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  1. Clans Looking For Modders

    4th Infantry Division We are looking for a modder to create some custom mods for our server: - Plane - Parachute - Etc... This a PAID gig our general is willing to pay a modder to create these mods for us and to become part of our clan and become a developer in the clan and create more mods in future. Application: Name on steam: Past Projects (with links): Discord Name: Why we should pick you?: The rest will be given upon you being chosen!!!!
  2. This Is a place where Clans looking for modders to create custom stuff for there training or clan servers can come and put up a submission for a modder or a modder looking for work.
  3. Looking for a Team? POST HERE

    Name: Cpl_Runaway Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/445566778899123/ Primary Language: English Age: 16 Timezone: GMT ENGLAND Nature Of Interest: MilSim/Friendly Gaming Background: PC and Xbox. A skilled shooter in most games, especially Squad. Played most shooters out there and very tactical. Additional Skills: Great at talking to people and can make a great grilled cheese also a mean mac and cheese. I am also good at command roles and structure control I like to play a lot and have very good skills in building Status: Unsigned