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  1. List of active clans and communities

    Name: 4th Infantry DivisionTag: [4thID]Link: 1-http://4thivy.dx.am/ 2-https://discord.gg/CT6vt5RLanguage: English mainly, all are welcome.Description: Semi-Serious RP, MilSim unit for squad, with a proper chain of command.Members: ~20We also play: N/A
  2. 4th Infantry Division National Recruitment HQ Ivy Company, 1st Platoon Recruiting Station Alpha _____________________________________________________________________________________________ So, you're looking to enlist. You want the ultimate MilSim experience & would like the opportunity to contribute to the ever-growing 4th Infantry Division community? Be advised, we expect members to commit to the unit and take their position within the unit seriously. Make sure this is the correct unit for you. In the 4th Infantry Division, we respect the Chain of Command and put in effort to make this the best unit it can possibly be. We do not condone consistent inactivity, immaturity or failure to respect the fellow members of the unit. Please understand that whilst we do expect commitment, maturity and a willingness to both learn and enjoy this style of realism gaming, that we aren't asking that you sign your life away to us. We simply ask for a level of commitment from you as a member of this respected MilSim unit. This is vital to sustain both an organised unit and an active and fun community. If you have any questions concerning the 4th Infantry Division then please contact a recruiter before enlisting who should answer most, if not all of your questions. If your application is accepted, you may direct your questions to your assigned Drill Instructor. If you find that the 4th Infantry Division is the right unit for you, then we ask you fill in the application form below. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Server Information: SQUAD SERVER >Custom Server Tab >30 Player slots [EU/US] 4th Infantry Division - Ivy Company Connect Now: steam://rungameid/393380// +connect DISCORD SERVER FORUMS _________________________________________________________________________________________________ The 4th Infantry Division is now accepting public applications from players around the globe and we are looking for new soldiers to become apart of our ranks. Our minimum requirements for consideration of all applicants are: 1. Functioning microphone 2. Active on Squad 3. Install Discord & Join server 4. Must be respectful and mature 5. Good attitude How to enlist? We are looking for dedicated soldiers to start running field tactics and training procedures so we can grow as a group and complete tasks efficiently. Once you have the 5 minimum requirements you may apply on our discord at https://discord.gg/CT6vt5R or our forums [currently under construction] at http://4thivy.dx.am. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ What can you expect out of enlisting? -When joining you will be able to work together to achieve task using tactics while trying to give the best possible gaming experience to our members -You will also learn be comfortable playing kits such as Squad Leader, Medic, Riflemen, Grenadier, Crewman, Marksmen, and more -Realistic experiences and one life events that will follow a realism structure We are looking for experienced players as well as new ones that are willing to follow realism tactics and military structure while engaging in teamwork I look forward to seeing you in the battlefield _________________________________________________________________________________________________ CLICK HERE>>> 4TH INFANTRY | IVY COMPANY | OFFICIAL UNIT DIAGRAM <<<CLICK HERE _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Unit end-of-year projected goals: -Establish chain of command, 10-15 highly skilled strategists/technicians/logistics-Establish and implement training protocol & BCT program for new recruits-Establish Unit Name/#, Classification & Insignia (slogan, color palette etc) - (Possibly 4th Infantry Division)-Establish web presence with Public/Private Steam Communities, Website & forum-Establish Discord server-Purchase & maintain 70-80 Slot Public server-Purchase, mod & maintain - 70-80 slot private server. Custom training map, decals, skins etc.-Open recruitment and implement BCT program with new recruits _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Any additional questions can be directed to me by adding my steam account. Regards, Captain Santa 4th Infantry Division Ivy Co. Commanding Officer
  3. 4th Infantry recruiting now available to ALL public squad players via our Discord
  4. 4th Infantry Division Discord Server now open to the public for recruitment! Please join if you have any questions & one of our officers will be happy to assist.
  5. Updated Ivy Company, 4th Infantry Division Roster | 1st Platoon 1SBCT. | Seeking ranks marked by green rectangles. As well as more squad leaders, asl's etc. for second squad and so fourth.
  6. Seeking unique, creative & skilled individuals. Message me on Steam if interested.
  7. [WIP] Battle For UmmQasr [Vanilla]

    hey this is great! hows it coming along?
  8. Some fun with acog scope.

    This is amazing! the only noticeable difference is that arma 3 utilizes 2 vignettes for the front and rear of the scope. The two kinda sway in and out of each other and the rear vignette is slightly larger in scale than the front vignette. The rim of the rear vignette has a dramatic fade whereas the front vignette has a fade similar to the one you used in squad. I don't have any experience with this sort of thing but in theory if you scaled down your current vignette slightly and added a front layer with a more dramatic fade for the rear of the optic, you would probably get it dead on. I don't know if this is super obvious or unhelpful so I apologize if it is either.
  9. Walls

    cool stuff man, take a bump hopefully someone more knowledgeable will see this. How long have you been making maps?
  10. Items, Props and Furniture

    props would be awesome in squad but would have to be used very conservatively so as to not affect the performance.
  11. New gun

    Excellent work I must say! How busy are you atm? Are you available for freelance asset work?
  12. We're starting to gain a lot of traction, now's the time to earn your spot on the dev team!
  13. We have a couple Euro and American soldiers interested in developing the unit. Still have a lot of boots to fill, if you're up for it feel free to add me on steam (HERE) or message me personally on the boards. Thanks!
  14. Unit Structure Diagram: I'm going to be starting a mil-sim group for Squad. I'm looking for 10-15 dedicated soldiers to start running tactics with me so that I can establish a solid chain of command before we begin recruiting. Once we establish rank structure and training protocols, we will establish a group of technicians (web developers, graphic designers, modders etc.) to develop a web presence. Unit's name insignia and all other logistics will be decided in collaboration with high command and technical officers after structure has been implemented. Our goal is to be as collaborative as possible, recruit the highest skilled players & establish 2 servers (1 private, 1 public) by the end of the year. The private server will be our barracks, HQ, & training compound. The public server will be a standard Squad server for pub gaming and recruitment. Unit goals to be completed by the end of the year: -Establish chain of command, 10-15 highly skilled strategists/technicians/logistics -Establish and implement training protocol & BCT program for new recruits -Establish Unit Name/#, Classification & Insignia (slogan, color palette etc) - (Possibly 4th Infantry Division) -Establish web presence with Public/Private Steam Communities, Website & forum -Establish Discord server -Purchase & maintain 70-80 Slot Public server -Purchase, mod & maintain - 70-80 slot private server. Custom training map, decals, skins etc. -Open recruitment and implement BCT program with new recruits Seeking ranks/positions: (1) CHIEF WARRANT OFFICER 5 (CW5) - This position will be filled by the highest skilled technical officer, primarily those with experience in map making/modding, texture reskining etc (1-2) CHIEF WARRANT OFFICER 4 (CW4) - This position is primarily for those with experience with web development/forum management & preferably some graphic design & coding experience. (1-3) CHIEF WARRANT OFFICER 3 (CW3) - Main logistics officer(s) in charge of maintaining all crucial unit documents making sure they are up to date & secure at all times. Creating training material, unit code, rules, ranks etc. Preferably someone with experience in exel/work etc. (1-4) CHIEF WARRANT OFFICER 2 (CW2) - Responsible for creating and maintaining all forum forms such as application, LOA, application approval & denial, scrim request. Experience with forum moderation a must. Graphic design experience a plus (1-5) WARRANT OFFICER (WO1) - Main Forum Admin(s), responsible for approval/denial of new recruits and assisting recruits in pre-training materials. Forum moderator experience a must. FIRST LIEUTENANT (1LT) - Main strategist. I'm looking for someone who knows their♥♥♥♥♥♥and can easily take command. I want to spend time with 1 & 2LT's in order to develop battle plans, scrim strategies & draw up tactic maps for the squads to implement. SECOND LIEUTENANT (2LT) - Secondary strategist/logistics. I need someone that knows the game in and out. I need tactics. When we get into a game I want Sergeants to know exactly whats going on so they can pass that information on to their squads. It's your first priority to make that happen. If you are interested in helping me develop the unit from the ground up, please comment on this post or add me on steam and contact me directly. Regards, CPT Santa