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  1. As in A12 revive is enabled to all roles , why not make medic kit expendable and available to all roles , and could resupply from ammo bags , so a squad could have 2 more rifleman which means 2 more ammo bag . In current gameplay rifleman is somehow useless , any none special role player will be asked to play as medic but not rifleman by squad leader . since persistent ammo is introduced in A12 so rifleman is needed to provide additional ammo in squad but medic is needed too to heal player to full health . so why not remove medic since it's just a rifleman carrying medic kit , and make medic kit hold by every squad member themselves . Furthermore , make rifleman switching for provide medic kit bag / ammo bag / additional RPG, Grenade when spawning , so that it will make rifleman an import role as assistant gunner and ammunition carrier .