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    Aren’t the devs reworking all of the current maps up until the end of alpha? That’s probably when the other maps will be brought to the levels of Skorpo or Talil.
  2. Anti-cheat Timed Out

    If you enter a queue, and the map changes before you’re let in, it usually does the same thing. I think refreshing every so often fixes it.
  3. What SPECIFICALLY is your problem?

    I think we’re starting to come to a clear point of agreement, and one of contention. I totally agree that it would be much better for gameplay to essentially start a “whole new game” (although it may get excessively frustrating from time to time based on enemy and friendly squads’ movements), but I don’t see how this is going to eliminate the rushing or bring back tactics. This will make those who adhere to the tactics and strategic planning Squad requires take it to the next level, but those who don’t care aren’t going to care, and they’ll burn through tickets and lose the game because of it. The mechanics will make them more upset, perhaps more careful (not necessarily tactical, just a bit slower), but that doesn’t mean that the rush is going to stop. The whole idea of rushing, after all, is recklessly charging headfirst regardless of what you do and do not know, so creating unknowns isn’t going to change that. I’ll admit, you’ve convinced me that a spawntime increase could be more enjoyable for myself on a personal or squad level, but I have yet to see anything that assures me these modifications will make people care about the effects of their actions.
  4. What SPECIFICALLY is your problem?

    What it comes down to in the end is that the respawn mechanics we’ve suggested tweaking in this thread can only affect respawns. The devs could try adjusting spawntimes, but that makes it just as difficult to perform tactically as it does make rushing difficult. If a rally had a 90 second timer, that’s a minute and a half that you have to predict what happens, where the enemy is now, and how best to respond. The more time we add, the more difficult it becomes to play the game for everyone (we all make mistakes, or have situations where the enemy does something so stupid it works). There are so many human factors (the result of Squad’s almost-sandbox playability) that mechanics can only control so much. This is also demonstrated in the different experiences I have on my usual servers compared to you, @Nightingale87 , or you,@MultiSquid. The mechanics influence, but do not dictate gameplay, which is ultimately in the control of the players/communities by a large margin. I feel that the cost of making certain changes discussed in this thread is too much for the amount of influence these changes are going to have.
  5. What SPECIFICALLY is your problem?

    This is true to a point. In Squad, I’d argue it isn’t as true as it is in other games. Do people create strategies based on what the mechanics are like? Definitely. The problem I see with the argument you make is that you assume that certain aspects of rallies are at fault for this gameplay, and that HABs won’t be able to do what a rally does. The simple ability to magically resurrect yourself creates the same carefree attitude that you want to stop. All the current rally mechanics do is ensure you won’t be stuck playing reckless “run’n’gun” style for longer than you have to. Even if I have to walk a little ways more than usual, or wait longer to get back to the battlefield, it’s still worth more than sitting and shouting “MEDIC” and hoping someone comes.The issue at large here is not with the rally only, or HAB location, but the existence of respawn capabilities in game. This is where I agree. Tickets don’t mean much to the average public player. This, through, is a result of player psychology, not mechanics. OWI needs something that shows the importance and value of tickets to players, otherwise the rush meta will continue. A better understanding of ticket value and what it means to give up, lose a vehicle, etc is what will best stop the careless play some engage in. Perhaps a post-game stat that shows overall ticket loss/loss caused would be a good motivator to conserve tickets, lest you be called out by the entirety of the server.
  6. Destruction of vegetation

    I agree there should be a way through single obstacles like these, and a destruction mechanic would really add to the game. Problem is, a real destruction mechanic would likely burn a hole through my poor little machine... I guess I need an upgrade anyways...
  7. What SPECIFICALLY is your problem?

    First, the rally issue. As I previously explained, in this thread, v13 in particular It’s not so much the rallies or game mechanics as it is the players. Staying alive is less important because no one values (or pay attention to) tickets like they should. The whole “rush meta” is not incentivized by game mechanics, but by enthusiastic players eager to get back into the action and enjoy the experience only Squad provides. The lack of tactics can’t really be blamed on game mechanics, that lies on players (not necessarily a bad thing either. Some servers/communities are more casual, some aren’t.) Second, the casualness/realistic-ness of mechanics in Squad have been discussed endlessly (I’ve explained this a lot...), and perhaps we won’t ever see an end to the discussion. However, in it’s current form, Squad provides an open platform to execute maneuvers, move with tactical excellence and cunning, and do well, or mindlessly charge, blow some stuff up, and get a mixed bag (it works sometimes, depending on how the other team plays). Are there problematic mechanics? Sure (buddy rallies aren’t my favorite when they’re used to advance the whole platoon), but that doesn’t change the fact that Squad is team-oriented or has a certain recipe for success (advanced tactics and coordination), nor will it change through virtually any new mechanic or system. What it comes down to is this: OWI is a business trying to make money, yes, but they’ve already cemented a good chunk of their product and it’s key features. We can talk about how awful this feature is or how great that mechanic will be, but none of that can really change what Squad is (again, within reason, killstreak gunship calls or the like might change it just a little... :P).
  8. What SPECIFICALLY is your problem?

    What v13’s features did is reduce the consideration of time in maneuvering and spawning. It’s now easier and quicker to get shredded as a squad if your SL doesn’t actually care about the in-depth tactics the gameplay (in particular the ticket system) requires. Since a “ticket” is a measurement without units, it doesn’t have meaning to some SLs, and so they keep rushing in over and over until they lose. What v13 has done is illuminated an underlying issue that has been around for a while (I believe it is titled the “rush meta”), while making it easier on a good squad hindered by bad ones. I’m not going to say that the updates are good, but this is what I’ve noticed in most v13 discussions.
  9. Voice Lines?

    I think having voice lines available adds to the immersion, hence their inclusion. I actually like the idea of allowing the enemy to hear you when using the lines, but the use of them also has the potential to undermine real communication.
  10. MRAP vs Kornet

    The Spandrel's Konkours missiles aren't nearly as powerful as a Kornet is. It takes three to kill an MBT or IFV. As for why it takes two to kill MATVs, it might just be because of the damage models. Logistics trucks often take two LATs to destroy atm, dunno if that's intentional or not.
  11. Destruction of vegetation

    Replicating downed foliage for 80 or 100 players would be tremendously difficult to do without a major performance decrease. What the devs have been doing is allowing certain bushes or fences to not cause collisions instead of being destroyed entirely, and that has largely stopped vehicles from getting stuck on bushes or small trees. With a little more improvement to the current system, destruction mechanics would be a visual/immersive change that wouldn't be worth the performance issues.
  12. Idea - Backup/CQC Sights

    Would be interesting to see how they’d implement this, especially with the addition of so many new optic kits in v13. What key would they default it to?
  13. Female soldier models

    The simple fact that you have insulted everyone who contradicts you is evidence enough. Whether consciously or not you understand that your argument is tremendously flawed. That’s why you haven’t presented any genuine evidence aside from random claims that have very little truth, against Dubs’ personal experience. The burden of proof lies on you. Now I’ve said enough. Good day.
  14. Female soldier models

    I’m just gonna let you believe what you believe, friend. Your claims still make no sense and have no evidence to support them. As such, there is no reason to continue engaging with you. Have a great night.
  15. Female soldier models

    You fail to realize that Squad is a major war situation. We aren’t talking proxies anymore, Russia and the US or GBR are going at it, and they’re going to call up or ask for anyone and everyone who meets physical requirements. To argue that there aren’t many women in combat roles currently is entirely irrelevant, and even then your argument still isn’t well-evidenced. Oh, and that last bit directed at Zylfrax? He actually made good points, showing that OWI had already included some sort of individualized features for the character models, and probably has the framework to do more if necessary. Your dismissal doesn’t even address the points he makes, and seems to be the result of Zylfrax making arguments you could not answer to.