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  1. New Map: Grozny

    I have played this map in PR and I would love it to be in Squad. Just like other urban maps this one would have the most intense fighting ever because of the many buildings available to fire from and that they are so close to each other . Other than that I would feel pity for the poor Russians on the streets.
  2. The random vehicle names in game

    Everything in Squad is a BTR
  3. Hi and I would like to ask the community about something. Ever since I move from Project Reality I have had some odd experience with the naming of vehicles in Squad. Both reasonable and not reasonable. FOR EXAMPLE!This is your normal BTR also best known as "Shit Box" (MTLB) This is reasonable This is also call a BTR -Arrrrr WRONG- This is your MRAP although most already would know but its still commonly know as a BTR This is your Bradley or BTR? -Arrrr WRONG- This is a Warrior or the FV510 And this is your T-72 or T-75? -Arrr WRONG- I don't need to explain this one... By now it's either you haven't yet understand what I am trying to explain to you or you are just at a point of cringe and have already fully understand my point. And yes I am very salty about it but its just game. But still the term IFV and APC has been replace with BTR and that is what gets to me the most and I am sure many like me would feel the same way. My point is just if you want to get ready to play this game it's best to know your vehicles before you say some random armored name and get killed by something totally different.
  4. Tanks for Insurgents and Milita?

    I always saw the militia as Chechen fighters so T72 would be the best option for them
  5. No RKG 3 in v12

    Will the RKG 3 be added to V12 extra updates? Because I saw one of the test videos at the shooting range where the youtuber used the RKG 3 along with the FAL and RPG 29. Are the dev not interested in returning it or what?
  6. Alpha 12 Released

    Where is that RKG 3 at?
  7. [Solved] EAC Unknown File Version

    Thanks Grunt that really worked!
  8. I just got done downloading V12 today but for some strange reason I been having this Unknown file version (Squad\Content\Paks\Environments\surroundmountains.pak) that pops out when i reach the loading screen. Is there a problem with my PC or is it just EAC cracking up?
  9. SPG-9

    Can the dev make it where the players can rotate the SPG-9 360 degree?