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  1. Another way to deal with running speed in v13

    No need to clarify, that sentence was written incorrectly. I wanted to say “that people no longer value making tactical decisions...” At any rate, your definition of not taking tactical decisions seriously has a few flaws. Not committing to a pre-designed plan is tactical decision-making. When making decisions, a good tactician prepares for what he sees and devises a million and one ways to change the plan if this happens or that happens. In Squad, combat is not (nor is it meant to be, as far as development has shown) at the platoon level like many One-Life events. This means that when “reinforcements” arrive, they can take a different approach than the squad which just got wiped. What you seem to be advocating in the above post is pure realism, not a game. While I agree that taking a little more time to make a decision would benefit us all, a “less forgiving system” that means every tactical mistake you make costs you the entire game is not going to be enjoyable with the way Squad is built (many, many limitations would have to be included to make it fun). Second, you don’t actually address your original argument. While you quoted the introduction to my counter-argument, you either ignored or didn’t care to address my real claim: the level to which SLs take tactics seriously is not affected by v13 changes. Squads made approaches from different directions after being wiped all the time in v12, and v11, and v10, etc. All v13 has done is lessen the misery, preventing us from getting stuck with SLs that throw their squads into brick walls and expect them to come out on the other side of said wall.
  2. Another way to deal with running speed in v13

    You’ve been able to repeat a plan over and over again “in 30 seconds” for a long time now. This isn’t a new sensation. While I agree that the run/stam changes in v13 are a bit much, to say that there is no longer serious value to tactics anymore because of it or the buddy rally or instadeath, etc is not true. By repeating a plan over and over, with v13’s newest features, you’re simply speeding up the demise of the teams whose squads are blindly throwing themselves at something, at the cost of many, many tickets. All v13 has done is speed up how quickly these sorts of assaults can end. There is still tremendous value and tremendous regard for tactical decisions among most of the Squad community I’ve seen, regardless of all the features we’ve complained about for over a month now.
  3. Is 50v50 coming?

    That’s also very true, but until then, we might as well enjoy the experience 40v40 provides. He’s having some fun, chill. Going after one another is... unproductive, to put it one way.
  4. Is 50v50 coming?

    Absolutely true.
  5. Is 50v50 coming?

    Devs said it would be coming sometime soon. The new UE4 version that came in v13 was something they wanted to have in before they increased the number of players per server, if I understood correctly.
  6. As shown in the v13 changelog, spawn confirmation has been removed. Have to be careful what you click on now.
  7. a new scoreboard stat for taking enemy tickets

    That’s not an exception, though, not the rule. Extra stats will be worth a few more self-serving Squad players.
  8. Double Neutral and Ticket Bleed

    If this isn’t a bug, it’s probably because double-neutrals generate a high casualty count. Both teams have to race each other to cap, and neither really has a chance to wait around, so everyone gets cut down. The removal of ticket bleed in this situation may be to ensure double-neutrals don’t shorten the game overly much.
  9. [Suggestion] Better fireteam management

    FT names and color customization sounds like it’s not a bad idea. Maybe leave a component of FT members green on the map so certain colors don’t get too confusing, but other than that, it would be a nice feature.
  10. a new scoreboard stat for taking enemy tickets

    Agreed. The stats don’t fuel that, people do. I also think the stats are important to evaluating personal abilities, and that’s why they’re included. If you have 20 deaths and few kills or incaps, perhaps you need to take more time to think about what you’re doing and hit Jensen’s Range. Being a good squad means being skilled and effective as an individual, but also being able to work with one another. Without one component, both become ineffective.
  11. pixelated mess

    I play on a 1366x768, and aside from having my textures on the lower side, I don’t seem to have too much pixelation... I’d try turning up the supersampling or changing antialiasing methods, maybe one of those will help.
  12. pixelated mess

    On what settings? I don’t think it’s a texture thing, and the LoD system was just reworked, so it might boil down to what your graphics settings are.
  13. please fix the vehicle flipping

    Interesting idea, but I still think vics flipped due to reckless driving should be lost or recovered, not just magically flipped. Once the collision issues are fixed, there should be no button, no jumping on the tires, no getting under the tracks. If it’s flipped, you’re calling another vehicle to unflip it or abandoning it altogether.
  14. Autonomous Squad

    It’s at 7 and not a 2-3 because TKs aren’t as black and white as you describe them. Accidents happen, and someone has to be the judge of whether or not something is intentional. That’s your opinion. I see no reason for not allowing servers to run the game the way they want. It’s pretty consistent across all of them, clearly stated, and most often has no effect on gameplay. True, that’s what an admin is. Usually they’re either one or another, most don’t use the camera to begin with. There aren’t any. More often than not I’d get punished for my teammate doing something dumb, and there’s no way to appeal or fix it.
  15. Autonomous Squad

    If this is what you're really against, why are you advocating for software to take over the job? It doesn’t make sense to replace humans with an unyielding, unforgiving protocol if you don’t want to be micromanaged. That’s what programming does, it follows a strict set of guidelines and never yields. You could make something more advanced, but that’s time consuming to say the least.