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  1. I can't wait for heli's to hit... Everyone will quit playing in locked 2-3 man armor only squads. They should implement staged Armor and Helicopters... You have to have at least x number of lower vehicles to enable Tanks. You have to have at least x number of transport helicopters to enable gunships. aAllow only mixed armor / infantry and mixed helicopter / calvary. Or force Tank / Helicopter squad leads to be on foot as infantry,
  2. Little squads, many vehicles v12.

    ^^^ What he said...but I have seen a lot of "Locked" only armor squads. Lots of small vehicle squads that are locked and replies from squad leaders... "Vic only squad p!ss off ground pounder" or similar statements.
  3. Thanks oTec... I look forward to integrating into the community and start my squad life :).
  4. Melee Weapons

  5. Melee Weapons

    I know we now have knives and melee capability. Can we please make our "etool" a melee weapon as well. You can make it less lethal than a knife attack and add major suppression effect between strikes. Make it take like 2-3 strikes to kill. Maybe i'm all wet...i'm an FNG so school me.
  6. Did I miss anyone ? I am so green you can bend me like a reed in the wind. I am a little slower on the draw (due to age) but can't wait to get my feet in country (virtually).