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  1. Snipers

    When you want to go full sniper the biggest issue is that its require a lot of coordination with your SL and you can rarely find that in a random squad. A good marksman can cover the advance of the squad and provide them with info about the enemy. But you almost never gets the time to find the proper position and the squad will charge in long before you can provide the cover for them. Most SL:s also never request any intel from you so at best you can report what you see and hope that he do something useful with the info you give him. A marksman also have to keep up with the squad so you cannot spend too much time finding a good spot. For most offensive situations the marksman is best used as a pure marksman, fighting with the squad but maybe a bit behind them and engaging enemies at longer range. While defending the marksman works best when he have a position ~150-250m away from the object and with a good overview so that he can cover a large area of the enemy approach and more or less deny them access to that area. This requires some very decent sniping skills though as you have to be able to land hits on running targets at those distances.
  2. RU is still relatively underpowered.

    The issue is with the 30 mm rather than the stryker. I had an encounter with a MT-LB w 14.5mm while in a MT-LB with a 30 mm, so same vehicle but we had the bigger gun. Front vs front at about 100m and we shot first and we still lost despite landing pretty much all our rounds on the target.
  3. Snipers

    We technically have marksmen not snipers so they are more of medium range squad support. But there are no problem to take the long range shots without a bipod as long as you have stamina. There are also no problem to one shoot en enemy if he is stationary as long as you hit him in the head. I personally prefer to not have a bipod, a bipod isnt't that useful and you would be much more exposed when you have it deployed. There are a ton of guys standing fully exposed in a window and a bipod would make their situation even worse. The L86 is more of a general purpose support weapon and the bipod is more useful when the gun is used as a light MG. When i play w the L86 kit i rarely depolys the bipod because you can rarely find a good spot for it if you want to be concealed. And for gameplay reasons i dont think the marksman class should have bipods, a 10x w a bipod would not be good for the balance of the game. As for now the scope is at least balanced with the fact that the gun is pretty much useless at close range and any shot beyond 400 requires a lot of skill and luck to pull off. Imo a 4x is ideal because it works well at the combat ranges we have in the game and out to ~400 meters and you can still survive in CQB
  4. Sprinting speed, off body shooting and reloads

    What I at least want is to no having to redo the reload from the beginning just because i switched to pistol/grenade/whatever half a second too early so my previous reload was never counted even if all the steps where completed...
  5. What was your most bad ass moment in Squad?

    - Capturing the flag with 2 tickets left, then having the whole team running to the next flag (at the airbase at Talil so it was a short run and we knew no enemies where there), capturing that one too. Then charge the FOB the enemies where building outside the wall and simply overwhelm it with the brute power of ~30 people. And then we won. - Rushed into an enemy FOB, ran into a bunch of enemies, started to shoot half in panic and a few seconds later 5 guys where dead and I was thinking "WTF just happened". I have no idea how i survived it but it was nice. Worst moment was when i flanked an entire squad and where ~10 m behind them (behind a big rock) and they had no idea i was there. I loaded a frag into the RPG-7 and only thing i had to do was firing it into the crowd of enemies and thy would have been wiped. But got too excited and missed the wall they where using as cover by a few inches, grabbed my AK and started to shoot in panic, i think 2 of them went down before i died..
  6. Can't join servers after Alpha 12

    Have you tried to disable the firewall?
  7. RU is still relatively underpowered.

    The HAT is also an issue. The RPG-7 tandem used to have the advantage of being much more powerful than the other HAT:s, but now its by far the worst HAT, the ballistic is like a mortar and its hard to hit anything beyond 100m. The RPG-29 and AT-4 is vastly superior. Russians need a new HAT, for ex RPG-30, that can engage a stationary target at 3-400 meters.
  8. RU is still relatively underpowered.

    The problem is that some factions do have a sniper rifle... The M110 is not a marksman's rifle its a pure sniper rifle, a better option would have been the M14 with a 4-6x scope. On a map like Kohat its just ridiculous with the 10x since you can see so far that enemies are clearly visible because the object they are hiding behind isnt rendered... im perfectly fine with just a marksman class though and imo the 10x is overkill even if its really nice. With a 4x you can use the gun at close range as well and most fights are at < 200m where the 4x is more than enough.
  9. Future plan of expanding team size?

    50v50 is already in the pipeline afaik,
  10. RU is still relatively underpowered.

    Marksman also seems to have a different meaning depending on faction. The US and Brits gets a sniper rifle while the Russians get the marksman rifle. Yes there are fundamental differences in sniper doctrine between the countries but there are real snipers in Russia too and US also have designated marksmen. My suggestion is to split those to like the LAT/HAT and have a marksman class and a sniper class where a team only get one sniper.
  11. Slipping and sliding

    It depends mostly on the tyres. Without proper Winter tyres you aint going anywhere with a truck on ice and snow. And a tracked vehicle with steel tracks... I would be scared to Death at 30 mph on an icy road. Ive been driving ore and log trucks in N sweden for several years so i have some experience with trucks on icy roads and if you know what you are doing and have good tyres its not too big of a deal although the snow chains are frequently used. Trucks driving on Winter roads are also frequently equiped with "sand boxes" so they can deploy sand under the tyres: So the amount of sliding in the game is not unrealistic at all.
  12. Bring Back v9 Hit Reg

    First video is clearly about latency. You traded with that guy. 2nd im not sure how many of the rounds that are hitting. im pretty sure you traded with him as well but again, the latency gives him time to shoot you and that is an issue that cannot be worked around other than move all players to the same room. I bet that he sees the same thing as you, that he shoots you in the head and then you kill him.
  13. Vehicle imbalance

    The issues with the stryker/BTR where addressed in 12.2 so that part of de debate is ended. Now the Balance have shifted back to the BTR except at very close ranges. Now we just want the BMP-3. Main "issue" is that Soviet/Russia have had a different philosophy regarding APC/IFV:s compared to western armies. Western IFV:s are heavier and more expensive but also better protected while the Russians rely more on tank support and strength in numbers. So you will need to play them differently. A BMP would be destroyed by a .50 in the side or rear unless its an uparmored version so you cannot run around and expose those parts of the vehicle. A bit OT but it will be interesting to see whats happening with the anti aircraft vehicles, where the Russian Tunguska vastly outclass its American counterpart. The Linebacker isnt even in service anymore and havent been replaced by a similar vehicle yet.
  14. Another sound setting request

    Since im deaf on my right ear I have some issues with the current sound settings. I cannot hear anything that is to the right, for ex a vehicle or someone talking on local. Its a bit annoying to turn around and see a MRAP parked next to you and you never heard it.... I would like a sound setting where all sound goes to both ears and have a slight increase in volume for stuff directly in front of you. Then I can hear stuff around me and locate the sound by turning around.
  15. Logistics Mechanics

    The helos would probably not carry as much as the logis. A truck could take around 10-12 tons while the helos carries 3-4 tons so I think the logis will be needed even with helos, especially since the helos are going to be used as troop carriers as well. The obvious option to avoid giving your Fob away is to have a Forward supply base, a radio and a vehicle repair station. Fly the sups there with the helos and let the logis take it from there.. since its enough to be within 150m of the radio to drop the supplies you probably wont have to land in order to drop the supps.