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  1. Thanks, and sorry for the late don't know why, it was not allowing me to change language, and now it works ...
  2. Bump I know this happen when we don't have the English language, but i can't change it in Steam, i click on French (It should siplay all languages avaiable) but nothing happen. Can i change this manually somewhere in a file ? Thanks
  3. Hi When someone talk at the radio, it diplay (Title) (Name) at the bottom left corner instead of their real name, screen : https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/832448138103730509/CC864CFAF0959C3D1740918F66F6BD2A4AFBFA39/ I already cleared the cache
  4. German Army/Bundeswehr in Squad

    Lol, that troll And don't add Germans on Eastern or desertic map, their rifles and helicopters won't work
  5. Can't download the new update

    I will ask on the discord. And it will be a problem for everyone : If Squad take twice his place to update, and each update add content, one day, nobody will have enough disk place to play this game ...
  6. Can't download the new update

    Well, then buy me a new hard drive, or a new computer. Simple : one computer, one game ! Your suggestion is stupid since only low space games (and very old ones) and application (like on the Apple Store) use this system. And SQUAD was not doing this before V9, you are just suggesting me something that wasn't happening before, and it helps nobody here.
  7. Can't download the new update

    I have a 3 TB one on my Mac Buy a PC ? Or maybe change work ? Please give me another intelligent advice if you have one.
  8. Can't download the new update

    I understood, but between the download, and the copy folder, you have the game space multiplied by two on your HDD. And then, yes, i will have my disk space. Right now i can't launch the download
  9. Can't download the new update

    Why ? It was never like this before, and no games on Earth make you do this. Now i must free 42 giga (on a 95 gb disk) in order to play this game, in case a 2 mb hotfix release in one day, right ? I won't (and i can't) play this with this system, and a lot of people like me don't have the possibility to free space that could fill 4 games.
  10. Can't download the new update

    Wtf ? The hotfix is only 445 MB, it's mean that i have to download ALL THE GAME AGAIN ? There was nothing like this before V9, and it does not happen will all the games present on Steam. Please fix this, i don't want to download 30 giga everytime a patch fix 3 bugs
  11. Can't download the new update

    Making the same for the hotfix Only making this for Squad since all my other steam dowload are working
  12. Can't download the new update

    I had 11, but i uninstalled the game and re download him, now it works
  13. Can't download the new update

    I have to uninstall and re download all the game ? It never made me that on all other updates ...
  14. Hi, I can't download V9, when i launch the game, steam say i must have 22 GB free space on my disk. All my friends said that V9 was only 5,5 GB, and it never made me that before. Any help please ? Thanks