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    Honestly , i really like my rice burner , I can't go from 5th to 1st but thats just a safety thing
  2. Vehicle Suggestion

    This is a really short and simple suggestion for improving the driving mechanics Basically a system where you can change gears manually using the arrow keys ,or even something like t/y for up/down Not my photo but here is a 2006 Kia Sorento Gear Selector " Ignore PRND and focus on the plus and minus . In my car i'm able to move my shift lever off to the side and change to manual gear changing , right as I hit the red line for my RPM it automatically shifts up , and if I slow down It automatically shifts down. If I want to manually change gears all I have to do is tap the lever up or down and it will change the gears respectively. So when I'm approaching a hill , I shift down , and then when I pass it , I shift back up. Same thing for if I need to pass someone , I shift to 3rd slam my gas pedal and once I pass I shift back up , this gives me better acceleration in favor of a higher top speed. I can not tell you how many times in Squad i've had to crawl up a hill because my Logistics truck decides it wants to be in 5th gear , having the ability to drop to first on approach would greatly improve driving I know you're implementing a system where you can "Hold" your gear if you hold down shift , but to get to the desired gear you have to kill all of your speed. I could be completely off my rocker with this post , the game's engine might not even take gear ratios into account , it could just be a speed limiter , so being in first wouldn't help with climbing , but if it does this would be an amazing feature There's my rant , sorry for the oddly specific example it's what gave me this idea, hope you implement SOME system to make hills easier to climb.