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    Name: Varik Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Varikeen/ Primary Language(s): English + Greek Age (optional): 18 Timezone or Region: GMT +2 or Greece Nature of Interest: Casual. I am just looking for fun and friendly people to become acquainted with, have good time and relax from everyday fight, as a squad.I do not want being obliged to play at a certain time.To have a time of reference where we are available to play yes, but not the former. Moreover, i also do not want competitive craziness, only healthy and fun competition when it is applicable. Last but not least, i do not have any problem with older people than me, of course it would be nice to socialise with people close to my age, however i know that in this game most players are 20+ so that's quite difficult. Gaming Background: Playing mostly FPS and Strategy games from the age of 5 (Rise of Nations,Age of Empires 2,3,Empire earth 2,3,Company of Heroes Medal of honor,Call of Duty 2,3 Red orchestra, Arma 3 etc) i never thought anything of my skills i just want to have fun, this is the reason games exist don't they? Additional Skills: Dunno about "Mypage" and all that, but i am cooperative, creative, friendly, positive and yes i am good at sketching, i compose music, sing and many other stuff, if you even care Status: Unsigned