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  1. Is 50v50 coming?

    Absolutely true.
  2. Is 50v50 coming?

    Devs said it would be coming sometime soon. The new UE4 version that came in v13 was something they wanted to have in before they increased the number of players per server, if I understood correctly.
  3. As shown in the v13 changelog, spawn confirmation has been removed. Have to be careful what you click on now.
  4. a new scoreboard stat for taking enemy tickets

    That’s not an exception, though, not the rule. Extra stats will be worth a few more self-serving Squad players.
  5. Double Neutral and Ticket Bleed

    If this isn’t a bug, it’s probably because double-neutrals generate a high casualty count. Both teams have to race each other to cap, and neither really has a chance to wait around, so everyone gets cut down. The removal of ticket bleed in this situation may be to ensure double-neutrals don’t shorten the game overly much.
  6. [Suggestion] Better fireteam management

    FT names and color customization sounds like it’s not a bad idea. Maybe leave a component of FT members green on the map so certain colors don’t get too confusing, but other than that, it would be a nice feature.
  7. a new scoreboard stat for taking enemy tickets

    Agreed. The stats don’t fuel that, people do. I also think the stats are important to evaluating personal abilities, and that’s why they’re included. If you have 20 deaths and few kills or incaps, perhaps you need to take more time to think about what you’re doing and hit Jensen’s Range. Being a good squad means being skilled and effective as an individual, but also being able to work with one another. Without one component, both become ineffective.
  8. pixelated mess

    I play on a 1366x768, and aside from having my textures on the lower side, I don’t seem to have too much pixelation... I’d try turning up the supersampling or changing antialiasing methods, maybe one of those will help.
  9. pixelated mess

    On what settings? I don’t think it’s a texture thing, and the LoD system was just reworked, so it might boil down to what your graphics settings are.
  10. please fix the vehicle flipping

    Interesting idea, but I still think vics flipped due to reckless driving should be lost or recovered, not just magically flipped. Once the collision issues are fixed, there should be no button, no jumping on the tires, no getting under the tracks. If it’s flipped, you’re calling another vehicle to unflip it or abandoning it altogether.
  11. Autonomous Squad

    It’s at 7 and not a 2-3 because TKs aren’t as black and white as you describe them. Accidents happen, and someone has to be the judge of whether or not something is intentional. That’s your opinion. I see no reason for not allowing servers to run the game the way they want. It’s pretty consistent across all of them, clearly stated, and most often has no effect on gameplay. True, that’s what an admin is. Usually they’re either one or another, most don’t use the camera to begin with. There aren’t any. More often than not I’d get punished for my teammate doing something dumb, and there’s no way to appeal or fix it.
  12. Autonomous Squad

    If this is what you're really against, why are you advocating for software to take over the job? It doesn’t make sense to replace humans with an unyielding, unforgiving protocol if you don’t want to be micromanaged. That’s what programming does, it follows a strict set of guidelines and never yields. You could make something more advanced, but that’s time consuming to say the least.
  13. please fix the vehicle flipping

    An unflip button I think is a bit much. Some vehicles flip because their drivers mess up or push the vehicle too far, and there shouldn’t be a whole lot of leniency for that. On the other hand, running into tiny trees or brushing against guardrails or fences and flipping or getting stuck is a bit of a pain. That needs to be reworked a little.
  14. Is this some sort of new feature I hadn’t seen in the patch notes or a bug? Getting into vehicles has been a bit odd at times since the update, but I didn’t know it would ban you from a logi...
  15. Bad/gamebreaking features in alpha 13

    Let’s not make false accusations. We disagree with you, but we don’t call you a Kindergartener.
  16. Bad/gamebreaking features in alpha 13

    You put this on a forum... This whole site is meant for discussion of ideas (including persuasive discussion and debate, within the bounds of respect) from a variety of viewpoints. If you don’t want me to try and discuss things with you, this might not be the right place to put it out there.
  17. Bad/gamebreaking features in alpha 13

    Whatever you want to believe, friend.
  18. Bad/gamebreaking features in alpha 13

    My point is that these changes really haven’t done much, and haven’t necessarily made this game a Run’n’Gun. You seem to be restating your claims over and over, and starting to resort to calling me either incompetent or stupid instead of rationalizing, so I’m just gonna leave this be.
  19. Autonomous Squad

    Making main an objective would be interesting... I’d like to see this (in a test build or special AAS/INV layer perhaps?).
  20. Bad/gamebreaking features in alpha 13

    Again, proof please? I’ve been one-tapping people constantly, for example, so the four-shot thing isn’t remotely true. The grass hasn’t changed at all, so again, not true.
  21. Bad/gamebreaking features in alpha 13

    You make a series of claims (some about things that have not been changed in v13) without any rationalization or evidence. Present some sort of explanation, rationale, or definitive evidence, otherwise this post is currently a lot of complaints with their basis on opinions and some sort of “facts” that simply aren’t true.
  22. Autonomous Squad

    Just to be clear... Who?
  23. Autonomous Squad

    I’d honestly prefer that one guy and no mods to automated admins. Just my opinion, but software is generally black and white, unable to really comprehend anything that falls into a gray area. In combat? No. When traversing an already secured path to get it to a crew, they’d use a truck. Of course, we don’t have HEMTTs or anything heavy-duty enough to carry an Abrams, so I could understand making an exception for non-combat movements. Not necessarily saying I agree with deciding to use them, but it does become useful on occasion.
  24. Autonomous Squad

    I agree that the things listed need to be reduced (a lot in some cases), but I don’t think automation is the right way to make some of these decisions. For example, sometimes vics are one-manned simply to RTB or transfer to a spawn point, not to enter combat (maybe some are against that, I dunno). Making a software piece to control exactly how someone goes about it and judge what does and doesn’t deserve a kick causes the same issues as an abusive or careless admin. Conversely, main base expansion is probably needed in some maps. Might get rid of the “PROJECTILE DESTROYED” message that pops up constantly if they do expand em. Miscommunication with mortars/rocket trucks might cause more than 2-3 TKs. People have their faults, but I’d rather not get kicked from the server for something that’s genuinely an accident.
  25. Bad/gamebreaking features in alpha 13

    Is it really feasible to be kicking everyone who runs off while playing SL though? It’s not as easy as it sounds to pull out the menu and kick someone, even if you aren’t in combat at present, and it requires diverting your attention from the battlefield. If I’d have to imagine, the devs don’t integrate run speed differences or open kits because it would put more responsibility on the SL (not that I don’t like a few extra responsibilities).