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  1. Western European map.

    Fulda gap would be a nice start for a map. But an African or South East Asian map could spice things up.
  2. February 2019 Recap

    Shouldn't be too much of an issue. BMP:s are still weaker than the Bradley and if the 30mm unbalance things too much you can always replace them with the 14.5mm versions. I think the reason for the few TOW equipped MATV:s is that they are not expected to meet any armored vehicles. In a full scale conflict it would be a different matter and there would probably be open top MATV:s with TOW:s to increase the anti armor capabilities.
  3. Weapon Recoil

    I personally would like to see a bit less optic heavy squad, You even get a scope as a medic if u are on the Brit side. Scopes should be limited so that there would be maybe 3 guys in a squad with scopes and the rest have aimdot or iron. A 4x is not standard equipment for regular soldiers in any army.
  4. Helicopters and Jets

    I disagree on manned jets, as i've said before: Manned attack aircraft in combination with a commander equipped with UAV is defeating the whole point of the game, there will be 2 guys on each team doing the fight and the rest is just targets for them. And even if you had AAA and SAM:s to counter them the entire game would be about trying to kill the jets before you can do anything else. The maps are also too small to have anything even remotely realistic aircrafts unless you allows them to fly off map. But that will lead to the aircraft flying off map until the targets are found and then they sweep in, bomb the targets and go off map on the other side. a plane flying at 800 km/h will fly across a 5km map in just over 20 seconds so the AA guys have very little time to react and respond.
  5. January 2019 Recap

    I think that the best thing is to just keep insurgents as generic as possible, that also gives the opportunity to 'borrow' stuffs from various groups. They doesnt even have to be jihadists. They can be anything from YPG to any african rebel group or even the IRA (as an example). Edit: I personally dont think that we need a dedicated VBIED for ex, if we can plant IED:s on the techies and MC:s its fine. They are rarely effective but its fun to see the panic that occurs when a speeding MC are approaching. It helps to add that touch of irregular warfare that is needed for the insurgents.
  6. The Italian Armed Forces!

    How ridiculous. everyone knows that no woman ever have served at the front line... It would be a fun test to see how the players would react if their character where a woman... But jokes aside. The 'problem' with the Italians is that there is no difference from the US and UK sides, Similar weapons, similar Vehicles etc so it wouldn't really add anything to the game. I would rather see something like a 3rd world army, which would be something like the Milita but with a slightly more hitech touch and no scout. AK:s and stuff for the infantry but with helos, ATGM:s and AAV:s (something that is present in a lot of 3rd world armies, although often in low numbers)
  7. Dragging Animation?

    Although the medics in game isnt protected since they dont have clear insignias (the red cross) to distinguish them from regular soldiers and they are also using their weapons offensively. But dragging a soldier can be useful in the game, it takes 14 seconds to revive him as a non medic, dragging him to safety first would probably be safer than reviving him where he was killed.
  8. Squad - combined arms? Keep me informed.

    Small arms w optics counts for 50-60 % of the players since in each squad there are ~4-6 people w some kind of optics depending on faction. (SL, 2-3 Riflemen, Marksman and, depending on faction, MG, AR, Scout, Medic and Grenadier) so the numbers aren't surprising at all. But yes, scopes helps a lot but that doesnt mean that iron/aimdot is useless. On a map like sumari i prefer a no scope gun. Its both a fun challenge and good for practicing to go without a scope. If you learn to spot enemies without optics you will have a huge advantage even when you have a scope.
  9. Should mortars be lethal?

    We use to do mortar squad w 3 guys. 2 on the mortars and one fire control/logi guy and my impression is that the mortars are very effective. Even if you dont get a ton of kills you force the enemy to take cover. the mortars in the game are ~80mm which isnt super powerful, they could do a bit more shrapnel damage but they are good as it. But the thing is that when a round impacts the ground before it explodes the shrapnel damage is greatly reduced so unless you are standing up you can survive even if the round are quite close. At most I've scored 19 kills w mortars in one game by shelling the enemy flag so under the right circumstances they are very lethal. And most games where I sit on a mortar base result in the enemy hunting down the mortars so they are having a great impact on the enemy team even if there arent a lot of kills.
  10. commander?

    Various insurgents group have made extensive use of commercial drones for reccon and fire control with great efficiency and they also have access to Katyusha rocket launchers and in some cases even ballistic missiles so there are several way of giving them enough firepower to work with.
  11. Squad - combined arms? Keep me informed.

    A lot of weird conclusions from that stats.. - Knives and pistols are still vital equipment even if they only get 2 % of the kills. You bring them out as a last resort and that one kill you get with the pistol can be very significant.. - Guns with optics generally makes up for ~50+ % of all weapons in a squad so naturally they are getting a lot of the kills. No optic weapon are also often carried by special roles like medics and AT and they are often busy with other tasks than killing enemies. - Optics are very useful in a lot of situation but there are situations where i rather have the red dot. The iron sights are struggling a bit but they are far from useless. And as i said, they are only used by medics and AT. - Mg:s and emplacements are not mainly for killing a lot of people. The purpose of a MG is to suppress the enemy and force him to stay in cover so that he doesnt kill your guys. - Mortars arent deployed very often and thus the number of kills to indirect fire is low since they are the only mean of delivering indirect fire. With a battery of 155mm Howitzer or Katjyuskas it would be a different matter...
  12. Bad hitreg and camera placement

    Did you actually saw him shooting or where you just shot at? Because it sounds like there was someone else shooting at you.
  13. January 2019 Recap

    So basically exactly what I said.
  14. commander?

    A command vehicle would be nice. It should be possible to take out the commander and his vehicle and that way deny the enemies the benefits of a commander for some time before the vehicle respawns.
  15. January 2019 Recap

    Even a 5x5 km map is way too small for jets. And imo it would screw up the balance of the game to have player controlled jets. They would most likely bust as many vehicles as they could on the initial rush and leave the infantry with walking to the objective. The combination commander drones and manned jets would mean that the commander and the guys in the jets are wrecking havoc and the rest of the players just have to adapt to it and i dont think a single player should be able to have that impact. Only way to make it work would be to add an extensive amount of AAA and AAV:s but that would take even more people away from the fighting since someone have to man those assets.