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  1. Im tired of trying to claim vehicles when people cry to admins

    No rules would be even worse. People would wait in main for vehicles to spawn and constantly fight over the right to use it. There is no 100% fair system but giving priority to the first squad with the proper name is imo the best way. But even then people call their squad "Armor" and think that gives them right to both Tanks and IFV:s...
  2. Why was Delta removed? Bring back Delta

    While it convenient to have a lot of FT-leaders that can mark stuff on the map I dont think that should be the purpose of FT. in a 9 man squad there isnt really a need for more than 3 fireteams (it isnt realistic at least since no army divide a squad into such small elements). Most of the time FTL is given to AT and DMR or anyone that needs to mark something on the map. But fireteams should primarily be a way to delegate command within the squad, for ex a support team that works together under the leadership of the FTL to provide support for the rest of the squad.
  3. A16 Helicopter First Impressions

    They need more inertia for sure, they accelerate and decelerate way too fast now. But in general the feeling is quite good considering its the first iteration. instruments are nice and the damageable rotors are so sweet. They should also be vulnerable to HE rounds from heavier guns. The AA guns for example, a bit weird that the only dedicated AA gun in game do no damage at all against helos...
  4. Weapon damage/penetration unrealistic and anti-fun.

    RGF have a HAT-kit with scope , which the US have not. And while their AR isnt carrying as much ammo they are more efficient on the move since they can select semi or full auto. Overall the Russians have not the same stationary firepower but can be more mobile since Their Marksman and their AR:s are more efficient on the move (less dependent on bipods) plus they have a scope on their HAT as mentioned. US AT ammo is also a more expensive (in ammo points) It is all about trade offs and one of the good parts with squad is that the factions actually are different. Rus 1st AT have no scope but have a RPG with optics and also 2 frag rounds which the US LAT lacks. Their HAT on the other hand have less range than the US one but are on the other hand better for anti infantry combat. RUS have also Tandem rounds for both their HAT:s.
  5. Weapon damage/penetration unrealistic and anti-fun.

    A full caliber AP have significantly less penetration ability than a Sabot round. HESH rounds doesnt penetrate armor at all, they are squased out on the surface before exploding, sending a shock wave through the armor and causes spalling on the inside of the vehicle. HESH is useless against any modern armor since the effect is easily neutralized by spaced or composite armor.
  6. INS/MIL VS HELI factions

    Even a techie is lethal to a heli so they should have enough firepower to make the life miserably for the choppers already. Plus most layers with helis have only conventional factions.
  7. Helicopters are too blulletproof

    Agree. Helos should be vulnerable to HE round, which it isnt at the moment. Not even AA or 30mm fire hurts them. Fix that and it should be good.
  8. Alpha 16 Test + OISC Kickoff

    There are some issues at Narva, some buildings are missing parts of the walls. Castle for ex and a building near church.
  9. Boost insurgent fighter classes

    The FAL and G3 variant of the insurgent fighter is very rare for good reasons. You only get 6 mags (120 rounds) and 1 hand grenade while other non scope riflemen get ~8 mags (240 rounds since they have 30 rounds/mag) and 2 grenades. Even the US marksman gets more ammo. My suggestion is to give these classes something to boost them so that its worth playing them. 2 more mags and 1 more grenade would be minimum.
  10. Russian IFV's?

    The most important improvement was the overheating time. Before you cold never kill a stryker without having to wait for the gun to cool down at leas once. Which usually meant that the stryker killed you. A BTR-82 should be superior to the Stryker since they have roughly equal armor but the 30mm gun is vastly more powerful than a 50 cal. Before the upgrades the BTR could only deal with MRAPS and Russian forces had no chance of winning the vehicle engagements. But there are ways to deal with the balance. We have a lot of different BTR and MTLB versions in the game and the BTR-82 could be replaced with the BTR-80 for example. APC/IFV is also not really a relevant term in the game since neither of them is transporting troops or works as infantry support. Vehicles generally operates on their own with little coordination with infantry squads.
  11. Nanisivik_RAAS_v2

    Kohat has a US vs UK layer...
  12. Mk. 19 & AGS 30

    While the Russian have some new and modern stuff the bulk is older equipment. The T-72B3 and the BMP-2 is for ex the the most numerous tank/IFV so its natural that they have them in game. BTR 90 production was also halted and is in service only in limited numbers so it should be their main APC in game.
  13. CAF Patch and Alpha 16 Status

    I still have hope.
  14. CAF Patch and Alpha 16 Status

    Against transport helos they should do quite well even today. The helos are vulnerable to .50 cal fire so every techie is a threat. Plus they have the 23 mm AA guns. AA trucks will maybe even be useful... But other than that there are a number of weapons that could be added. ZSU-23-4 for example. It would be a nightmare to anything unarmored. Or techies with twin 14.5mm guns like this one.
  15. When are we going to get vertical stabilization?

    All those mentioned do have stabilizers, what you are describing is mainly the limitation in vertical travel of the gun. The ability to depress the main gun differs from vehicle to vehicle but are in general not that great. So when you are running around over uneven terrain the gun every now and then reaches the limit of its travel and naturally it will point towards the sky (or the ground).