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  1. Unable to Connect to Public Servers

    Alright, so support says it's my integrated graphics causing the problems. However, if I "warm up" in the shooting range, it works just fine. It's somewhat inconsistent, sure, but I have been able to load in and play with only a little lag here and there. I think the fact that it's able to work has somewhat befuddled all of us, but hey, it works.
  2. Unable to Connect to Public Servers

    It's still crashing when I try to get online. My GPU's drivers are all updated, so I suppose I'll submit a ticket. Thanks for your help, TheRubbaPelican
  3. Unable to Connect to Public Servers

    Ahh, a wired connection! I read something about that, but it seems that I have totally forgotten... Figures, that usually happens with me. I'll see if that works.
  4. Unable to Connect to Public Servers

    Quick update on the issue: It's getting closer to letting me into the game (the map is loading in, and it presents the side selection screen), but refuses to load in still. I've tried some fixes that worked for other Steam games, and they have not had any effect either. Again, if anyone needs a log file for whatever reason, just let me know.
  5. Unable to Connect to Public Servers

    I'll try running as admin, but every Steam, Squad, and EAC related executable is whitelisted. I'll double check to be sure.
  6. Unable to Connect to Public Servers

    Hello all, I bought Squad last weekend after trying it out. It worked fairly well (only a little lag) in both the shooting range and online servers, but once I bought it, it started refusing to load me into online servers. I've tried every single fix I can find here, on Steam's website, or the EAC support page, from letting anything remotely related to the game through the firewall to uninstalling and reinstalling the game (as described in another support post). I have also searched through the log files, and found a few interesting lines, including: [2018.11.16-01.37.46:856][ 1]LogOnline:Warning: STEAM: Can't start an online game for session (Game) that hasn't been created This is followed a few lines later by a series of Steam warnings saying it can't connect to a list of IPs. It doesn't seem to happen with other online Steam games, even those with EAC, so I' assuming something might be wrong in how I configured or downloaded the game. Any suggestions? System Information: HP 15-bs0xx Laptop OS: Windows 10 Home CPU: Intel i7-7500U Dual Core GPU: Intel HD 620 RAM: 8GB Note: My graphics card is below the minimum requirement, but the game doesn't seem to have many issues in that regard. I might be wrong on that... Second Note: I have more than a few log files demonstrating the above issues, please let me know how best to get them on here if you need them. Thanks, TheRubbaPelican