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  1. Game keeps crashing

    Alright thanks for clarifying very appreciated.
  2. Game keeps crashing

    Hi there, I've read a lot of topics about that earlier but I couldn't find an answer which would solve the bug I constantly encounter. So my problem here is that the game keeps crashing. First of all it freezes and then it crashes. If any of you could help me that would be appreciated. Thanks, Black Jesus.
  3. Game keeps crashing

    Ok thanks and do you know if they're working to patch that bug cause we cant use our razer products like our mice and headsets if we disable razer synapse or cortex,
  4. Game keeps crashing

    No my cpu is not overclocked and I don't get any prompts that show up when it crashes.
  5. Game keeps crashing

    Hi, Thanks for your help. My Razer apps are all updated to the latest version and it keeps crashing so here's the logs I pasted on Paste-Bin. https://pastebin.com/PgqNRNAg