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  1. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    Is it really so difficult to make the speed as it is in real life / compact ? More speed will make the game another fps arcade game. Moreover the car movement is also by far non realistic at all. Besides speed, as I have already mention in the past, rally point system is also making the whole game a bit chaotic. As a squad leader I put a rally north ... Then I took 1 on my member and move south. The enemy knows that we are coming from north... just in 60 sec, I put a new rally south... now we attack from south.. All these defence system, static tow and machine guns are completely useless if you can change the spawn point so quickly.
  2. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    More "speed" in game will make it just an arcade game... LEARN from Project Reality please.. After many years, speed decreased to make it more realistic and tactical. Please don't increase speed any more. Already the car movement is by far NON realistic at all. Just see how the army is moving in real compact and you will notice that it's already worse than "need for speed" game of the 90's decade. Rally points (as I have already said in the past) is still a problematic issue in tactical game. Better to give more attention in FOBs.
  3. Why I dont want Helicopters

    Helicopters will change the whole game for good. If you have not played Project Reality, then you can not understand how important they are. Now the main system of troops' transportation is only this "arcade" system of rally points. With helicopters (especially transport helis) the whole game will become more tactical and strategic. I strongly believe that PR has so much balance between gameplay and tactical cooperation and I hope to see that balance at squad as well..
  4. November 2018 - Squad's Next Phase

    Transport helicopters are awesome news! Great news. The whole game will change. Its time to reconsider spawn points (especially rally points) and make this game more tactical and realistic. In PR 's larger maps, helicopters is one of the most important things to transport supplies and infantry. Great news.
  5. Lets go to the point. No, its not the same thing. Becouse if one SL (in insurgency) shovel a fob, NONE of other SLs can built a Fob close to that. That means for example that if you attack a target you can not change the direction you are attacking every 1-2 min by dropping rally points wherever you can. More over, in these maps (like Falluja , Bashra etc) it is allowed to have only 6 fobs not more, and also, to make a fob it takes time, its not always so easy as dropping a rally point. But lets clear it and go further. Do you agree that Rally Point system is by far weaker and not so important in PR compared to Squad ? PR tactics are based more on FOBs and supplies rather than in Rally Points. The opposite is happening in Squad. In Project Reality, in AAS maps like Mutrah City for example, it might happened not even one Rally Point to be dropped in whole game by SLs even if it is possible. (Personally I dont remember any rally point in these maps). I guess you agree with that right ? This is what I m talking about in this thread. Rally Points in Squad are so much overpowered. It is the main purpose of almost all squads. This is not the case in PR. The core in this difference is that the Rally Point system in Squad make the game a bit chaotic and arcade especially when every SL can change spawn point every 2 min. This is not happening in PR and this fact makes PR more tactical and teamwork game in my opinion. P.S. and its not about winning an argument. Is about to make this game better. But all it comes down to what type of game we want. More arcade or more tactical ? and this will be achieved
  6. You are wrong. Let me know better. In almost all Insurgency maps like Falluja, Al Bashra, Bamyan, insurgent team CANNOT drop rally points. Rally are disabled for insurgency teams. They have to built FOBs (hide outs). Also in more AAS maps like Mutrah City teams are also based on their strategic points of FOBs, rather than Rally points. Rally points in PR are more weak and this makes all squads to move more tactical, to select the place they will built FOBs and not running all around the map dropping Rally points. Rally Points are not the most important thing in PR not even the first priority in many maps, but it is in Squad. This is the difference and what I m talking about.
  7. The problem with rally points in my opinion is very obvious in smaller maps. This is why Project Reality disabled rally points in smaller or insurgency maps or make them more weak. Becouse it becomes an endless arcade fight. All its about speed there. No time to communicate because firefighting is endless . All members screams "enemy NW, enemy SW, Enemy West etc" and this is true becouse enemy is coming from any direction mainly because of Rally points and vice versa. In larger maps line Narva, Gorodok or Yehorivka Rally points working much better in my opinion. As I have played both games, Project Reality and Squad, I strongly believe that PR is by far more tactical and advanced than squad and its rally point system is more balanced. But finally all it depends on how you want this game to be. However I stronlgy believe that when transport helicopters become available the game will be much different. Time will show!
  8. Exactly. Tactical cooperation is the key. Not the endless spawning inside the battlefield zone. I didn't say to abolish Rally points (especially when transport helis are not available and logi trucks are not enough) but to reduce it's impact.A similar Rally point model like this one of Project Reality is the way to go I think.
  9. Alpha 12 Release and Free Weekend

    When helicopters (especially transportation helis) become available in this game, the whole experience will change completely in some (large) maps. Project reality is the best way to follow.
  10. Hmm that is an interesting point. Squad game started (in its first step) as a Project Reality 2 project (before the team split). I agree with you that Squad isn't aim to be the next big simulation game, but a balance between realism and arcade (more close to realism however). This is what PROJECT REALITY (PR) managed to do with great success. What I personally would like to see is a more enhanced, more advanced successor of PR. What make PR great is not ofcourse its graphics but the gameplay. However, even if PR is a great game, cannot hide its age. What it misses from the game arena is a modern game like this. Remember, there are so many free arcade or close to arcade FPS out there with great graphics and some of the completely free. But there IS NOTHING like Project Reality. So I agree with you about balance, but this balance has to turn in the side of realism, not to the arcade. We have much of arcade but only PR (and maybe arma) in the other side. If Squad became more arcade It will loose the bet ... just google "best free fps" and you will see how many arcade games are out there. So developers have to decide about the character of the game. Balance is good, but since there is no perfect balance, I think Squad have to be more realistic than arcade. This is how it was born after all.
  11. It is a kind of skill BUT it's not realism. You just take a player with you and moving outside of the battle zone. You just have to make circles around the target city in a safe distant and drop rally points. Not so difficult. Imagine all SLs to do the same. Spawn points of all squads to change every 1 or 2 min sec. What a realistic game eh ? You will never know where the enemy is coming from. I m not saying rally points is bad. No. What I m trying to say is that the ability to drop Rally Points very often create a not realistic environment especially in smaller maps. As I said before Imagine you have to defend a town. The enemy detected in North.. you are preparing you defences. Suddenly in 60 sec the enemy teletransported south, end 2 min later in west. That makes a game an endless firefighting and everyone is just running and shooting in every direction. I m sure you have seen this in small maps. By saying that I want to clarify again that I m not against rally points. This is a game. But the current rally point system I think make the game a bit "run and shoot" . I believe that Rally point and spawn system of Project Reality is more mature in my opinion. This is my suggestion to devs.. To move toward a PR spawn system model.
  12. Looks like the players that came from Project Reality understand better what I m saying. And I really agree with @Blayas. FOB is much different than rally point. FOBs are strategic points of spawn, Rally points are just spawn points that may change position every 60 sec creating a complete mess. The 1st minute the enemy is coming from the North, 60 sec later the same enemy is coming from West, and just 2 min later it comes from the South. All it matters is how fast you are running and how accurate shooting, nothing else. I totally agree with suggestion made by @Blayas. Project Reality has a very good model in rally points. Much better and balanced in my opinion.
  13. Game needs more maps ...

    As I have said before, developers have to think why Project Reality with an old graphic engine, managed to keep the interest high when most of the games failed after 2 or 3 years (some a more less). Maps are crucial. Fallujah should be on top . I also like Narva. Great map. The more maps the better for the game. But don't forget. Maps are important, but gameplay is more important.
  14. As an old player of PROJECT REALITY and ARMA (more than 10 years), I m trying this game around 3 weeks now, every day. But although it has great graphic engine and good potential, I never get the feeling of realism, strategy and teamwork playing I have met in Project Reality or Arma. And I was thinking "why this ?" . In my opinion this game -especially in smaller maps- tend to be, not a "squad" game, but rather a "deathmatch" arcade childish game, with no time to think, no time to cooperate, no time to do anything but run and shoot. In bigger maps, things become a bit better but not perfect. As I played more and more, I realise that the problem of this chaotic endless shooting is the "rally point" system. Squad leaders can change rally point position very often. Image now 8 squads from the one team, and 8 squads from the other team which change their rally positions every 1 or 2 min. What a mess. No tactical gaming, no strategy, no time to cooperate or even to teamwork well. I believe that the rally point system along with the revive system make this game more a shooting arcade fps, rather than a realistic tactical game, or (for older players) a "project reality 2" alternative. But if we want an arcade fps game there are hundreds of these outthere... What do you think guys (and developers) ?
  15. Hello The problem that makes this game more arcade and childish compared to PROJECT REALITY and ARMA is the rally points and not the revive system (which might be more strict as someone said before). PROJECT REALITY has the mature and experience of the great balance. It took years to achieve the best possible balance. Thus, rally points are not availabe in many maps and not so important as FOBs (hubs). I think that PROJECT REALITY has found the best way of spawn points. More strategic and more realistic. BUT this is becouse PROJECT REALITY is a more complete game. Squad leaders can request supplies and transport trucks or helicopters can drop them in the map. I m pretty sure (as a more than 10 years player) that when Helicopters are available the whole game will change becouse the transportation of squads will be much different than now. But even though, I still believe that rally points make this game a complete mesh. Fighting is endless with no strategy and tactical gaming. Developers have to think why PROJECT REALITY have still its servers fulls after 15 years!