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  1. Yes, this is the kind of thing a lot of AAA games give zero ****s about now. But they matter
  2. Don't know if this group is till active, but I just helped a buddy build his rig and we're both trying to get started on Squad. Do you guys record games at all? We'll be out for the next couple weeks but I think we could hang and bang for you
  3. Grenade and Mortar Blast Radius

    True, just throwing it up there and putting a pin in it.
  4. Reload Animation Ejection Port Checking (WHY)

    Trying to be civil here, but again, that is objectively false. No idea where you're getting the "true operator" thing from, but this game isn't about special operators. It's about infantry forces in combat. Like I said before, it's great practice at the range but not something you will often see in a fire fight. If you're dry, drop mag slap another in place and hit the bolt release. If you're not dry, you just change and fire. If you have to or want to, yank on the charging handle. Malfunction under fire? Keep yanking on the charging handle. Yeah, you conduct SPORTS or whatever if the situation allows, but again that's for malfunctions. Double feeds are a bitch, but you do what you can. Take cover and un **** it. Any how, the only point I'm trying to make is that the animation doesn't fit or make sense to the game's overall setting or direction. Looks goofy to me and my buddy at least. And to mister Dubs, I'm sorry man I don't mean to turn people away from your product, I want a healthy player base and support line for it after all, but in my opinion it's better to alienate a few and achieve the best you can aim for than to be all inclusive for the sake of maxing out your customer count. Gotta balance the art with the business, you know? Final thoughts, I think I'd like to open up a separate thread for weapon malfunctions.
  5. Reload Animation Ejection Port Checking (WHY)

    It absolutely is trying to be realistic, the devs were behind Project Reality for Christ sake. I really don't understand why you're replying to this thread at all. I get that you like the game just the way it is, but it's an alpha, still in development. I'm trying to send up suggestions for improvements, regardless of how satisfied people are with how easy it is for them. If people don't want it to be more realistic they can go play literally any other shooter. And if something like not being able know the exact microsecond count it takes to reload "alienates" someone from the game, that's really too bad for them. If it really doesn't matter to you, and you really don't know anything about the subject (as you made a point to state multiple times) then why are you chiming in at all? You people wonder why early access games always end up being incomplete bags of shit, it's because of complacency caused by the abundance of feedback from people who don't care about actually giving feedback. be gone thot
  6. Reload Animation Ejection Port Checking (WHY)

    No.This has minimal effect on game "balance", which has been used as a piss poor excuse in a lot of games to just ignore things like this. Squad is a game that strives for realism, and this change would definitely be in the direction it's going for. Everything else was handled exceptionally well, namely weapon accuracy and damage model, as well has movement (although I'm sure the movement could use some tweaking, I haven't played enough yet). There's absolutely no reason that reloading needs to be stunted to make it things harder. Random malfunctions and slip ups would be cool though. The thing about these games is that if you understand how things work well enough and ingrain that into the game, you don't need to add bullshit to make combat as difficult as you think it would be. Also understand that making things too uniform, such as reload time, would make it fall in line more with competitive shooters like counterstrike. To make a more realistic game, where real world principles can be applied, you would benefit from things like variable reload times, malfunctions, and other unexpected changes that force you to react and make decisions on the fly, and also prepare accordingly for things that could go wrong. For the record, because these things are important on the interweb, I have spent a good amount of time with the M4 and 240b at the range.
  7. I am over all very impressed with everything in this game, from the intensely detailed graphics to the accurate look, sound and feel of all equipment in the game. The reload animations for small arms have a serious, nagging problem though. He always checks the goddamn chamber. WHY? You do that shit for RANGE SAFETY! You will never ever see someone do a crisp safety check on their weapon after reloading down range. At a qual range, absolutely. They're required to. But this is just silly. I know it doesn't slow down the reload process all that much, but it still does, and it's totally out of place. PLEASE please please scrap that shit, my butt hole tenses up with annoyance every time I see it.
  8. Couldn't help but notice that the damage radius on frag grenades and mortars is incredibly close. After trying to kill myself with mortars and grenades, it seemed like I was within 30 meters without taking any damage what so ever.