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  1. I get this error message a lot...

    This has been happening for a long time, I haven't experienced any issues reopening or playing, Says something about "The instruction at 0x0000XXXXX referenced memory at 0x00000XXXXXX. The memory could not be written"
  2. Literally just started experiencing this issue after a few days of not playing. Last working Tuesday 17th, Was joining servers and getting disconnected within 5 seconds of entering a server. Also joining servers that I have admin rights on, still kicked me with "Server closed connection" - other members were able to join and stay in - The first connection i made today showed me on the server list (viewed on battle metrics) but i was kicked shortly after - multiple attempts after this i was not shown on the lists -restarted steam -verified game files still didn't work -Cleared game cache through in game menu - and i was able to connect and stay in after restarting the game - change graphics settings to my normal settings and reconnected to the same servers it was kicking me from Seems to have worked as im not getting kicked from live servers. Good luck guys
  3. Should I reapply?

    Top work guys, our application has been put through and believe its sorted now. And thank you for following up @Odin
  4. AH, makes more sense Thanks again mate
  5. Thanks for the prompt response I wasn't too sure if that was for new applications only - as we already have the current server (s). Will inquire with server host and re - apply i guess. Cheers
  6. Hey guys, Our group currently has a squad server however it only shows up under the "Custom Servers" tab in the menu. I am an administrator there and was wondering how we go about getting it up on the "Server Browser" tab. Thanks

    Yep, had to be Avast! Thanks for the suggestion, completely overlooked that hahahaha I CAN PLAY!
  8. Loaded into a server yesterday and I had a double compass. One was stuck "True" North and didn't rotate as I moved, The 2nd "Layer" of it was about 2cm higher, but was fully functional - Just a little tricky to see directions haha, As the game ended and loaded a new map the issue was resolved. Just a heads up :) i5 4690k 16GB RAM @ 1866 GTX 970 Games on its own SSD Win10
  9. Where are all the Members

    Waiting on that cash money haha. Hope visa debit goes through KS
  10. Alpha access?

    Ah very good, Thanks for the info mate!
  11. Alpha access?

    This is GOOOOOOOD news!!! Ill be looking into this for sure Just a question regarding the server: Am i expecting 300 ping+ if I'm connecting from Australia? Im not too fussed, being able to play the game will outweigh the need for perfect connection but im just curious Love what you guys are doing.
  12. Weapon positioning

    could there be potential for shouldering the weapon in your non master side when leaning that way? If the rifle is on the right, when leaning left could he switch shoulder but maintain the same grip? Loved copping brass in the face ..... but it works in urban. lower profile around corners, not saying it would change much in terms of "cover" in the game, just a cool aesthetic.
  13. Gamemode: Conflict

    Maybe something like King of the Hill? The objective could rotate (randomly) after 5 mins or so players cant just wait in a known location for the obj to appear. Or perhaps "the hill" will spawn in the center, if your team holds the point for more time than the other team, your next capture point could be closer your original spawn points, Lets say there's 3 or 4 points between the center and your spawn (for each side). The team holding for the longest time will withdraw to the closer objective ( as if the aim is to reach the center and extract with some form of supplies or intel). If the opposition then holds the next point, they move back to the center and begin to take the supplies/intel back to their spawn location (with 2-4 points between, each with a 5min window to take the objective.). each objective could last 5 mins, spaced roughly 1km away from eachother, giving the team that lost control of the point a chance to run back and make up time. if the opposition wins in that time, then its a battle to wipe the next point and turn the tables. A simple layout [ ] ---------------- {A}-------{B}------------( C ) ----------{D}-------{E} ----------------------[ US ] to move closer to your spawn (and winning) you have to take the center and try win the next 2-4 points, visa versa, I understand games could go on for a while, but its just a suggestion, maybe most time held, wins overall?
  14. This is looking SOLID boys!
  15. I thought the guys stopped running it well well, haha. might try download it