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  1. Solving the v12 Logistics Nightmare

    I don't understand the problem - I want the trucks you love driving to be buffed. More speed, more acceleration and better traction (like in Project Reality by the way, not BF). Then if maps are designed to be more forgiving you might not need an entire armored column just to survive two rambos in a scout car that were apparently crippling your entire team. I want what's best for you Truck Simulator fans so you can deliver more juicy ammo and supplies to us Battlefield fans.
  2. Solving the v12 Logistics Nightmare

    I don't think this game needs any more additions to an already complicated resupply and spawning system. Reconfigure maps to reduce the endless hill climbing and provide more straightforward road layouts (looking at you Kamdesh), and then make logis faster and more capable of going up inclines. Don't listen to the sadomasochists here who claim to love doing logi runs at the moment. They won't be happy until we have to start every game with a 90 minute drive out of main base.
  3. Yup. Which is why bickering about whether or not an AT4 can penetrate a T72 in real life seems a little irrelevant to me. At the end of the day we are talking about whether or not the HAT and LAT kits can actually do their job in this game. Currently both kits are competing for the role of Anti-Truck. Seems like Javelins are on their way though. In my passion to crush vehicles I was excited about this, but now I can see that tipping the scales the other direction. Call me nostalgic all you want but this is why PR's HAT kits seem like the perfect balance, a single shot high damage wire guided rocket that requires line of sight and a slow moving/stationary target.
  4. Okay way to miss the point completely. We are talking about how to make infantry and vehicles compatible with each other on the battlefield. I'm not interested in quake arena infantry only maps, I want hybrid warfare, that's why I mentioned PR. If this game just devolves into Vehicle Map or Infantry Map then I'd say the devs have failed to deliver
  5. The point of the game should be hybrid infantry and vehicle warfare. Vehicles should be designed and balanced so that they support infantry by providing transport and a certain amount of heavy firepower. The simple fact is that if you have overpowered vehicles then matches will be determined by the 6 people on your team that are using them. This isn't in the spirit of the game. It's both. There is a hitreg issue going on right now. 3 LAT should not be needed to take down an MRAP. The HAT kit is also underpowered and hopefully it will eventually be replaced by a portable ATGM. And yeah I've noticed the games have become very long. Like you I've decided not to play on weeknights anymore, and I have to be careful when I choose to play on the weekend lest I get stuck in a 3 hour snorefest. So many people leave these long games. When I was SL on Kamdesh Invasion the game took the whole 2 and a half hours. By the end all my squadmembers were different to the ones I started with. It makes matches feel more like ARMA style Sandboxes, where people just jump in to contribute for 30 minutes before leaving and joining another server. I don't blame them.
  6. This is such a critical point. I love jumping on servers and leading my squad but V12 has made it so difficult. My frustration levels playing this game have gone through the roof due to the emphasis on vehicles. Consider me an increasingly unwilling SL.
  7. Little squads, many vehicles v12.

    People don't want to play infantry when they can't fight back against vehicles, and when maps are so big they can't be mobile on foot. These are 2 variables that V12 is exacerbating. I don't care how many village hamlets are stuffed into a 4x4 vaguely mountainous landscape. Big maps are vehicle maps, small maps are infantry maps. And this is the experience you get as an infantryman playing on these maps. But hey, I've read lots of people here saying they want even bigger maps than 5x5. The french foreign legion modders are working towards an 8x8km map for god's sake. I don't know what experiences people are looking forward to here, other than a lot of very bored squad members who will ALT-F4 as soon as they die after a 20 minute truck ride.
  8. This isn't the answer, it just escalates the problem of overpowered vehicle assets. Are we going to be asking for jets when attack helos are added and they are given the ability to sit 3km away from the fight and pop vehicles with impunity? PR always had a more battlefield approach to vehicle vs inf to keep things fun for the infantry. We don't need helicopters we need javelins. Infantry should always have weapons available to them that pose a serious threat to any vehicle in this game.
  9. I think the top comment sums it up nicely. Fighting vehicles is boring and frustrating. I spend most of my time in matches trying to deal with enemy armor, and in order to do that I have to stop doing what I want to do (which is play infantry) and go drive a damn truck for 20 minutes so I can place a TOW that will just get me killed again.
  10. V12 Squad SDK Update?

    Any news on when the Squad SDK will be updated? V12 looks like it has changed quite a lot and I'm eager to get my mod up to date as soon as possible.
  11. Struggling with this game

    Don't forget tensions are high right now because a big patch just came out. Even experienced players are confused by the new mechanics and that's reason for people to get frustrated.

    I think if a map is designed well then Logi Runs can be exciting. Doing logi runs on Yeho Invasion as US as an absolute chore (not to mention downright unfair). If you play as US you have to drive supplies out of main up a long, winding, uphill dirt track (while RUS side gets to send their logi trucks screaming down an asphalt highway). Combine this with the 5km size and players actively dread being chosen to perform a logistics run. I think well designed maps should offer various routes for logistics - fast but dangerous, safe but slow etc. I stick by my point that huge maps with barren terrain and no restrictions to vehicle movement are detrimental. The margin for error shrinks and vehicle squads determine the outcome of the match rather than the 40 other members of the team. I'm willing to give it a chance though, I'll probably try leading an Inf Squad as a Crewman next time I play a big vehicle layout. I just think infantry squads shouldn't be left completely high and dry if the enemy vehicle squads are better than yours - I want a way to fight back. Hopefully the hit-reg changes will make the difference.
  13. Vehicles vs AT infantry in V12

    No I haven't done any hard testing, but this video is a pretty good example of what I've experienced in game.
  14. Vehicles vs AT infantry in V12

    Yes! Vehicle and infantry balance is way off. There must be a serious hit reg issue at the very least because there doesn't seem to be any consistency on how many rockets or shells are needed to take down certain vehicles. I hope that's the cause of these issues. If not then I can't fathom why LAT and HAT have been nerfed this hard. Like you said it just means Squad isn't about Squads anymore. Should rename the game "Crewmen".

    I had a similar experience to Pythagoras on the weekend. I think the real problem is map size and map design. Persistent ammo hasn't changed the core mechanics of the game (ie needing a supply chain to win), but it has greatly emphasized this mechanic. The problem is that on big maps logi runs are very boring, very risky, and also critical to your teams success (more so than on smaller maps where infantry can operate somewhat without transport and logistics). Big maps are won by vehicles, it's a simple relationship. I guarantee that matches on these larger layouts are mostly determined by the actions of a handful of players in MBTs and APCs. They are by far the biggest force multipliers. They can control the most space and have the biggest impact on the enemies supply chain. I hope the devs pull back on these huge maps with featureless terrain and wide open areas. It offers nothing for the people who like to play infantry, and puts undue emphasis on the supply chain mechanic. There is a sweet-spot around 3km and 4km maps where this game fills a perfect niche, and I think the persistent ammo system could be made to work within those constraints.