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  1. Name: Mike Country: Greece Timezone: Gmt +2 Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/arveladge/ Language: Greek/English Age: 31 Reason for join: I always wanted to play a good MilSim with people who are into this as i am and Squad offers that. I love the whole process of this. From planning to executing and i hope you guys will share this experience with me.
  2. New member.

    Thank you for the welcoming guys. Psyrus i'll take your suggestion and im gonna try to find some kind of clan that supports the MilSim style. Even if I don't, I love how this game is not infested with bad people. So far I haven't met anyone. Fun is always on especially when you are on a vehicle and a guy is screaming WAAAAAAAIIIIT as his voice fades away cause you are passing by him... ROFL!!!! Of course you will pick him up. One of the best gaming communities I have ever seen and really a great and excellent job from the creators/developers of this game.
  3. Thank you Samwise. I appreciate this.
  4. My regards to everyone. I bought the game for the reason that is what i wanted to play for a long time. A serious MilSim. Now i'm looking for some buddies to play with. Thanks in advance and i hope ill see you inside the game. Chears all.
  5. Hi, i' m new in the forum and just as i decided to go and make a new post in the Team-Clan section when i pressed to submit my post a window came up saying that username is a spammer and after i pressed to submit again and my post went Hidden. What is going on? I need help.
  6. Looking for a Team? POST HERE

    ================================================================================================================================== Name: ArvE Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/arveladge/ Primary Languages: Greek/English Age (optional): 31 Timezone or Region: GMT +2 Nature of Interest: Team/Clan for MilSim/Tactical Gaming (Military Terminology even better) Gaming Background: Cs 1.5/1.6 Competitive gaming (Local/National tournaments), Operation Flashpoint MilSim, MMORPG gaming (Lineage2, CO-Leader and CP-Leader in clans from both Official and some good private servers. I personally liked guiding, encouraging my teammates and organizing attacks and defends.), Call of Duty (Almost every title played with my favorites been the MW Series), Battlefield (Same goes here as Call of Duty), Dota & Dota2 (I have tried some similar titles like HON, ( LOL <- That's a NO NO to do ), but nothing can compete Dota), Sports games, strategy games (I' m a serious gamer with lot of experience and i like to play with others that share the same passion with me.) Additional Skills: Music Producing, Restoring old stuff (Bikes, PCs). Status: Unsigned ==================================================================================================================================