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  1. Mod français ??

    Salut à la communauté francophone, j'aimerai savoir s'il y a une team de modding française qui travaille actuellement sur un mod armée française, je suis en train de bidouiller sur Blender, et me demande si quelqu'un bosse sur un mod français, je sais qu'il y a la légion, mais je sais pas s'il est toujours actif... Merci pour vos infos.
  2. West_Field WIP custom map

    Yes, i edit my last post.
  3. West_Field WIP custom map

    Map is done, post on workshop, for now, i just made a RAAS version, i'm gonna do a skirmish version for seedind. This is the link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1922686656 Feedback will be appreciated, bad or good, bug report too. So these are some pic from the map. https://ibb.co/nM1xvhP https://ibb.co/T0dcGpd https://ibb.co/vLNjSsL https://ibb.co/QrsPXs0 https://ibb.co/d7LSYpz https://ibb.co/vsjK2V9 https://ibb.co/wsNHx4T https://ibb.co/y6KqF2C
  4. West_Field WIP custom map

    I don't know if this is possible in squad. I was just specifying i need to fix the rivers, to set a postprocess and a pain volume, i copy these on narva. For now i am still stuck, the errors appears again....
  5. West_Field WIP custom map

    Okay, it's done, the mistakes i did: When importing all the contents in the mod folder, set in the master material for the landscape to refer to the materials functions in the mod folder. Open the map, open the terrain tool, and in the paint section, set the layerinfo to refer aswell to the layerinfo in the mod folder. And the map cooks well. For now, i have to setup the water volumes, no postprocess when your in the water, and no injuries too.
  6. West_Field WIP custom map

    Hello, i tried to cook the map, but i have the issue: "uasset is being referenced by DLC" This is for all the foliage i use in the map, i tried to convert to staticmeshes, but it doesn't do a good job, i have all the meshes on the same location, the cook is successfull if i delete the foliage, do you have a solution to fix this ? thank you.
  7. West_Field WIP custom map

    OK guys, the beta 1 version of the map is finished now, i think i just have to share it using the market place, or something else ? For now, the file is there: https://onedrive.live.com/embed?cid=FCE3CA1BFA2C0CAC&resid=FCE3CA1BFA2C0CAC!108&authkey=ALDLMuICndPzyec
  8. West_Field WIP custom map

    Ok, thanks, i'm gonna watch this.
  9. West_Field WIP custom map

    Thank you, the Russian side is set up now, do you know if we have to specify the roles we play in game?
  10. West_Field WIP custom map

    Hi all, the map is allmost finidhed, for now i would like to know something. I have the GB faction vs MIL faction, but how do we do if we want to change the factions, i heard about layers, what do they do and how to set them up correctly ? For now, i have; in Mil side, 2 BRDM, 2 MTLB, 2 Logi trucks and 1 transport. In GB side, 2 FV 432, 2 FV 510, 2 logi trucks and 1 transport. I would like to set GB vs Rus, i just have to change the mil to rus, as it's possible to do, for the vehicles, is that good, the map is a little bit bigger than fool's road, do i have to put tanks, is that good too ? Thanks for reply.
  11. West_Field WIP custom map

    Hi all, this is my first work with UE4, Here is a screen of the work in progress: https://ibb.co/nQtH3Lb I just cloned foll's road, so we will play Britain VS Militia. I'm still making new staticmeshes as a radar, and hangers... I have some questions about building lighting, and after reading some of the topics here and on Epic's forum, i don't know how to solve it. How do you do to build lighting, i have this comment " tihs action is not available while PIE is active " and so on... Thanks for reply. Okay, i'have found this thread : So lights are not baked, i think all point lights i use in tunnels have to be movable too ? Some of the props i'm working on : https://ibb.co/1TxZkzj