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  1. Kokan AAS v1 RUS vs UK unbalanced vics

    Like what? Russia doesnt have an equivalent. The Bulldog is heavily uparmored to withstand RPG:s etc but it also make it slow. The gunner also dies withing seconds so while its hard to kill it cannot kill anything either. The 14.5mm will not penetrate the Bulldog except the rear. and if you look at the amount of add on armor its understandable
  2. Rebel commanders OP?

    Or you just place the radio in a room and block the entrances with barbed wire... But yes, you need to place it in the open because there is too much work placing it on a place where it can be protected.
  3. Rebel commanders OP?

    It is a feature, sometimes annoying but still cool. Protecting radio with for example barbed wire isnt too hard and will save it from IED-drones. But people have still not learn that artillery and airstrikes kill you FOB if its in the open so why would they adapt to IED drones? Thats one of the biggest issues in the game. People cannot deal with anything new, there is no adapt and overcome.
  4. Mortar Design is inherently flawed

    You mean like VCP? And of course maps are designed to allow for movement, it is not desired to have a point that cannot be attacked from any direction. But they still exist. Observation point on Nanisivik is the most obvious example but there are several more, especially it you count the ones that only have a row of bushes as entry point, like Airfield on Yeho, which is super easy to defend.
  5. Weird nerfs to T-72B3...etc.

    SOP for any tank receiving a direct hit would be to withdraw from the battle for assessing the damage and repair. But ERA would be especially vulnerable since you can detonate it even with HE rounds. And when its gone its totally gone, Damage main armor is still there to some extent. The cardboard on the Merkava is btw very effective, especially for heat rounds but also for KE penetrators. Front Turret armor on Leo II is similar. Because when the penetrator hits the outer armor and penetrates it the tip of the penetrator decelerate a bit more than the base. The result is that the penetrator starts to tumble and when it hits the main armor it does so at an angle big enough to shatter the penetrator with minimum damage to the main armor. This will happen if the distance between the main armor and the outer armor is greater than the length of the rod. Anything will penetrate the cardboard yes, but thats the point. So even if its mostly air the armor its very effective. The addon armor on the turret front of the LEO II, its just air but it increases the armor thickness from around 600mm RHA to pretty much infinite..
  6. Weird nerfs to T-72B3...etc.

    Ingame T-72 also have the advantage of not having its ERA panels expended when hit. In reality all the fancy protection would be gone after the first hit, leaving only the relatively weak main armor left.
  7. Weird nerfs to T-72B3...etc.

    Active service is whats matter, and while there are a lot of older M1:s they are stored and not active. Same with the thousands of older T-72:s in Russian inventory.
  8. Weird nerfs to T-72B3...etc.

    Sorry, was a bit too quick there, T-90M is correct. It is a valid argument although i might not agree. The problem for the Russians is that while they have some really modern stuff they are not the bulk of their equipment, so depending on if the game wants to represent the best of every faction or what the average unit gets it can differs a lot. Same for the BMP-3, its better than the BMP-2 but the -2 is far more common. The B3 commander can spot and direct the gunner yes, but has no ability to aim or provide the ballistic computer with any data, unlike the Abrams commander that can provide all data needed for a firing solution. And that is a quite big advantage.
  9. Weird nerfs to T-72B3...etc.

    Yes it does. You could argue that every country should get the best stuff that they have, but that's not how squad works. Since the T-72B3 is the most common variant in the Russian armed forces thats the model we get in game. Not the T-90MS or T-14. In the same way there is no TUSK kit on the Abrams. You are of course free to argue that the Russians should get a better version but i doubt it will happen.
  10. Weird nerfs to T-72B3...etc.

    B3M was a special variant that was never intended to be used by the regular forces. The newest T-72B3 obr.2016 is equipped with independent commander sight but the regular B3 is still the most common version.
  11. Weird nerfs to T-72B3...etc.

    yes that's true, but the T-72 in game isnt a B3M but a B3, which is not equipped with the thermal commander sight.
  12. Weird nerfs to T-72B3...etc.

    Both BTR and BMP-2 uses the 3UBR6 round in game.
  13. Weird nerfs to T-72B3...etc.

    Far from all T-72:s have any side skirts, for ex : So the T-72 in game is accurately modeled. An Abrams with side skirts will be better protected than a T-72 without. Yes - you could argue that the T-72 should have side skirt with ERA, but that also work for the Abrams. Russian 30mm cannon doesnt have APFSDS rounds but a blunt penetrator so it is less effective than its western counterparts. There are also some aspects where the in game T-72 is better than the real one. Its hunter-killer capacity for ex, where its equal to the Abrams in game but vastly inferior in real life. The B3 has some limited hunter-killer capacity but its far from the Abrams. So it goes both ways. And in a game it's always a tradeoff between realism and fun.
  14. Weird nerfs to T-72B3...etc.

    What's even your point? "look how thin they are, they cannot stop anything" is not much of an argument. And besides: Have you even studied the Side skirts of the T-72 in game?
  15. Weird nerfs to T-72B3...etc.

    My point still stands, the topic is much more complicated than just thickness of the hull. And the Abrams is also nerfed, most significantly the gunners sight, which is actually the backup sight located below the gun and not the main sight located on top of the turret. This mean that the tank need to expose the entire turret before the gunner can spot his target.