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  1. Universal Optics

    ACOGs and their Russian equivalent should be the default optic. There is no reason ironsights should be ubiquitous for most non-insurgent classes. The engine cannot handle long-distance gunplay without optics because UE4 is not good at rendering people at long distance.
  2. What does this game do better than PR?

    No more of PR's random bullet deviation
  3. Squad - combined arms? Keep me informed.

    Will anyone actually enjoy 30% of incaps being from indirect fire, though? Absence of any heavier artillery and aircraft mean the state of fires can't really be taken for granted anyway. GLs being able to selectively rearm off of packs should mildly improve them (they should also imo be given binoculars to sight targets) I agree most classes should have additional grenades. Knives and pistols should be nearly useless, they're backup weapons. Anyone fighting on a modern battlefield with a 9mm handgun cannot expect to be combat effective. Ultimately I think the biggest problem affecting ironsights is that there is no zoom function to compensate for the limitations of the graphics engine
  4. Specifically there is a law against allowing players to kill PLA soldiers.
  5. Squad is dead or not ?

    I don't think player count trends in a feature-incomplete alpha are indicative of anything whatsoever. I bought the game on launch and didn't really play regularly until tanks were released. If the game can maintain the same playerbase PR had I'm satisfied tbh
  6. RU is still relatively underpowered.

    I agree, 30mm is underperforming, but I think buffing it should wait until the US has Javelins or some other antitank capability (maybe the M1134 Stryker with TOWs), because unfortunately the US Army doesn't really have any wheeled autocannon platforms and the .50cal Strykers would get totally BTFO on layers where the US doesn't get Bradleys. (of course, the US gets Bradleys when RU doesn't get BMPs, so maybe US teams ought to suck it up...)
  7. Splitting up the revive and stabilize functions into different items might be a good idea, yeah, I could see that. Epipens are already visible on the medic model after all. Thanks for being open to revising your opinion - I agree that OWI should be careful to keep medics relevant. Maybe they could increase the penalty for being revived-but-not-healed somehow.
  8. Being able to get my medic up myself lets me be a more helpful squad member, and enhances the cooperative gameplay dynamic. It doesn't lead to lone-wolfing, that's nonsense. also you're the one who brought up playtime ffs.
  9. Iranian Army's Ground Forces (Faction Idea)

    I always wondered why MEC was never reworked into the Iranian Army for PR. Having a regular ME force in Squad would be great.
  10. yeah, you're such a veteran with 26 posts. I've been playing Squad since 2015 and PR long before that, thanks. I agree. Until key mechanics like airmobility are finished, claims that a specific mechanic "ruins" anything are overblown.
  11. That's pretty hyperbolic, my dude. Medics being the only ones capable of restoring basic functionality to wounded is not a "hardcore" mechanic. Any 11B is trained to render basic first aid. Medics being the only one able to do it well and the only ones capable of restoring a higher level of functionality is more "realistic" than the squad being rendered combat ineffective when the medic catches a round. Like, what, do you think real infantry squads stand there helplessly and watch their medic bleed out? Nice work jumping to the "you're playing the game wrong!" reasoning tho
  12. The v12 revive mechanic is an improvement. Before this, 2 medics/squad was mandatory, and if the medics die then the squad loses the firefight. This made firefights too fast and not as protracted as they can be in real life. In PR, firefights could drag on more authentically, because people could pick up medic kits. Allowing non-medics a weak rez capability is a more elegant solution than PR's.
  13. Struggling with this game

    I don't think I've ever had anyone genuinely swear at me in Squad, it's certainly not the norm
  14. I would love to see a Korean map with the KPA and ROKA. I don't know why that theater is so underrepresented. The most simple and necessary faction to add is an Arab regular army, though, so that there can be conventional battles that aren't against Russians.