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  1. Struggling with this game

    True....I'd still prefer to lose or win based on skill, strategy, tactics rather than the fact that one of the teams had the collective IQ of a grapefruit...I'm aware that's not realistic when discussing public groups in MP games
  2. Struggling with this game

    I think it's starting to click.... The last few games I've had have been great, even if we lose I've had fun and felt involved. Now, if I get onto a server join a squad and the SL is silent or an idiot I'll try to find a different Squad and if that fails I disconnect and find a different server. I've identified a few good servers and tend to stick with those but the only issue is that they tend to be full at peak times. In terms of other players, I've been learning from a few very good SLs who ran their Squad really well, I've also learn't from a few who were awful on how not to do it. I'm finding my feet with the classes and have tried most apart from Marksman as it's not a role I enjoy. Still not comfortable enough to try SL yet but I feel I'm not far away from giving it a go. Loving the medic class (most important class for an infantry squad IMO) and play that a lot but also like MG and LMG followed by grenadier. My scores are now positive, usually top 1-3 for my squad and I'm getting much better at tracking and engaging the enemy and getting my share of kills. In short...I'm loving it now but it's taken me a while to get there. I think my biggest issue with the game (apart from a few bugs / glitches) is how uncoordinated many games/servers are with squads arguing or not communicating. On several occasions my team has ended up without an FOB and clear objectives have been overlooked or ignored, like at the start of a game everyone rushing to the third control point with nobody capping the first two or everyone running out of ammo because nobody wants to run logistics or nobody defending a capture point only for it to be capped by the enemy minutes later.....I get that s**t happens but most of this could be avoided with a little coordination....difficult with a bunch of strangers I guess. It's just highlighted to me that I need to find a decent group / clan to play with. Cheers
  3. Struggling with this game

    So to follow up on this......... I've not had much time to play until the last few days and my experience of the game has been much better. I've taken on some advice from this thread and found much better games. There is still the odd game where nobody seems to know what they are doing and the SL doesn't communicate but I've had a lot more games where it's been a real blast and I felt I've contributed to my side. I'm still terrible at this game, I die alot without knowing where I've been shot from, I've had two horrible 'bad nade' moments and got rightly shouted at by everyone. I'm not a noob at tactical shooters but for some reason I feel a bit out of my depth. I just need a few more rounds under my belt before I feel comfortable with the game. No idea yet about building and how that works but I guess that will also come in time. In short...I'm enjoying it a lot more now.
  4. Struggling with this game

    Thx guys...appreciate the feedback and offers of help....this response gives me hope. I'll definitely be taking you up on those offers thank you.
  5. Struggling with this game

    A clan would be good but I'm so new to Squad, I wanted to learn a bit more about the game and the mechanics before I committed to an organised clan. Maybe that is the way I go. I'm going to keep trying on the public servers to get some meaningful game time and learn a bit more about the game...then we'll see.
  6. I've only played for a few hours but I'm really struggling with Squad. I've played mil sims before, all of the ARMA series + other combined arms and tactical shooter games but I'm not feeling it. It is very intense at times with long periods of waiting which is fine but most of the time I've played I've hardly seen the enemy at all and in most of the squads I've played in there has been no plan, no comms, just a random group all doing their own thing. I've had a very mixed experience with other players as well, from one good squad lead who was clear and communicated to ones that are abusive and vile. I spent one game building sandbag walls for an SL who just screamed abuse at the squad. I thought I might learn something about the building mechanics in the game, but when I asked I was told to "shut up and dig". Despite all the sandbag walls and emplacements we got overwhelmed in short order. Another game ended up with about 10 guys at a base all shouting abuse at each other and shooting each other about who would man a mortar. Some player shouted abuse at me for manning an MG, said it was his and to "get the F*** off my MG you b****" Needless to say I logged out. I'm not a sensitive flower, been playing MP games for decades and I've seen and heard it all but so far I'm not having much fun or learning much about the game other than how not to play it. I like coordinated MP, leading and being led by people who know what they are doing. Tactical firefights, good combat mechanics and gameplay....that's why I bought the game. I'm not getting any of that...just lots of aimless running around and abusive players. In around 15 games, one was actually fun, the rest have been pretty horrible for one reason or another. I know there is a learning curve, there is with all games and I'm at the start of that curve but so far I'm not feeling it at all. In short, it's not been a great experience for me. I'll try a few more times to play it but I'm not feeling very inspired by this game at all. I don't want to bring a downer on it, the game itself seems good but I'm really not enjoying it right now. Is this the norm? Are all the servers like this? Are there servers or groups that actually coordinate?
  7. Mouse smoothing?

    Ah ok good to know. Hopefully the devs are aware.
  8. Mouse smoothing?

    Ok so it's a game, deploy & terrain issue...thx for the reply. Good to know. I'll try to be more selective when choosing my deployment positions in future.
  9. Mouse smoothing?

    New player here and had my first real Squad session last night. I've had a few issues with deployed weapons like LMGs and any Assault Rifle with a bipod. Once deployed I seem to have dead zones within my firing arc where the reticle just wont go. Last night I was using the SAW whilst prone with bipod deployed trying to suppress the 2nd story windows of a building to support an infantry push. However I couldn't move the reticle over one of the windows, I just couldn't put the crosshairs there, it kept skipping past it. I tried repositioning and redeploying but I'd just end up with a different deadspot I couldn't move the crosshairs into. It feels like the mouse is sticking (which it isn't - I don't have this issue in any other game). The issue only seems to happen when using the weapon bipod, all other times I can position the reticle anywhere I want without issue. Is this a known bug, a mouse smoothing issue or is it something like the terrain I've chosen to deploy on? Thanks