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  1. Nanisivik

    Lol. I got my first snowmobile when I was 12, and i live around 300 km north of the Arctic circle. I would say i have a pretty good idea..
  2. Nanisivik

    The point is still that you ARE stuck to the roads in this kind of terrain. Not even a tank will be able to climb most of the mountains. You simply have to adapt to the environment and use a different tactic. The point of having all the different maps is that the gameplay must be adopted to that specific map. You cannot use the same tactic on Nanisivik as on Narva. And its part of the fun to figure out how to play the maps.
  3. Nanisivik

    Well... It is shitty for vehicles because any terrain of this type IS shitty for vehicles. Your ability to move off road is very limited and usually only light units are operating in this areas. What's missing is more helos to move people around the map. It could still need some work on the smaller details, like more rocks, but its very accurate. This far north there is pretty much no vegetation so its very hard to find cover. Overall the fighting in this type of terrain is very different from a city or forest and in order to be efficient on Nanisivik you need to adapt. If your vehicles are constantly sniped by ATGM:s you need to find a way to counter that, and this is a very realistic aspect because in real life you would deploy small groups of rangers equipped with missiles to ambush anyone trying to use the few roads.
  4. Graphic Updates

    I also have a 970 i have not have any of the issues you have. I cannot run everything on epic but i can still have decent graphic and framerate. And my CPU is an i5-6400 at around 3.2GHz....
  5. Squad has become too "gamey" and meta.

    It is only effective because everyone does it. As soon a more organized squad appears that really tries to revive and keep people in the fight as long as possible things change. Because in the end the respawners will run low on tickets. And reviving is also an effective way to keep the attack going. Having the medic to pick up people will keep the squad together longer and it will be more effective than with constant respawns, because then people arrives to the combat individually and the squad is no longer a unit but a group of individual players.
  6. Iron sight zoom better in post scriptum

    It a good point that scopes should be fixed so that they become harder to use at and that iron/red dot had a significant advantage at close range. Now everyone take a scope since its pretty much always the best but there should be a penalty for it. But it would also be nice to be able to use backup sights on for ex the SVD and SUSAT at close range.
  7. Vehicle smoke dispensers

    As it is now the smoke dispensers are elevated with the main gun and too high elevation makes the smoke detonate high up in the air and thus not provide any cover. But all smoke dispensers on vehicles are fixed to the turret and cannot change elevation. So can we have them fixed so that they always fires the rounds at the same angle? Here the BTR 80, where the fixed smoke dispensers are clearly shown.
  8. Mortars "have to go"

    So what you are saying is that you dont like that the enemy is shooting at you so his ability to do so should be nerfed? Mortars should not be nerfed, the point of using them besides killing you is to make your life miserable so that you becomes less effective in fighting. And obviously it works.
  9. A few thoughts

    At the moment FOB:s are way too easy to kill, which often have the result that the squads mainly uses their rallies to spawn. The 'problem' is mainly lone engineers and sappers running around and chasing FOB:s even far away from the action. Imo a combat engineer is in no way someone that does spec ops behind enemy lines to take out bases. An engineer is the guy that comes in and clear the area after it has been taken by the combat units. SO: Make it harder to destroy a radio for a lone engineer. Make it much harder so that the time it takes to dig it is significantly longer, now you plant c4, dig a bit and run and the job is done. At least 30 seconds of digging should be required for the engineer. And also make is so that c4 is needed to fully kill the radio, that way an engineer must be present in order to take down a FOB. It's too easy for a single player or a very small group to take out spawn points for the enemy, taking down a FOB should require more teamwork than that. To balance the FOB can cost some building points and requires more players to drop so that a logi squad cannot drop 3 FOB:s in one run. FOB:s must be more valuable and it should be more of a team effort both to build and destroy them. And if the FOB is harder to kill the rally also becomes less significant
  10. Heavy sniper as in the game Project Reality

    The proper way to use a marksman is to provide fire support for the squad. The role should be deployed in a similar way as a MG and should work fairly close to the squad. When defending the marksman can cover certain critical approach routes and deny the enemy access to an area. Preferably from a well hidden position around 200 meters from the point. When attacking the Marksman can provide support slightly behind the squad by spotting and engaging enemies that poses a threat to the squad.
  11. Heavy sniper as in the game Project Reality

    While it would be fun it would not be very useful. It is very hard to operate as a sniper in Squad since its very easy to spot. Most snipers are killed after just a few shots. And the DMR:s fills the roles as sniper quite well. Even the SVD can without too much training drop a guy at 400-500 meters with one shot and shots beyond that are very rare. The Timberwolf has a very flat trajectory which makes it easier to shot at longer ranges since the ranging doesnt have to be that accurate. But its also useless in most combat situation when a scoped AK is just as effective at <200 meters, which includes most engagements. But one idea is to turn the DMR into true DMR:s, now its just the SVD that works as a DMR, the others are used as snipers. Decrease the level of magnification to 4x for all DMR and add a limited, but hard hitting. bolt action rifle with higher magnification for a sniper role. Insurgents could have a 12.7mm scoped rifle, which are not that rare irl, with one shot (no mag) to balance it. But imo the game doesnt need another lone wolf kit that encourage people to run off to the edge of the map.
  12. Squad has become too "gamey" and meta.

    I agree that the game can be played in a less casual way, but its also worth mentioning that its so easy to spot and kill people in Squad that its hard to be cautious and avoid being shot. So most of the time a more viable tactic is to just overwhelm the enemy and let the medics take care of the casualties. With the large influx of new players the gameplay have become more casual, its a bless and a curse that squad is becoming popular, but im sure that things will improve with a more experienced community. A team with a Coordination, communication and tactic is so much more efficient and when people realizes that the gameplay will become less casual. We had for ex a run on Kamdesh inv as attackers where we surrounded the flag but didnt attacked until all squads where in position. As a bonus the defenders left the flag to attack us, only to be killed and the flag fell just minutes after. Squad is a very complex game with a lot of tools for a highly tactical teamplay and cool strategies. But its up to the players to make use of it.
  13. Mortar Design is inherently flawed

    I disagree. If used properly mortars is a great asset for the team. if not for getting kills you can suppress and make the life miserable for the enemies. By adjusting the aim a bit between each shot you can cover a larger area and make the shots less predictable. The smoke rounds are also useful for concealing.
  14. Happy New Year OWI (2019 sucked)

    It is also easy to forget that better graphic in itself would make squad fundamentally different from PR even if everything else is the same. In squad a vehicle or emplacement can dominate a large portion of a map since the viewing distance are so large. Adding for example thermals to squad and a vehicle could dominate everything out to 1500-2000 meters. At the Manic layer with no fog ive had tank engagements of 3+ km.. Same with jets and attack helos. They could easily use their thermal optics to locate HAB:s and destroy them in notime. And the other way around, a guy with a MANPAD could cover a huge area. The overall fighting distances would be much longer in squad unless you add the magic fog that everyone loves.
  15. too many hackers ruining this game

    After quite a lot of hours in squad i would say that the problem with cheaters are not that big. In most game its very obvious when people are cheating but i havent got that feeling in squad. Squad is also much less rewarding for cheaters since noone is going to care about your score so there is very little to gain from cheating. I dont doubt that there are players cheating, but i cannot say it have affected my gameplay experience in any way.