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  1. Just want to address some connection problems

    Ahh I see, it's clearer now! thanks for explaining this! and I got to take my hat off for you for that Ichigo profile pic, it's rare finding Bleach fans these days!
  2. Just want to address some connection problems

    Well seeing how I got a brand new CPU exclusively for Squad, a core i5 8600 that runs at 4Ghz and the game is still unplayable, network speaking of course. My specs are pretty decent starting off with a: Intel core i5 8600, 16Gb of RAM, GTX 1060 3gb. So the PC is capable of handling the game just fine Also tried reinstalling multiple times, switched ISP's and routers, disabled any sort of overlay I could on my desktop but it still won't budge. Now Network speaking I'm paying here for 100Mbpr which is quite a lot and in ALL of my games I reach 60-80 ping (which in my case is normal) but something in squad is really conflicting with my connection to the game, this is just a theory (I'm not an expert) but I get the feeling that the thing that eats half of the connection in the game is some sort of software installed inside the game files that requires to stay online, like the Ant-cheat software. seeing how this is just a hunch I feel that could also be something else. What do you think suds?
  3. So first of all I would like to say hi to all Squad (and Post Scriptum) players, I'm fairly new to the forum but I was playing Squad for over 2 years now, a question I wanted to ask everyone here is, is everyone getting high latency in Squad? or is it just me, I play mostly on EU servers ranging from 70-80 ping, but when I actually enter the game it goes way up to 130-200 ping followed with a lot of lag. Am I the only one suffering from this? I play fine on all of my other games but Squad is really unbearable sometimes.