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  1. please do not release this patch

    LMAO!!! see its people like you that take things out of context... The gun sounds are terrible... like another person said, it sounds very muffled and bad... have you heard what the scout car sounds like now? .... Obviously hearing the AP round whizzing over your head is amazing, it made me duck every time.... in my post i have also said that theres a lot that i like, but the bad outweighs the good....
  2. please do not release this patch

    like i said, there are plenty of good things they did and came out with.... the bad outweighs the good in my opinion... to the person who said it takes skill to place and defend a hab... You have to be joking me right? it takes 0 skill to set up a 360 sit there and suppress and shoot people attacking... the skill comes from the people Attacking... yes it can get difficult to approach a cap and get to the hab... you talk about these meat grinders, yes they can be in v11 however why spawn on it then? dont you have a rally that you can spawn on and clear the objective so your team can hold and defend the point? now is OWI trying to make this a MIL SIM game? is it an arcade shooter? this is literally the only game i play on my PC and i love squad... i tried to play arma back in the day but its Mil Sim its not my style. V11 was promising in my eyes and a lot of other people i know and play with on a daily basis. you can add all these great vehicles into the game, the new weapons, the new maps (even though i wish you would keep some of the old versions of the maps so community servers can still play certain ones), but dont put out this new hab and rally system as well as fix the suppression system... that in my eyes would greatly improve squad... V12 is literally a completely different game than V11 almost as if they are trying to make it like PS which im sure every can say flopped. i do like how every one has their opinions and views on the game and thats what makes things like these forums so awesome... i just hope OWI looks and listens to everybody and actually stops in on random community servers and sees what actually takes place on those servers
  3. So first off, i have about 800 hours in game. I personally think you have taken a step back in game play with this V12 Play test. My reason for saying this is... 1) Gun play has taken a step back. Feels like v10 gun play (which was horrible) 2) The Suppression system is so bad you get shot from ghosts. 3) Persistent ammo is terrible, i could see if your fob had the ammo and you spawn with the ammo. But spawning on a hab that has ammo and not getting it is a horrible idea. 4) The new Hab system is a horrible update. It takes 0 skill to take on an enemy hab now. 5) The Sounds in game have taken a step back from V11 as well. Good things i like what you did with V12. 1) The face lift on maps. (even though i wish we still had storage on Yeho) 2) The Tanks (obviously because we have ALL been waiting for those) 3) New updated weapons 4) More seats in the logi! huge plus! I think you were onto something great with V11. If you were to add and update the maps in V11, add the tanks and new vic's and fix the current bugs we have in V11 you would have something AMAZING...