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  1. Game runs badly

    yoo i finally got my computer upgraded and got an i7 8700k 16gb ddr4 ram but still have my same gpu just really wishing it was a bigger one
  2. Game runs badly

    Ill try that, and yes all are off but in v10 i acc had pre load on and it still worked fine
  3. Game runs badly

    Correction i have an i5 4440 Early V11
  4. November 2018 - Squad's Next Phase

    Would we be able to possibly get humvees back soon?
  5. Alpha 12 Released

    that sucks i miss them so much
  6. Alpha 12 Released

    Who thinks they should come back with some humvees?? mix them with the mraps and their golden i miss them. I remember when they didnt exist in this game!
  7. October 2018 Recap

    You should add the old desert paint on the grenadier m4!!!!
  8. Game runs badly

    Ok, I have a somewhat decent computer but the game runs badly with everything down besides my shadows at normal but besides that i get like 40-50 FPS but lags hard at times. I have an i5 4440 16gb of ddr3 and a gtx 1060 3gb it’s older but not long ago I but I was able to run squad 60 FPS no problem on medium settings