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  1. Missing Server

    Actually, after working with the Discord, it's showing on other people's systems, but not on mine. What would cause that?
  2. Missing Server

    So, I'm trying to host up a SQUAD server and up to recent, it was showing up proper, however I was testing the server and trying to configure it. When I saw it had server messages, I started piddling with that, adding in my own server messages, however when I started up the server again, it didn't appear, and since then -- even rolling back before I made the edits -- I can't get the damned thing to show up regardless of what I do! Is there any reason for this? Before anyone asks, I've been trying to follow the wiki to the letter, port forwarding was done through the remote server's firewall, and likewise I did try it from a fresh install of the dedicated server as well, too, but it's refusing to appear. Did something change and I wasn't aware of it?