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  1. Ranking System?

    It is not necessary to transform the squad in the shit type of COD or BF
  2. January 2019 Recap

    Many interesting things.Look forward to V13.
  3. 5 worst things to do in Squad...

    I agree with all points 100%
  4. Console Commands

    thanks a lot
  5. RU is still relatively underpowered.

    1p77 with "Pecheneg" or PKM we need this ))
  6. Console Commands

    Hello! I went to the landfill.Then changed it to the map I need.How can I turn on the free flight camera?I know for sure that there is such a possibility.Can tell me the console command.
  7. What's next?

    Don't want to create new topic so I will write here.What is the difference between all of us favorite game Squad from all other FPS shooters? One of the main differences is the ability to build bases and stationary guns. I would suggest that publishers pay more attention to this aspect of the game.For example why we rarely razor wire? Because the time and points spent on its construction are not commensurate with the time of its destruction.I propose to introduce the game class which would have been a special pair of scissors(or something else) that would remove the razor wire.In this case, the use of razor wire would be much more relevant.Later I will give examples of what I would like to see in the Squad
  8. TOW was destroyed by 1 shot from a tank.And yet the tank had no support in the form of infantry, he just came and smashed the hub.
  9. The cry of the soul! ) Need nerf tanks! So play can't continue. I play SL and have about 2000 hours of playing time in Squad.I think this is a lot of time in the game.Describe situation which has held true for 1 game 2 times.We have been successfully defending the point for some time.If on a map there is tanks I always keep 2 fighters with LAT.Across the placed point ammo.Comes 1 tank and simply shots destroys our hub. Fighters with LAT have time to knock out the engine and all, although it was released 2 shells each in the rear of the tank.And we lose points one by one.As in such situation I should act provided that our side has lost both the tank. Sorry about my English.
  10. What's next?

    In the 12 version of all the innovations are successful and playable except for the indestructible tanks.(I hope this issue will be resolved soon and there will be a balance).What's next?The direction in which the developer is working?They where the share their ideas.This project, the game is also interesting to me because it does not stand still and is constantly evolving. Thank you for your work developers!
  11. I am also concerned about this issue.2 hits from TOW by MBT is too much.And Yes Mina/detonated bomb doesn't destroy a tank/Bradley and even damage the engine. Most of the players play infantry and on the map Talil Outskirts become live targets for MBT.To destroy a tank with infantry head to hard. I think you need to increase the number of LAT/HAT.At the moment the game is not balanced.Sorry about my English.
  12. The killing power of cartridges 7.62

    50 caliber like kills with 1 bullet, I can be wrong
  13. Good day! According to my observations, almost no one plays with 7.62 mm rifles,such as AKM, G3A3(FN-FAL in the future ).Rifles in the game but no one plays with them .In my opinion they have too big spread when shooting, it is very difficult to get from G3A3 to the running fighter. My suggestion to them to increase power, such as they should kill with 1 bullet.If you do this interest in this type of weapon will increase,and not much impact on the game balance.(Yes, the machine guns of 7.62 is also a concern)What is your opinion.(sorry for my English)
  14. Limited Alpha 12 Test Oct 10th

    That's a great idea.I totally agree.
  15. Concussion

    Yes.I saw that! For mortar need to do the same . And increase the affected area . Yes.I saw that! For mortar need to do the same . And increase the affected area .