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    Since the very beginning Squad has been promoted & hyped as a “Combined Arms” game. Many of us were extremely excited & bought in specifically because of the aircraft advertised & because the current market is oversaturated with WW II games full of outdated weapons & vehicles. Finally a modern warfare game that would focus on realism & include actual, flyable aircraft that take games to the next level (a lot of gamers feel that called-in AI bomb strikes & strafing runs are “CODish” & cheesy). Much was made about this new game that would be built entirely from scratch with a new & incredibly powerful engine & the devs would be able to implement many things gamers had wanted but weren’t able to realize in games like Project Reality etc. because of the limitations of such old engines. The promos said the devs would build a framework, code & physics from the ground up & the game would include: “Scout Helicopters, Transport Helicopters, Attack Helicopters, Close Air Support Bombers & Air Superiority Fighters.” Yet four years later the game remains fairly basic & for the most part void of anything that hasn’t already been done by other games using these older engines that everyone claims UE4 is so vastly superior to. Here’s a few things that most of us assumed would be in the game eventually & surely some of them in game by now: Tanks, Transport Choppers, Attack Choppers, Fixed-Wing Aircraft, Boats, Swimming, Para-Drop Spawnpoints, Breacher Kits, C-4, Shotguns, Grappling Hooks, Fast Ropes, Night Vision, Laser Designators, Laser Guided Munitions. Can someone please explain how PR’s “ancient, outdated” engine was able to have all these great in-game features but this amazing powerful new engine can’t ? I just don’t get it. It doesn’t make sense. These are the things we want to see in game but the September recap said time & resources are being spent on things like: Bandage revive for all soldiers (unrealistic), More ground cover on Belaya (this is like putting a bandage on a dead man) & “Physmat” (making vehicles even slower than they already are in rough terrains)...Seriously ? At some point one of the devs made a comment walking back the claim that fixed wing aircraft would be included in the game saying something to the effect that it probably wasn’t going to happen. Someone posted in the forums defending this development saying that “It would take a lot of coding to include aircraft in the game.” Ok. Thats what the devs signed on for & sounded excited to get started on isn't it ? Everyone knows larger maps would be required. So make them. New maps are desperately needed anyway. We’ve been playing the current ones for years & they’re stale & rounds have become repetitive & predict Create able. Apparently there will be a new map in v12 but the rest will just be old maps “updated” for re-release. Belaya & Kamdesh are more like testing maps that never should’ve been released in the first place, virtual carbon copies of each other with different terrain, totally unrealistic with a hundred roads to nowhere, seemingly implemented as fillers then just left in-game. Several maps submitted by the modding community are better than these but can’t or won't be incorporated into the actual game for whatever reason. There are posts about the possibility of 8x8 km maps & even larger. PR had jets on maps the size of Gorodok so why can’t Squad ? If you have to tune down visibility a little bit to pull it off, so be it. The visibility in Squad doesn’t seem much farther than that in PR anyway. Another post by someone supposedly “in the know” states that it depends on the revenue generated by game sales. Well the numbers are out. The revenue is in. Even if you guys have to hire additional personnel to get aircraft in the game (as originally advertised) & get the game optimized to a state that’s playable on the average gamers system, considering the funds generated from the games pre-release sales there must be something that could be done to expedite its release.