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    It does work and is extremely effective. But almost no Squads are using it since the SL simply isnt asking for it. Covering fire is counter intuitive to most players since almost all FPS games is about landing quick and accurate shots. It also requires a level of coordination that most squads cannot reach. But when done properly it is among the most effective tactics you can use in the game. I've seen defended objectives being overrun and cleared in less than a minute without casualties for the attackers because a massive barrage of covering fire have chocked and overwhelmed the defenders. Often you find the defenders prone inside buildings or behind cover with no idea of what to do.
  2. Suppression

    Here you can see an example of a real firefight and even a few rounds have a big suppression effect. They even starts to shoot over their heads. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZ2SWWDt8Wg (not graphic)
  3. Suppression

    If he is firing in your direction you should be suppressed. Every normal person would go into cover if another dude is opening up with a machine gun on them, even if the guy with the MG isn't aiming directly at them. If you look at footage from real firefight you will see that none of the soldiers are taking accurate shots while they are under fire. Everyone is just unloading in the direction of the enemy and they dont want to expose themselves to enemy fire. The idea with the suppression system is to replicate a sense of fear that in real life is very hard to control and overcome. A regular GI will not land headshots while a MG is firing at him, and this is why you arent able to overcome the suppression.
  4. Sniper / Breacher Class

    And it not making a very good case for itself. CAF need some rework on its classes so they get Medic, LATS etc in the same way as the others. And that is true for the Marksman/sniper as well. the single sniper on the CAF side is heavily outclassed by the other marksmen. 25 rounds and bolt action isnt very useful, although its cool. Maybe if you removed the bipods from the marksman classes and only had them on a sniper class it might work. But as for now there is nothing a sniper can do that a marksman cant. Tested the M110 during the free weekend. A lot of fish in the barrel and a good opportunity to try. I was located ~650 meters from the point and the lessons learned is that a bolt action rifle with low ammo count is not very useful at such ranges. It takes ~1 mag to get a good sense of the distances, even a small change in distance need an adjustment in aim due to the bullet drop. But once that is done you can be quite effective and even one-shot enemies. The problem is when they move, which they mostly do. Then it is more up to luck since the movements is erratic and hard to predict. So your main objective would be to suppress the enemy if you are at such ranges. I dont see that a bolt action sniper would handle such distances, you will at most get 2-3 kills before your ammo is out. With 10x and bipod on the marksman class there is no gap to fill for a sniper class.
  5. my vision on .50 cal anti materiel sniper rifle

    Not against the idea but the problem is that it will not be used in that role. First of all almost noone want a role where their task is to disable logis so it will be used as just another sniper rifle. It would be easy to give the bullets more disperse since they often use MG ammo like AP or incendiary, which are less accurate than sniper ammo.
  6. Nanisivik should not be in the game

    We have maps from Norway and Estonia as well. And it should be very little vegetation. The lowest areas could have some low bushes and trees but this far north there is no vegetation to speak of higher up on the mountains. From the area.
  7. Canadian Armed Forces Deployed!

    Nanisvik looks good and should bring some true arctic warfare to the game. But it does need some rework. The sand colored rock isnt rare to so far north. It should be grey with patches of green, something like this: As it is now there are nowere to hide and you can spot enemies several miles away (almost). It is also a heli map. Warfare in such terrain would be done almost exclusively with helicopters and light ATV:s.
  8. Canadian Armed Forces Deployed!

    The timberwolf is a cool gun but not very useful. It's a bit easier to one shot people i guess but also harder to follow up a shot. And the ammo count is too low. A good player will hit maybe 1 in 5 rounds at 400 meters with it. And with like 25 rounds.... I will try it for sure but i would be surprised if it is as good as the M110. DMR are not equal in damage afaik, the SVD hits harder between ~3-500 meters.
  9. Suppression

    Sounds like a good teamwork from their side. Im not saying that the suppression system is the most perfect one, but its not that bad. Suppressive fire is a vital part of military tactics and a game like squad should have it. There is almost no human being that would not react when a M249 opened up on them. Its hard to replicate the sense of fear and stress in a game but the suppression system does a decent job. It could of course be modified to be even better but its far from bad. From your story it feels like the main issue was that you where too exposed and easy to spot. You got suppressed and killed shortly after the first shot so they apparently located you immediately and reacted accordingly. But nothing stopped you from suppressing them either. Even if the M249 is suppressing you you could have fired towards them and denied them a chance to take an accurate shot at you.
  10. More C4 or increase the damage

    Such small charge would do pretty much nothing to any armored vehicle. The blast would be directed away from the armor.
  11. More C4 or increase the damage

    But a vital concept of the game have been that no single player or kit should be able to have a decisive effect on the outcome of the game. AT are modeled so that you cannot one shot tanks and other vehicles so that you have to cooperate with other players in order to kill it. Same for engineers, they should not be able to remove the enemies ability to spawn on a point by their own. You can still do it btw but its harder and more risky and it might be wiser to bring a friend. And thats kind of the idea with the game.
  12. More C4 or increase the damage

    You cannot expect that all hits are equal. It depends on where the vehicle are hit since it have different armor thickness on different places. 4 HAT + 3 LAT on a tank sounds like you where hitting the front of the turret or something like that. 2 tandem RPG is enough if they hit the right areas and 1 hit in the side of the turret will disable it. Soft targets are also a bit hard to kill with light anti tank weapons due to the way they work. A hit to the cabin would probably kill or damage the people inside it. But a hit in the side or rear dont have to deal any significant damage since most of the energy from the shaped charge may just continue on the other side of the vehicle without hitting anything significant. IMO a HE/frag should be more lethal than a light HEAT round against unarmored targets. But i see the same in tank vs tank duels. Most shots are aimed towards the turret front where almost no damage is done.
  13. If you go back to v11 and earlier it was much worse since you spawned in with full ammo, You just built a FOB inside a building and fortified it. And you would never run out of ammo since you had an infinite amount of it. Invasion was a pain back then.. Even with no dead death the downs-to-death ration is almost the same since most players are too impatient to wait for a revive anyway. Regular soldiers also runs out of bandages very quick when they are used for revives. Im not against the dead-death, but dont pretend that earlier patches where more realistic.
  14. More C4 or increase the damage

    The reason is simple, a single engineer should not be able to sneak in and destroy a FOB, at least not without risk. Now you have to dig down the last 20 %, which is good so that we get rid of engineers running alone all over the map looking for FOB:s. So absolutely yes to the changes. One guy shouldnt be able to ruin the day for the entire enemy team without risk. You will still disable the HAB and force the enemy to run back to the radio.
  15. Weapon Attachments - Classes are awful

    You can do a decent job with 1x/iron sights and it can be really fun. Most kit with no optic now have binoculars so you can still spot people several hundred meters away. It's a bit dependent on the map but its not that hard to get a positive K/D ratio even with Iron or 1x and on some maps like sumari the 1x is better than a 4x. If there are going to be a change in optics i vote for less optics, not more. If everyone have a 4x there will be even more sniping duels.
  16. How veichles and rally points are killing the game

    A LAT is a rifleman with some AT capability, they are now more dangerous than ever due to their ability to track even tanks. A good LAT is very dangerous to all vehicles. While they are mostly not the ones that kills the vehicle a mobility kill very often leads to the destruction of the vehicle. Too often you see a crewman jump out to fix the track and once he is down there is only one left in the tank with very limited ability to save the situation.
  17. Mortar calculator == cheat?

    Rocket techies needs an adjustment since their range is now ridiculous, they can easily reach > 3000 meters and as said, the intention is not to have them standing at main firing constant barrages of rockets over the entire map. Mortars on the other hand is fine even with a mortar app. An app is slower than having SL placing a marker on the target, which gives both range and direction. A mortar app requires that you add the locations of the mortar and the target so you need to put some effort into it. It also doesnt gives any significant advantage over the first method.
  18. Vehicle imbalance

    The US/Rus vehicle balance is quite bad as it is. The Russian side lacks a IFV capable of dealing with the Bradley and to makes things worse the Stryker´s front cannot be penetrated by the Russian 30mm cannon other than if the small vertical nose is hit. On the other hand a 50 round burst with the .50 in the front is enough to kill a BTR. This means that neither the Bradey or the Stryker can be killed with hits in the front by the BTR-82 or MT-LB IFV, leaving the Russian without vehicles to deal with them. There is nothing in a stryker that can stop a 30mm AP round, angled or not, so the damage model should be reworked so that the 30mm round can penetrate the front of the stryker without bouncing. A BMP should also be added to level the playing field. (And of course the Challenger 2 for the brits)
  19. We need a new gamemode... HARDCORE

    Funny that you are mentioning WT. There is nothing in WT that is even close to realistic. Their flight models are horrendous even in their "simulator" mode. Even in the current state Squad is far more realistic than War Thunder...
  20. Suppression

    I highly disagree. A MG can suppress an entire squad just by keeping the bullets in the air. You dont even have to see the enemies. Advancing while having AR:s and MG:s covering you is very effective.
  21. Marksman Changes.

    Being hidden 200m out from the flag can be quite effective. You dont need to be a marksman, a scope is enough. Ive had cases where i can more or less alone deny the enemy an access route to the flag from all the directions im covering. But most SL:s see no point in having a marksman and doesnt give you time to get into a good position. So most of the time you are forced to just run with the squad and take whatever position available. But if you are allowed to play the role properly it is extremely effective. Both as a scout and for covering the squad. You rarely get a ton of kills but the one you get are often very important.
  22. MRAP vs Kornet

    Missile rack is weaker. One LAT to it will instakill the vehicle is my experience.
  23. Alpha 14 Patch Notes

    RPG-29 is much worse now. the 400 meter marker is waay off. And having the double ranging system is just stupid. The Aiming ladder is there for a reason, allow us to use it instead of force us to range with X+ mouse wheel and then use the ranging ladder... In v 13 you could atleast "cheat" and set it to 400 meters and only use the ladder since it worked for all ranges 0-400 meters.
  24. Since the transport helos are just flying logis that is vulnerable to all kind of weapons they cannot fly in any contested area unless very low and fast. So for troop transports you could expect that they need to land several hundred meters from the point. If the enemy is irregulars the amount of AAA on a FOB would mean a quick death for a helo. The dishkas and ZSU will be very effective in the point defence AA role against Helos. The main benefits is the ability to bring supplies to fobs far from main and the ability to move troops from one area to another. But doing a hot drop on the point will most likely not work out if the enemy have any kind of firepower ready. As for SAM:s a successful tactic is terrain hugging. The Russians avoided stingers by flying low in the valleys since the stinger could not lock on to the helos, the heat signature wasnt distinct enough to separate from the ground. Other tactics used is preemptively popping flares when flying in dangerous areas.
  25. Russian Ground forces

    RGF seems to be overlooked this patch too so here is a few suggestions to boost them: Give them the RPG-29: There is no reason for not giving the RGF the RPG-29, at least as a gap filler for a better HAT. RGF have the least anti armor capability of all factions And if we can give the M3 to US as their HAT we can give the RPG-29 to RGF. Give them the SVDM: Since the current weapon is called SVDM, why not just give them a real SVDM instead of pretending that the regular SVD is the SVDM? A new scope and a bipod would give the Russian marksman similar capability as the US/UK ones. Give them that BMP: It seems like RGF are not going to get a BMP this patch either. So atleast give them the BMP-1. its better than nothing if the BMP-2 isnt done yet.