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  1. Any clans in Oceania

    yeah i have seen some game play and watched that video. we pretty much did all of that in Oz Insurgency Comp the only difference is that it is a bigger map
  2. Where do i get the game?

    well dont rush it, we dont want a game half complete
  3. Where do i get the game?

    do you know how to get pre-alpha, me and a couple of mates (3-5) are willing to play
  4. Where do i get the game?

    cheers Noddy, and didn't know their was a search function lol
  5. Where do i get the game?

    this might be a stupid question but, where can i purchase this game, i really want to play it whether its alpha or beta
  6. Any clans in Oceania

    Yes im hoping to bring my old team |||FC||| "Fabulous Champions" back from the dead. we played in 2 seasons of the Oz Insurgency comp until it died, none of us agreed with the new owners Insurgency ANZ (really poorly setup) so we all left. Squad looks very similar to Insurgency from what i have seen, so it shouldn't be much of a jump from Insurgency to Squad. id like to see a community/ comp established in Australia / New Zealand but getting back on topic, i will recruiting for FC once more for Squad. Contact me: Steam: padlocktails Email: [email protected] or on this website please put "applying for FC" in your subject or just message me that you want to join at this moment in time we are just hiring anyone who wants in cheers padlock