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  1. Capture Speed

  2. Capture Speed

    Hey. Does the amount of players on cap zone affect speed of the cap? For example, 10 players on objective will neutralize and cap it faster than 6. Is this a thing in Squad or not? Because whoever I asked with this question had no clue and they were only guessing. However, my field research results point towards that the higher amount higher is the speed of cap, I still would like to get exact numbers, since speed of cap might get locked under some number and there is no purpose getting more bodies on cap if the point is free from the enemy. Highly appreciate any research-backed answer!
  3. Stuttering Fix - V12

    What do you consider a 'potato pc'? Everything with less 64gb ram or everything lower than 2080Ti SLI? I have a typical mid-range build which is capable of running almost everything at 1080p 60fps+ at least. I know different games require different amount of resources, but I think if ArmA and GTA V can run at High/Ultra preset on 1080p with stable 60fps, there might be some issues with game optimization (which actually is the case tbh). I think OWI admitted the lack of it with last recap and said that more engineers are assigned to work on optimization now.
  4. Veteran Skins

    Yeah, but I don't think Im eligible to claim Founder skins, because I only picked the game on first day it appeared on steam, I believe. I was wondering why am I missing Veteran skins (which are only 2 LAT skins I believe) and how can I claim those? I was playing the game during the event. Also, appreciate your help, Gatzby.
  5. Veteran Skins

    Yea, but I still want them lmao. Don't wanna create another topic though, hopefully someone from support will notice.
  6. Veteran Skins

    Dayum, what should I do. I never got them nor any kind of notifications. Also, you probably have those options to enable them in settings. I heard skins are somewhat broken now, so idk now if they are a thing right now, but yesterday I met a guy with founder skins in-game, and he was doing fine.
  7. Veteran Skins

    How do you know you have them? Did they appear in your inventory? Because I don't even have them in my inventory for some reason.
  8. Veteran Skins

    So those who backed the game up on kickstarter got the founder skins, and those who played the game on veteran's day sale - veteran skins? Did I get this right? If so, why am I missing veteran skins in my inventory? Because I totally played it during the sale. Purchased the game the day it appeared on steam btw.
  9. One of the buildings east from gas station. Player used the wall as a shield, by getting partially inside of it. I emptied a mag but the wall absorbed all bullets while he wounded me. Shoud've done a map screenie aswell but I didn't think of it by the moment. Hope this somewhat helps.
  10. RU is still relatively underpowered.

    Really glad someone recognized the problem aswell. Completely agree on 1P78's behalf having too thick and bulked-together marks, which make accurate fire hard for no reason. Also, there was a scope on some kind of MG kit (US or UK) where optics' marks are so thin they are barely visible. Same problem is with PGO scope on RPGs - mesh is too thin, on cloudy maps or dark areas it is almost impossible to aim according to it. Regarding vehicle balance, we had other thread where to every rational argument from those who vote for the balance, opposition's response was 'git gud' only. For me it is preety obvious, that RU armor is underperforming against opponents right now. RU side needs proper IFV vehicle, buff of 30mil BTR's armor and canon. What I really can't talk about is the difference in optic magnification between sides, since I've done close to zero reaserch on this subject. But I doubt that russian marksman's PSO has the same magnification as the same kits on m110.
  11. Scout Class-Related Bugs

    Oh, I really didn't know that you never was able to place them on top, but I was assuming you could only because I have read a guideline on scout somewhere with a screenshot of that rock covering the top of the mine. Im trying to find it but no luck yet. I will post one if I find it.
  12. Bring Back v9 Hit Reg

    First, it was only one shot through the head (which is enough). Second, I bet you everything if you would peek that wall you would find his corpse. Sometimes player model needs 0.1-0.2 secs to realize its dead and drop down. And finally, yeah I heard somewhere that games in Alpha stage have issues. More, it took them like 2-3 years lol.
  13. Vehicle imbalance

    Not only you read my post upside down, which makes your replies absolutely nonsense in first place, but you are making this 'I have more hours I know' stuff. You are hilarious. But more and more I think you are that infantry guy with so little vehicular experience trying to turn every argument into 'people git gud, everything has balance'. For my last reply, I will make it clear, we are not discussing infantry against armor balance here. Number of your hours doesn't matter nor your silly arguments about medics not having HAT. You just proved yourself wrong. If Russians basically have 2 tanks against 1 tank and 2 Bradleys - that is for balance purposes I agree and you agreed yourself here - then this by default means that russian BTR has nothing even close to what Bradley is capable of and is weaker (breaking news, APC is weaker than IFV right?). So what we are saying here, is RU needs IFV. So, for example, the same layout on Gorodok would look like [RU] 1 Tank, 1 IFV, 1BTR(kpvt) | [US] 1 tank, 1 IFV, 1 stryker. In case by reading all this upside down as you did previously you still gonna argue about infantry not having HATs and stuff like that, think about symmetrical vehicular layout map (Gorodok) where 2 regular armies face each other. (RU) 2 tanks + 2 30 mils = 4 | (US) 1 tank + 2 bradleys = 3 ---------------> 4>3 If russians are given more vehicles this confirms once again that they are lacking that important IFV part. Im out.
  14. Vehicle imbalance

    I see what you did there, fella. But I'm not getting into this 'no tank map mission - how to take down IFV with infantry'-thing. Just ask yourself why is there 2 T-72s + 2(?)30mms against 1 Abrams + 2 Bradleys on Gorodok? Shouldn't it be like tank each plus bradley and 30mm BTR on each side, if you're right? All I am trying to say is that all this fiction about uniting ATs, building TOW fobs which take 9 people away from PTFO etc etc has nothing to do with real games. Yes, Irregulars and Militia have no such things, yet they still can win, but they are set on dominant assymetric layout of maps, and even GB with Warriors is set against Militia on Basraah only on Invasion mode, which explains why do they get vehicular upper hand in first place. Russian IFV implementation is needed for symmetric layout maps where regular armies are facing each other. This is too obvious if you spend at least few days playing on those maps on russian side.
  15. Vehicle imbalance

    What vehicle except T-72 you can use to take out a Warrior or Bradley while on RU side? Be honest with your answer, though, your post have some point in it, I agree, people bitching about not being able to take down a tank with 2 LAT hits are ridiculous, but this thread is not the same case.