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  1. a lot of the vehicles now feel a lot more top heavy and you flip them more than in V11 but you can flip back as easily as V11 now, and on some maps, they get stuck in on terrain they would get stuck on. can we either get a button to unflip or change it back to use unfliping them ourselves like in v11 please ty.
  2. don't know if you guys are aware but on some maps, the map is offset from the player by a few mm's, so if im standing on the bridge in a server I look on the map im not even on the bridge im beside it. not too sure if it's for every map but seen it in a couple.
  3. L85A2 Recoil (British bullpup)

    it's a bipod grip, which i never use. id rather have a SUSAT when i go LAT or HAT. so i can actually shoot infantry
  4. L85A2 Recoil (British bullpup)

    but the Americans get a red dot on everything and an x4 on the LMG, and the British don't it's unfair. I know its stupid no idea why they didn't put the T90 in at least, the t72 is dreadful to use anyway. broken turret, stabilizing doesn't work the turret moves while the commander is moving.
  5. Why I dont want Helicopters

    they won't be in every map because that would be silly, but would be nice to have different versions like with the new map tali, 1 version with tanks and 1 without which makes it a change of pass. I think transport helis will be ok but as soon as Attack heli's are in its going to be a shit show
  6. L85A2 Recoil (British bullpup)

    well with most of the L85s you don't get SUSAT and have to use ironsights, soo only fair. the ironsights are dreadful and iv use them IRL and there still shit, hence why the British army has SUSATs on everything
  7. please do not release this patch

    So what you're saying is, that everything sounding a lot better, more immersive and damn right ****ing awesome (eg. an AP round going whizzing over your head), is bad right? Sounds amazing on my 7.1 Dolby headphones. Do you have a shit headset or sound card maybe? I'll give you V12 isn't perfect in anyway, but you can't go to town on the sound. Never felt more audiology immersed in a game than with V12. Having an AP round fly past my head (Que audio clip from Fury *Below*) was absolutely mental and scary at the same time, having tanks firing their main guns close to you in deafening but awesome at the same time, having the M4 and AK actually sound like an M4 and AK is another good thing, HMG's sound amazing as well.
  8. please do not release this patch

    I think 2 is not enough to be able to stop a HAB from spawning, I personally think that's a little OP. I would say 3 would be enough to stop it.
  9. Suggestion for the the marksman

    But you can snipe with a Tank, IFV and HMG with scope but not puting a rifle in game... hmmmmm... logic
  10. Squad Vehicle Radio

    Local coms are very hard to hear in the mits of battle, over all the gun fire and engine noise.
  11. The fact on the US side they all have either red dots or ACOGs, and in the British Army every rifle has a SUSAT on it should only be fair they get them in game, also can would the ability to be able to take off the red dot on Russian Medics as I hate the sight and prefer the iron sights.