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  1. The Wrench, September 2019

  2. Yeah i totally agree I have to upgarde, but also... this issue only started with V12 as well
  3. So, I'm not that lucky to have a high end rig with SSDs and all and I'm sure there are a lot of people out there that plays this game off of HDDs as well. For me the loading timea are between 2-5 minutes. 3 minutes to open the game and just get into the main menu and the a whole lot more loading when joining a server. Are there any plans for the future to improve this by any chance?
  4. V12 performance

    Maybe just git gud
  5. V12 performance

    I agree. V12 performance is massively better than V11. I run a potato FX6300 and can now get solid 50+ fps most of the time. Where in V11 I was in the constant 20-30 range.
  6. Hello guys, So I'm sadly still stuck wity a FX 6300 CPU and has been using it for quite a while. I noticed in the past with music production apps and games like Arna that these CPUs struggle to process sounds. It would usually lock up the CPU and instead of prcessing the sound it should, it rather processes a crackling mess. In Arma 3 there is an option to limit the amount of audio sources allowed to be used/played at the same time. Default being 64, max 128 and minimum if 16 if im correct. In Arma I used to have the exact same issue as I'm having in Squad atm... with the game completely turning into a slideshow and crackling mess when too many sounds are going off around, this can be gunfire, explosions, vehicles... in Arma what fixed the issue was turning the amount of Audio sources down. Been playing Arma for years and always has to turn this down to avoid this issue. So i'd like to know if it is possible to get this same setting in Squad? I mean there is no difference for me between the Low and High quality setting... Also... if it's already possible to change the amount of audio sources in a file somewhere that someone can please point out how. This is not only for me, but for everyone using FX processors. The game really runs pretty good since V12. Not sure if low end Intel CPUs have the same issue. Thanks <3