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  1. Smoother/faster editor experience - hardware?

    Roger that. So new hardware would only gain me a few minutes instead of it suddenly becoming 'zippy' to work in on the stock maps. I figured they'd be good to learn in, but the resource use is nuts! Thanks!
  2. Smoother/faster editor experience - hardware?

    So...can you or anyone answer my original question(s)? Is there anything I'm doing wrong or that I can improve? I'm near optimum recommended game setup for Squad, but what about editor hardware requirements?
  3. Smoother/faster editor experience - hardware?

    Thanks for the reply! I will admit that I'm pretty impressed the editor didn't crash when I was bouncing off the rev limiter with ZERO free RAM (of 32GB!) I want to get into some mapping, asset creation and some blueprints/C++ but I'm concerned I'll be sitting there 90% of the session waiting for the machine to respond!
  4. Smoother/faster editor experience - hardware?

    I just loaded Tallil_Outskirts in the editor in 35 minutes plus mesh distance fields which still aren't done after an hour. I maxed out my RAM usage to the point where there was 0 MB free of 32 GIGABYTES! I'm running two page files totalling 100GB, half on an SSD. Surely this isn't what I can expect using this SDK, is it? I feel I must be doing something wrong. Also, are there PATH considerations for assets? I notice a lot of errors finding assets on load of stock maps.
  5. I'm just trying to poke around a bit in UE4 and 3DS MAX after working in UE3 for the last four years. I'm aware of the hardware requirements for Squad....I've got an i7 4790K, GTX980Ti, 32GB RAM and an SSD plus other drives on Win7-64. Just sitting in the editor looking at a BTR80 window mesh has me using 22GB of RAM. Everything seems incredibly sluggish and I know that can be kinda normal but ...since you folks have been using this for a while, does anyone have any system tweaks that make a difference? (I'm not opposed to hardware expenditures, just wondered what tricks might be around.) This is my first post so........