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  1. Map/Faction Suggestion

    One of the Most strategic positions in Europe is the island of Gotland in the Baltic Ocean. So my suggestion would be to make a Gotland inspired map and perhaps use it to introduce a Scandinavian faction, or, have an existing faction defend against russian aggression. I think it would be a cool map for Invasion gameplay, where attackers begin on a beachhead, pushing inland to finally make a final attack against a larger town inspired by Visby ( the main community on IRL Gotland ).
  2. Squad system/types for vehicles.

    Well... a dedicated IFV squad should spend ammo and frags all the time. So if a Logi truck can resupply them with ammo whenever there is a lull in the battle, viola, two dedicated squads that complement each other.
  3. Squad system/types for vehicles.

    Well... if crew and squad can talk over the same channel, it becomes a more dynamic unit. Right? And if you want realism, then an IFV/APC should come with a squad; its the whole point of the vehicle after all. They are troop carriers, not mini-tanks. Their success relies on the ability to communicate and coordinate an assault with infantry. So somehow attaching a specialized squad to the IFVs and APCs would not only be realistic, but also pretty cool.
  4. Enemy Vehicle Excitement?

    Couldnt it be solved with vehicle armor? Trucks and cars; one hit one kill APCs; front, 2 hits Sides and rear, 1 hit IFVs; Front, 3 hits Sides, 2 hits Rear, 1 hit MBTs; Front, cant penetrate ( need another tank ) Sides, 3 hits Rear, 2 hits Places more demands on AT-tactics... right? And also on vehicle-handling/tactics.
  5. Squad system/types for vehicles.

    Well, if the requirement is reached, you could gain access. If the requirement can no longer be reached, for whatever reason, the already deployed unit carries on as normal but can only respawn with standard squad kits. Would that work you think?
  6. Squad system/types for vehicles.

    No more limits than on various kits. I feel. Say you need 30 players before one dedicated unit unlocks. The SL who can unlock it needs experience ( gametime was suggested ). I mean, its not perfect, but not terrible either... right?
  7. Squad system/types for vehicles.

    I said it would be cool but Im not sure how to make it work in game. So I suggested to keeping such squads to more experienced SLs. Would that work? I dont know. The squad should include the crew as well to be honest. So you would limit the dedicated squad to a number of vehicles perhaps? Something along those lines? Making these squads rare and special... maybe?
  8. Squad system/types for vehicles.

    So you can have an IFV squad of 6 with 2 AT4s and 2 FN MAGs?
  9. Squad system/types for vehicles.

    6I agree Liam. I totally do. But at the same time it would be cool to see different types of squads with different loadouts. Like mentioned earlier, it would be cool to have a 6 man unit with scoped rifles and 2 AT4s and 2 GPMGs. Maybe replace the AT4s with LATs. But the point being if you spot an IFV, you know it carries a squad that means business. Like I said; it would be cool. But if you can make a fun and fair system to make it work, I dont know.
  10. Squad system/types for vehicles.

    Maybe it could be solved by allowing experienced SL's the option to choose his type of squad? Say if a player collects a certain amount of gametime as SL then he/she is allowed other options? Standard infantry, Air Cav, Mechanized perhaps, and each type has a different kit loadout?
  11. The killing power of cartridges 7.62

    A 7.62 makes an exitwound thesize of an apple IRL as I recall ( feel free to correct me on this ). So its pretty deadly. Hit a guy in the leg or arm and he will likely bleed out in 3 minutes. But for game mechanics... autokilling with one round seems more appropriate for the .50 cal.
  12. Looking forward to play!

    Well, playing Battlefield 2 solo was alot of fun, so Im sure this game will be as well. What Im looking for is a fun team of players that are reliable and tactical and who you will grow to know over time. That is what I hope to find at least.
  13. Squad system/types for vehicles.

    I would love to see a dedicated mechanized squad. To use an example from Sweden back in 2000-2001: 1 CV90 + 6 man squad. 1 coaxial 7.62 MG and a 40mm automatic cannon. CO and XO both carry scoped AK5 and an AT4 ( marksmen and anti-tank ). 2 FN MAG machineguns. The last two riflemen are gunner and loader in an AT-team using the Carl Gustav recoilles anti-tank rifle. That is ALOT of firepower for a 9 man unit ( 3 crew and 6 soldiers ). Basically one 40mm cannon, three 7.62 machineguns, two marksmen, two AT4's and one Carl Gustav.
  14. APC's crew guide for Dummies

    Having actual experience irl of the Swedish CV90, this is a good guide, I must say. Key points, to my mind, is to remember that an APC or an IFV, is a support-vehicle for the troops. The troops do the fighting, with the vehicle providing extra punch to kill the enemy. The vehicle is useless if it unloads troops and then drives off to do something else. The troops should hit the ground and then as they advance, the troops should direct the fire of the vehicle. The point is to overwhelm the enemy with enough firepower to keep them ducking for cover ( irl that is, panic under fire isnt that big of a thing in a computer game lol ) to allow you to move in for the kill with the soldiers on the ground. The guide says to work in pairs. I have to say... Work in 3's is preferable. 2 units to keep pressure on the enemy and the third to either flank the enemy, or move up to engage an enemy that is trying to flank. This allows to maintain steady fire on the enemy, while a friendly unit is free to move to a better position to either kill the enemy, or force him to relocate. In a computer game, I realize being able to coordinate 3 APC's or IFV's is a luxury. Speaking of 2's and 3's. Movement; one vehicle should always cover the advance of a fellow vehicle. Always keep your spacing, you dont want to get into a tight spot when the enemy calls in artillery or a gunship comes flying in. Do not forget the artillery! Spot an enemy? Call in mortar-fire, unload troops and open fire with everything you've got. Then let the second vehicle move up and flank the enemy. Overwhelm them with firepower and force them to relocate or stay put and die. But to be fair, Im just nitpicking. The guide looks very good and I have to say; Well Done Indeed!