushes. Also, SLs will have to try and hide supply dumps once helicopters are added so that they don't get nuked from orbit
  2. Vehicles vs AT infantry in V12

    Posted this in the general discussion thread as well, but it applies here too
  3. TLDR: I don't think that vehicles are too strong, I think that the infantry's tools to deal with them are too weak. You can no longer run a squad that is just infantry, combined arms is now a requirement for all infantry squads on almost every map. Every match of V12 I grab a logi and try to command an infantry squad is a frustrating mess. Give me a couple of dedicated tankers to drive around an APC all game and it's spectacular. There are 2 problems with this: 1. Infantry cant deal with an APC or IFV without an APC or IFV of their own, even in CQB where infantry should reign supreme. The LAT does too little damage/doesn't have enough ammo, and there is only 1 HAT kit per team. A vehicle at range should win every time but having to retreat as infantry because a BTR is parked as a roadblock is kinda frustrating. Also, sometimes, I just want to command an infantry squad and not worry about how to position my Bradley. I don't always want to manage a vehicle and an infantry squad. 2. Being the driver is kinda boring, you look through a keyhole not doing much for 45-65 mins, now 2 hours . I frequently have people soloing my APCs because no one wants to drive. My solution is to give 3 HATs per team, 1 max per squad. If that skews the balance too much, make crewmen kits and HAT kits mutually exclusive. That gives infantry a tool to fight vehicles but vehicles get scared of tight spaces and still rule medium to long range. Also there are more ppl to go on crazy daring missions to flank and kill enemy vehicles, makes for good stories and fun games. Not sure what to do about vehicle driving. Extra HATs may make driving more exciting since there are more threats to worry about. You could also make driver seats open to riflemen as well. I know it's not as realistic but it makes it more fun if drivers can get engaged in infantry combat while the APC sits and covers the squad for 10 mins. So far V12 is awesome, but it needs some tweaking after such a huge change. Its nice now that vehicles are real threats, in V11 the vehicles were paper mache with a mediocre gun. Now infantry are hopeless grunts that can't get around the map easily. Also, wrong thread for this, but WTF with the 2 hour matches now??? I can't play a quick match before going to bed on a weeknight anymore. Really bad for keeping around a good pool of SLs.