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    They clearly did FAIL AS I HAVNT GOT MY DAMN EMAIL WHEN THEY INSTRUCTED ME I WOULD. Dumb ass. See you in the field scrub
  2. Squad Wallpapers

    They are stunning thanks. Would love to stick them in my background rotation, but my monitors res is 3840*2160! Fingers crossed for some Squad backgrounds when the kick starters through. LESS THAN TEN HOURS TO GO HYPE!!!!!!
  3. Squad Wallpapers

    Yes please... especially if they are 4k!
  4. Squad Wallpapers

    As the end of the kick starter looms closer, I was anticipating and wondering if there are any Squad Wallpapers in the works, especially 4k ones, or even 4k in game screen shots that could be used as desktop backgrounds. Understandably this is probably the last thing the dev's are worried about, but if any talented artist who are looking forward to the game as much as i am, want to take it upon themselves i'm sure the effort would be much appreciated by the Squad community!
  5. Leveling/experience points.

    Red Orchestra 2 had an extremely good leveling system which rewarded dedication and skill with realistic buffs. Such as playing with a certain rifle or getting x amount of kills improves your reload speed or a reduction in sway when ADS...? Something like this could be implemented and enhance the game with rewards and medals for actual bravery and skill in the field. Which could be recorded along side a range of player and map stats.