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  1. Boost insurgent fighter classes

    The FAL and G3 variant of the insurgent fighter is very rare for good reasons. You only get 6 mags (120 rounds) and 1 hand grenade while other non scope riflemen get ~8 mags (240 rounds since they have 30 rounds/mag) and 2 grenades. Even the US marksman gets more ammo. My suggestion is to give these classes something to boost them so that its worth playing them. 2 more mags and 1 more grenade would be minimum.
  2. Russian IFV's?

    The most important improvement was the overheating time. Before you cold never kill a stryker without having to wait for the gun to cool down at leas once. Which usually meant that the stryker killed you. A BTR-82 should be superior to the Stryker since they have roughly equal armor but the 30mm gun is vastly more powerful than a 50 cal. Before the upgrades the BTR could only deal with MRAPS and Russian forces had no chance of winning the vehicle engagements. But there are ways to deal with the balance. We have a lot of different BTR and MTLB versions in the game and the BTR-82 could be replaced with the BTR-80 for example. APC/IFV is also not really a relevant term in the game since neither of them is transporting troops or works as infantry support. Vehicles generally operates on their own with little coordination with infantry squads.
  3. Nanisivik_RAAS_v2

    Kohat has a US vs UK layer...
  4. Mk. 19 & AGS 30

    While the Russian have some new and modern stuff the bulk is older equipment. The T-72B3 and the BMP-2 is for ex the the most numerous tank/IFV so its natural that they have them in game. BTR 90 production was also halted and is in service only in limited numbers so it should be their main APC in game.
  5. CAF Patch and Alpha 16 Status

    I still have hope.
  6. CAF Patch and Alpha 16 Status

    Against transport helos they should do quite well even today. The helos are vulnerable to .50 cal fire so every techie is a threat. Plus they have the 23 mm AA guns. AA trucks will maybe even be useful... But other than that there are a number of weapons that could be added. ZSU-23-4 for example. It would be a nightmare to anything unarmored. Or techies with twin 14.5mm guns like this one.
  7. When are we going to get vertical stabilization?

    All those mentioned do have stabilizers, what you are describing is mainly the limitation in vertical travel of the gun. The ability to depress the main gun differs from vehicle to vehicle but are in general not that great. So when you are running around over uneven terrain the gun every now and then reaches the limit of its travel and naturally it will point towards the sky (or the ground).

    It does work and is extremely effective. But almost no Squads are using it since the SL simply isnt asking for it. Covering fire is counter intuitive to most players since almost all FPS games is about landing quick and accurate shots. It also requires a level of coordination that most squads cannot reach. But when done properly it is among the most effective tactics you can use in the game. I've seen defended objectives being overrun and cleared in less than a minute without casualties for the attackers because a massive barrage of covering fire have chocked and overwhelmed the defenders. Often you find the defenders prone inside buildings or behind cover with no idea of what to do.
  9. Suppression

    Here you can see an example of a real firefight and even a few rounds have a big suppression effect. They even starts to shoot over their heads. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZ2SWWDt8Wg (not graphic)
  10. Suppression

    If he is firing in your direction you should be suppressed. Every normal person would go into cover if another dude is opening up with a machine gun on them, even if the guy with the MG isn't aiming directly at them. If you look at footage from real firefight you will see that none of the soldiers are taking accurate shots while they are under fire. Everyone is just unloading in the direction of the enemy and they dont want to expose themselves to enemy fire. The idea with the suppression system is to replicate a sense of fear that in real life is very hard to control and overcome. A regular GI will not land headshots while a MG is firing at him, and this is why you arent able to overcome the suppression.
  11. Sniper / Breacher Class

    And it not making a very good case for itself. CAF need some rework on its classes so they get Medic, LATS etc in the same way as the others. And that is true for the Marksman/sniper as well. the single sniper on the CAF side is heavily outclassed by the other marksmen. 25 rounds and bolt action isnt very useful, although its cool. Maybe if you removed the bipods from the marksman classes and only had them on a sniper class it might work. But as for now there is nothing a sniper can do that a marksman cant. Tested the M110 during the free weekend. A lot of fish in the barrel and a good opportunity to try. I was located ~650 meters from the point and the lessons learned is that a bolt action rifle with low ammo count is not very useful at such ranges. It takes ~1 mag to get a good sense of the distances, even a small change in distance need an adjustment in aim due to the bullet drop. But once that is done you can be quite effective and even one-shot enemies. The problem is when they move, which they mostly do. Then it is more up to luck since the movements is erratic and hard to predict. So your main objective would be to suppress the enemy if you are at such ranges. I dont see that a bolt action sniper would handle such distances, you will at most get 2-3 kills before your ammo is out. With 10x and bipod on the marksman class there is no gap to fill for a sniper class.
  12. my vision on .50 cal anti materiel sniper rifle

    Not against the idea but the problem is that it will not be used in that role. First of all almost noone want a role where their task is to disable logis so it will be used as just another sniper rifle. It would be easy to give the bullets more disperse since they often use MG ammo like AP or incendiary, which are less accurate than sniper ammo.
  13. Nanisivik should not be in the game

    We have maps from Norway and Estonia as well. And it should be very little vegetation. The lowest areas could have some low bushes and trees but this far north there is no vegetation to speak of higher up on the mountains. From the area.
  14. Canadian Armed Forces Deployed!

    Nanisvik looks good and should bring some true arctic warfare to the game. But it does need some rework. The sand colored rock isnt rare to so far north. It should be grey with patches of green, something like this: As it is now there are nowere to hide and you can spot enemies several miles away (almost). It is also a heli map. Warfare in such terrain would be done almost exclusively with helicopters and light ATV:s.
  15. Canadian Armed Forces Deployed!

    The timberwolf is a cool gun but not very useful. It's a bit easier to one shot people i guess but also harder to follow up a shot. And the ammo count is too low. A good player will hit maybe 1 in 5 rounds at 400 meters with it. And with like 25 rounds.... I will try it for sure but i would be surprised if it is as good as the M110. DMR are not equal in damage afaik, the SVD hits harder between ~3-500 meters.