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  1. 29th Infantry Division - Recruiting for Squad

    The final Squad training platoon in 2018 for new recruits starts this coming Sunday. Enlist today! NA - 2018-12-09 - 2018-12-13 If you have any questions, do not hesitate to add me to Steam.
  2. 29th Infantry Division - Recruiting for Squad

    The 29th has upcoming training platoons for new recruits as follows:NA - 2018-11-25 - 2018-11-29EU - 2018-12-02 - 2018-12-06If you are interested, enlist today to make the upcoming training platoons.
  3. 29th Infantry Division -- Easy Company The 29th Infantry Division, Easy Company, is currently looking for players who enjoy Squad and are looking for a unique experience. The 29th offers an excellent opportunity to engage with like minded individuals who want to work together and enjoy Squad in a military based environment. Who Are We: The 29th Infantry Division is a realism unit with 3 full companies in Rising Storm 2, Arma 3 and Squad. The unit originated in Day of Defeat 12 years ago and has been going strong with over 300 active members. Easy Company (Squad) currently has over 100 active members. We focus on one life scenarios and use a realistic military structure. While we strive to be realistic in game, we are still a laid back group looking to have fun and hang out. How To Join: To join the 29th Infantry Division, every new member must go through our 5 day Basic Combat Training course using our custom training map based off of Fort Meade. Here you will learn how the 29th operates and allows us an opportunity to learn a little about you! We accept members of all experience levels and from anywhere across the globe. Please add me on Steam if you have any questions. If you are ready to join us, Enlist with us today using the link provided below. http://www.29th.org/enlist/ Click here to add me on Steam for any Questions Sgt. J. Willis Easy Company 2nd Platoon 1st Squad Leader 29th Infantry Division "Ever Forward!"
  4. Squad Facebook group for new players

    Nice idea!