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  1. Alpha 12.1

    For me it's way better , loading time is shorter (avoiding server close connection) , it's not saturate the memory anymore, texture are quicker to load a nice job
  2. Need help!

    hello ,a friends got the same issue , you can try to re-download the easy anti cheat , when you launch squad check if the "easy anti cheat" is started and in "automatic start " ( check in task manager" and can be change in "services" ) sorry if my english is bad , hope you will understand , and hope it will work for you .
  3. Alpha 12 Release and Free Weekend

    with the patch : infinite loading for 20 min to say "connection to server timed out" , eat all memory , can t join a server and play anymore
  4. performance issues

    same here game using all the ram , fps and ping go crazy , last night , i had to disconnect and reconnect to a server to join my mates it took more than 15 min
  5. Alpha 12 Release and Free Weekend

    hello it s great on the paper , but the new version is unplayable for me, memory leak ? , only at the menu it's lagging , it use 6,8 go of ram , in game it use 7,89go ( i have 8 go, and was ok on v11) and my ping and fps go crazy . saw also some guys with 1200 ping , for some people squad running better , for some it s unplayable