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  1. Forum Display Name Change Please

    How exactly do I do that? Is that an email addy? I tried PM and that didn't work.
  2. Degrading Constructions overtime

    Fortifications could be on a timer. If they aren't "used" after a specific amount of time, then they could time out and be removed from the battlefield. WWII Online does this. Of course, their map is 52,000 sq km. So, they kinda need to remove unused fortifications to help with performance.
  3. Player Name Tags

    I wasn't seeing player name tags today. Did I accidentally press something? What do I do to turn them back on?
  4. Forum Display Name Change Please

  5. -|TBG|- True Born Gaming - Adult Oriented Fun

    I think it's time to join a Clan. Always get great ping on your server in Chicago. Would be interested in learning more about TBG
  6. Widened rear sights

    I don't were glasses in daily life. And I recently passed an eye test just fine. But I use $5 "Readers" when playing video games, just so I can see what the heck I'm shooting at.
  7. Complexities

    I just go where my SL says. I've never paid much attention, or cared that much about the "bigger picture". I guess I haven't noticed how/why rushing to the middle flag is no longer the objective. I just know it's ALWAYS been a death sentence 80% of the time to us lambs for the slaughter in the back of the transport. So, what's changed in v12 to make the mad rush to the middle, no longer the plan to end all plans?
  8. Vehicle Comms?

    I think it's a great idea. I can imagine it's extremely difficult to hear in armored vehicles. Personally, I hate the claustrophobic tin cans. But, for people that like them... it seems a reasonable need.
  9. Widened rear sights

    A video game will never be able to accurately recreate peripheral vision. And so, video games compensate for this by slightly altering some things. Like gun sights. Everyone who knows how to shoot, knows you don't just look down a sight. You look all around it too. And if you're in combat, you damn well better keep both eyes open. A video game does not recreate any of this accurately, if at all. It only shows a one dimensional view, straight down the sight. Hence, the slight compensations.
  10. i got an ssd

    An SSD that size would be perfect for Steam games. Unless you have a lot of Steam games. If you do have a lot... Then just transfer Squad and a few others to the SSD and be done.
  11. tow symbology?

    Crosshair brightness indicator (C BRT) adjusts the intensity of the daysight crosshairs when the daysight is selected and the intensity of the NVS crosshairs when NVS is selected. Surveillance (SURV)—indicates the missile is not armed and the track gates are not activated. FIRST/LAST Switch. The FIRST/LAST switch is a push-button switch that provides range verification in conjunction with use of the LRF. Selection of FIRST displays range from the nearest object in the LRF beam path. Selection of LAST (default setting) displays range from the most distant object in the LRF beam path. I got all this from a VERY cool manual on the TOW Targeting System. Information from the Improved Target Acquisition System Manual: https://www.globalsecurity.org/military/library/policy/army/fm/3-22-32/fm3-22-32.pdf
  12. Forum Display Name Change Please

    Ok. Not heard back from Odin. He hasn't even read my PM. It shows he last visited these forums back in July. Is there someone else I should contact about requesting a name change?
  13. Maybe, because a lot of people are like me. When one of those maps loads up... I leave the server. I don't like playing those maps. I'm an infantry player. I don't want to play a map that is made for tanks and now sucks to be nothing but infantry fodder for those tanks. I want to play maps where I can have great INFANTRY battles. I don't want some lame tank from either team coming in and ruining the fun. Maybe squad run servers are seeing a trend where they have an instant drop in server pop when one of those maps loads up. So, to keep their server full... they're starting to shy away from those maps until some semblance of balance is restored to the infantry vs armor game?
  14. Yep. There have been a couple other threads about this. I upped my paging file on my SSD right after the patch and it did the trick. No more crashes.
  15. Bring Walking Back

    I didn't even know it existed, but NOW I miss and want it back.