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  1. Terrible Audio Glitch

    Ive never had this problem with any other game. Also, I've tried different headphones and still get the problem in Squad. I'm thinking I'll try reinstalling/updating audio drivers, I probably should have done this already before asking here. The thing that was throwing me was that the problem is so specific to just a few sound files. It seems that since reinstalling Squad the issue has gotten worse, now it sometimes does it if someone does a long stream of automatic fire with an AK. It's the strangest thing, it's like when the sound happens the audio will cut out for a split second, and if you stop after 1 or 2 shots (like with SVD) it will come back a little louder after cutting out each time and then subside. If you empty your clip it's a 100% guarantee that the audio will scream for a few seconds. Maybe I'll try to record it, maybe I'm doing a poor job of describing it. Thanks again to everyone that's trying to help. I love this game and honestly won't stop playing but it would be nice if my ears didn't have to bleed.
  2. Terrible Audio Glitch

    Thanks for the feedback Samwise, I tried everything you suggested. Just booted up the game and joined a server... still having the same problem. It might actually be worse now but I can't confirm that, but it's definitely just as bad. Could this be a driver issue or something? It's so odd that only certain sounds trigger it. But it's very annoying and really ruining my immersion.
  3. Terrible Audio Glitch

    Yes, I've since done what you suggested. I also tried uninstalling the game via steam and re-installing. Neither has helped. I did notice that after uninstalling and booting the game back up all my settings were still there, so could there be a corrupted audio file that didn't get replaced? I would think something like that would be fixed by verifying the integrity of the files. I'm really stumped here and it's getting more and more annoying, to the point of being unplayable at time. It's annoying when you see an enemy that doesn't see you, suddenly your audio starts SCREAMING in your ears and you have to rip your heaphones off your head and end up dying as a result. I have noticed that it happens specifically with the SVD marksman rifle, as well as the M249 SAW. Also, it just happened with the sound of a warrior's HE rounds impacting near me. I'm sure there are others, but those for sure cause it. Maybe that will help somebody help me? If there's any other info I can provide that would help troubleshoot this, please let me know. Squad is one of the few games I enjoy these days, but I also don't want to go deaf... so I'm kind of stuck. Thanks
  4. Terrible Audio Glitch

    Since about two weeks ago, I've had this extremely annoying issue with the game. Multiple times per round, the audio will randomly start to get louder, gradually at first but then quickly escalating to the loudest screeching you can imagine. I mean, it's 10x louder than I can even get my headphones to go naturally. I'm almost worried that it's going to cause physical damage to them, that's how loud it is. It will do this for a range of 5-10 seconds, requiring me to quickly remove my headphones once I hear this process starting or else suffer real pain to my ears. I suspect there might be a certain audio file causing this, possibly a vehicle sound, but I haven't been able to pinpoint it just yet. All I know is, it only happens in Squad, and it happens with multiple pairs of headphones. Is there any way to fix this in the game files? I was trying to avoid reinstalling the game, but if people think that will fix it I will do that. I was just hoping to play today and that will take a few hours probably.