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  1. West_Field WIP custom map

    Ok, thanks, i'm gonna watch this.
  2. West_Field WIP custom map

    Thank you, the Russian side is set up now, do you know if we have to specify the roles we play in game?
  3. West_Field WIP custom map

    Hi all, the map is allmost finidhed, for now i would like to know something. I have the GB faction vs MIL faction, but how do we do if we want to change the factions, i heard about layers, what do they do and how to set them up correctly ? For now, i have; in Mil side, 2 BRDM, 2 MTLB, 2 Logi trucks and 1 transport. In GB side, 2 FV 432, 2 FV 510, 2 logi trucks and 1 transport. I would like to set GB vs Rus, i just have to change the mil to rus, as it's possible to do, for the vehicles, is that good, the map is a little bit bigger than fool's road, do i have to put tanks, is that good too ? Thanks for reply.
  4. West_Field WIP custom map

    Hi all, this is my first work with UE4, Here is a screen of the work in progress: https://ibb.co/nQtH3Lb I just cloned foll's road, so we will play Britain VS Militia. I'm still making new staticmeshes as a radar, and hangers... I have some questions about building lighting, and after reading some of the topics here and on Epic's forum, i don't know how to solve it. How do you do to build lighting, i have this comment " tihs action is not available while PIE is active " and so on... Thanks for reply. Okay, i'have found this thread : So lights are not baked, i think all point lights i use in tunnels have to be movable too ? Some of the props i'm working on : https://ibb.co/1TxZkzj