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  1. So lately I've been playing as SL and overall it can be a really cool experience if you have the right gear (mic, gaming mouse). However, there is one feature of Squad that is extremely annoying. From a 30k feet perspective, the system for marking enemies on the map seems pretty good. It allows you to differentiate between different types of mounted and dis-mounted threats and, if we have to have 8 different marks, I can't think of a better system. But we don't need 8 different marks. We don't need a different marker for snipers, machine gunners, trucks, armor, etc. Placing an enemy marker can take a solid two seconds, and in this game two seconds can be the difference between life and death, and I feel like by the time I actually place the marker, the enemy has already moved. So here's my suggestion: Get rid of the different markers and just have one universal "enemy" marker. If I feel that other squads need to know what it is, I can just shout it over the radio. But 9/10 times, all I need to use the enemy marker for is to focus my own squad's attention on that position and have them put rounds on it. /rant.
  2. Focus/Zoom

    The system right now is basically perfect IMO. Project Reality is the only game that has no zoom on iron sights. On insurgency (where insurgents are limited to irons and BluFor has 4x magnification), the game is unplayable from the opfor side and is basically a giant turkey shoot if you're playing Blufor. You have to squint really hard to see anyone past 100m (they might be a pixel or two wide). At >250m, you literally cannot see enemies as they are less than a pixel wide on 1080p. Sure, BluFor doesn't always or even usually win but there's more to gameplay than "my team won." It was a huge mistake in PR and it would be a huge mistake now to bring it over to Squad.
  3. So we saw in one of the more recent updates that the devs are working on a bipod system for light machine guns which, I assume, will allow us to deploy bipods when prone or when next to any object that is high or short enough. Would it not be relatively simple, then, to implement a passive cover system, by which I mean that when you are near a low wall and you aim down the sights over that wall, your body automatically crouches low enough so that you are just barely exposed? In BF4's system, for instance, you could crouch and then aim over a low wall which would rise just enough of your body to get shots off, but the reverse, where you crouch down just enough, doesn't happen. In RO2 however, if you are near a wall, you automatically stand higher or crouch lower to maximize cover. The programming for this is already there for the bipod: if you stand near a low wall, you crouch low enough to deploy the bipod, and vice versa. Could Squad not generalize this for all classes and integrate weapon resting? I feel like RO2's system is almost perfect, but RO2 itself is *way* too fast-paced to take real advantage of its own system. Squad, by contrast, emphasizes movement and positioning and, I think, could make excellent use of this sort of cover system. And medium machine guns! Is anyone working on those?
  4. Sound cutting out?

    Hi guys, I recently played my first session of Squad and found one annoying issue: When there are a lot of people shooting, a lot of sounds just cut out. I don't hear my own gun or my squadmate's rifles shooting. Can I fix this?
  5. IFAK Gen II (Images)

    I always thought that tourniquets were worn around the neck
  6. Is PhysX going to be CPU-heavy? I know that, for my system, in Metro Last Light, turning PhysX on causes a persistent drop in FPS over time while turning it off lets me play it at rather high settings in 1080p.
  7. Draw distance and jets

    Hi all, I think we can agree that the huge draw distances of the UE4 engine will be a welcome change from the (incredibly) dated draw distance of the Refractor (BF2) engine. I am concerned, however, about the effect that this will have on jet gameplay. In real life, jets are often far beyond visual range of soldiers on the ground manning anti aircraft weapons. In fact, they can be so far that they will be below the horizon (and thus invisible to radar). Project Reality models this, if only accidentally, by the short draw distance. In Arma, this isn't a problem as maps are over 100km squared. However, Squad probably will not (and rightly so) deliver such large maps. So how can the devs make aircraft at all survivable, given that they are seen by every other player?
  8. Navigational Tools

    The map system in PR is fine. PR and squad already serve tiny niche markets. But ACE's system is way too complicated for most people. If you don't believe me, ask yourself how many people play it regularly; you will find one, MAYBE two servers any time that are open to the public and have anyone playing.
  9. The Weapons Thread!

    I don't think the IDF uses the Desert Eagle as we know it, but rather the Jericho 941, which is basically a clone of the CZ-75. The Desert Eagle as we know it (the gas operated .50 AE, .44 Mag, .357 Mag) is one of the most impractical side-arms ever invented. The only real-world use would be bear hunting.
  10. Vehicle warfare/gameplay

    IDK why but simple ideas like that make me feel like you guys are really on to something special. Will this include just a few things like smoke grenades or are you guys planning on letting passengers and gunners use their primary personal weapons as well? http://terminallance.com/2011/08/12/terminal-lance-140-escalation-of-force/ I'm pretty sure I've seen more than a few Funker530 videos of turret gunners firing M4s and M240s from their turret.
  11. Remove tracers

    FOLLOW MY TRACERS! https://youtu.be/oodTuhaLYpU?t=45
  12. Show Us Your Rig for Squad!

    CPU: AMD FX8320 Black Edition Motherboard: ASRock 970 Extreme3 R2.0 RAM: 8GB DDR3 1333 GPU: 4GB AMD R9 290x Drive: Crucial 250GB SSD + WD 500GB HDD @7200 rpm
  13. Bluedrake42 livestream!

    I like the direction they're going with the scopes (though I do miss the PiP scopes) My reservation however is the reticle when aiming down the sight. The parallax effect from walking around (the black at the edge of the screen) will move along with the weapon. However, the reticle itself does not move relative to the sight body itself. The reticle itself should move relative to the parallax effect.
  14. The Alternate M4/Ak47