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  1. Female soldier models

    Female characters in a game is one of the biggest red flag you can wave with. And that alone is a reason for adding them. For a lot of players the game would feel more realistic if they could pick a character that is similar to them. I see nothing bad in allowing players to select gender, skin color and similar attributes on their character.
  2. Fire personal weapon from APC window?

    Several APC:s have firing ports for the infantry. Here from inside a BMP. BTR aso have them. They can be seen here, the 3 round hatches along the side of the hull:
  3. Female soldier models

    +1 to the idea. I see nothing bad in allowing players to play with a female character.
  4. Buddy Rally and other alternatives.

    One idea could be to have unarmed and unarmored vehicles available with short respawn time and low ticket cost so that you always have some mean of transport available at main. US/UK/Rus could have a regular 4x4 car similar to the G-class and milita/insurgents could have a regular car, preferably a VAZ.
  5. Elevated places like buildings and especially roof tops are generally very bad spots. Everyone will see you and any decent marksman, or anyone with a scope, will put a bullet in your head. Moving from one cover to another is generally the best imo, not sitting still but also not just running around in the open. Use cover and check the environment ahead before sprinting. Being very confident in spotting and identifying the enemy is something that needs practice but helps a lot. You cannot hesitate and waste time on trying to figure out if the guy in front of you is friendly or enemy, it need to happen automatically .
  6. customization / ranking

    The biggest advantage of not having a ranking system is that it is less rewarding for players to cheat. There is little point of cheating if you dont gain anything by doing it. Squad is also a game where your success depends a lot on other players so it is not really relevant with an individual ranking. Someone need to deliver the supplies so that you have enough ammo, someone has to build the HAB and someone need to revive you when you are down. (for example) It is also better for the game if the players work together as a team to win instead of worrying for their ranking and trying to maximize their individual score.
  7. Marksman Changes.

    SKS with scope is a really sweet gun. It works for the distances you normally shoot at. One of my favorites. The SUSAT and 1p29 is no longer adjustable in distance so they are now quite useless at longer ranges. ACOG and 1p78 are better at longer range but imo it is harder to aim and adjust with them than with the PSO.
  8. Marksman Changes.

    The main reason for having the SVD is because its better. You have a scope that is much better for accurate long range shooting and you have a bullet that do more damage at longer ranges. You also dont have tracers. You can fire both decently fast and accurate at longer ranges. You need to be able to control the recoil (bring the gun back to the point you are shooting at) and control your breath. It takes some practice but its not overly complicated. If you for ex briefly release the shift button between the shots you can avoid having to stop and breathe until the mag is empty. Up to 3-400 meters you can fire ~1 round per second with decent accuracy. You will not hit with every round but the enemy will be very aware that you are shooting at them... The usual problem for a marksman is that sooner or later, often sooner, the enemy will spot you and start to shoot back. And since you are a stationary target it is likely that they are going to hit you. Too many marksmen stands in a window or on a roof and are easily spotted. They usually die from a head shot before they can react. And thats why i prefer to go without a bipod. Most places where you can set up a bipod efficiently also leaves you exposed and an easy target for enemy marksmen. I prefer to be more mobile and shoot from less obvious positions. But as ive said: If people wants a bipod they can have them as long as it doesnt unbalance the game, but i prefer to be without it.
  9. Opinion Poll Medic & Revives

    A dragging system where you can pull downed mates into cover would be nice and helps the medic a lot. My experience is that even though everyone can revive the other classes quickly runs out of bandages and then needs the medic to stop bleedings and doing the revives. It would probably be better if players didnt used their last bandage to revive but saved it for themselves and let the medic do the revive. But too many players are impatient and rather give up than waits for the medic. People tends to forget that there often are a reason that they died where they did and that the guy that killed them is still there and needs to be dealt with..
  10. Marksman Changes.

    Fighting off an entire squad on your own is maybe not what the marksman is intended for. I understand the issue and i have been in the situation more than once. Most of these encounters are < 200 meters so yes, a rifleman would probably deal with it more efficiently since its within their effective range. We do have a rifle with bipod, the L86, and ive used it quite a lot. My experience is that for the marksman role it is better to not use the bipod since I can shoot faster and stay more concealed without the bipod. The bipod is more usefull when firing the gun in full auto like a light machine gun. A bipod on a 4x scoped rifle will probably not unbalance anything, the L86 isnt OP in any way compared to other marksman rifles. So adding a bipod to such guns shouldn't be a problem. In combination with higher magnification, like the 10x however im afraid it would be a different matter. For balancing reasons I suspect that they dont want the marksman to have the ability to wipe out an entire squad and i can agree with that, even if it would be nice to be the guy that does the wiping. The main advantages with the marksman class is imo the greater stopping power at longer range compared to the assault rifles and also the ability to set the range on the scope. The disadvantage is of course that its less able to deal with large number of enemies at shorter range...
  11. Marksman Changes.

    I know very well how to play marksman, and a marksman is effectively a standard rifleman, but with another rifle: From Wiki: A "Squad Designated Marksman" (SDM) or a "Designated Marksman" (DM) should not be confused with a regular sniper. United States marksmen rarely operate individually. Snipers are often deployed for specific objectives in teams consisting of snipers and observers. The marksman, however, operates as a regular member within a unit where his skills are called upon whenever the need for accurate shooting arises in the normal course of operations. While snipers are intensively trained to master fieldcraft and camouflage, these skills are not required for marksmen. There are differences in role and training that affect doctrines and equipment. Snipers rely almost exclusively on more accurate but slower-firing bolt-action rifles,such as the M24, while a marksman can effectively use a faster-firing, but less accurate semi-automatic rifle, such as the M14. A sniper's intensive training, forward placement and surveillance duties make their role more strategic than that of a squad-level marksman. Thus, marksmen are often attached at the squad level while snipers are often attached at higher levels such as battalion. In short, an "SDM" or "DM" operates with a combat squad, while a regular sniper is deployed to gather information and eliminate specific targets. I dont really understand what kind of long range shots you are trying to master in the game. If you want a sniper instead of a marksman then just say that. I can engage enemies out to 500 meters with a rifle like the SVD without too much trouble, and shots beyond that are very rare. on the other hand encounters at closer range are much more frequent and even as a marksman you have to deal with that or you will get killed. The main reason i dislike the idea of bipods in combination with ~10x scopes is that it will make the game worse. Too many marksmen will run off to an elevated position 700-1000 meters away from the objective, set up their bipod and fires at anything they see until they hit.
  12. SVD ammo is a little bugged

    All SVD:s now holds 9 rounds in their magazines so 1 round is missing. Tested on firing range and it was always 9 rounds.
  13. Marksman Changes.

    The point was just to show that there are a difference between the gun we have and the real one called SVDM. Based on my experience from the game you have to engage at close range from time to time as a marksman also. Unless you are lone wolfing you are going to encounter enemies at close range quite often, much more often than you have a chance to kill someone at 500+ meters. My record is 700 meters with a 4x but its rare to get the chance to shoot at those distances. I'm more that willing to sacrifice the 500+ shots for better short range capability if I have to choose because too often the enemy is rude enough to show up at close range. The Marksman is btw an infantryman with ability to engage at longer range, it is not a sniper. You are supposed to follow your squad and provide cover for them. That means that you cannot choose when and where your engagements occur, you have to deal with the enemies that shows up regardless of how close they are. Thats why i prefer the SVD, it works for all situations that are regularly encountered in the game. It works at 50 and it works at 500 meters.
  14. Marksman Changes.

    True. But the SVDM modeled in squad isnt that SVDM: I personally prefer to have the ability to engage targets at close range. In my opinion it is better to have a ~4x scope since you often run into enemies at <50 meters and then a 10x is hard to use. But its always a trade off, on some maps like Kohat the 10x is really sweet while on for ex Sumari its almost too much with even a 4x. In general I would say that a 4x offers the best compromise and its useful in pretty much all situations that you regularly face in the game. The SVD is the best Marksman rifle imo and it would be the perfect weapon if we could use the iron sights as well. I guess that a scope with ability to adjust magnification could be a way to deal with the problem and give the Marksman a bit more edge over the other scoped rifles without making it OP.
  15. Marksman Changes.

    Your opinion is of course as valid as mine on this subject but I dont agree. First of all only 2 of 5 factions have a marksman rifle equipped with bipods irl, The SVD doesnt have a bipod, so it will be unbalanced if one side gets a 10x scope and a bipod while the other have a 4x and no bipod. And there is also very few situations where you really need the bipod. The L86 rifle has a bipod and tbh it isnt really that useful except when firing full auto. Its hard to find a good place for your bipod that also gives you some cover and concealment. It is imo better to not use the bipod and have more freedom of movement instead. As a marksman you will be more efficient that way. It is more important to be able to spot and aim quickly, You often have only a few seconds to shoot and the bipod restricts your movement too much in such cases. Not that it really matter if there are a bipod or not on the gun, I can just choose not to use it but the problem is that the marksman will most likely lose something else to keep the balance and there isnt really anything i want to give up for a bipod. And I also dont want to see US marksman with a bipod at Talil or Kohat 800-1000m away with a bipod emptying their mags at me because the cover i have isnt rendered so they have a clear shot..