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  1. 9.8 Sounds

    Restarted PC, cleared game cache manually and checked game files through steam, seems to have resolved the issue. Thank you all for your hasty replies. Also Dubs, cheers for that vid, had not seen that, cant wait for that too hit the live builds!
  2. Afternoon Community. Just wondering as I haven't found any discussion's about true surround sound support in suggestions, (possibly through fault of my own), is there any plans too add 7.1 surround sound support? I invested in an X-Fi Titanium analog 7.1 surround sound, sound card and Razer Tiamat 7.1 analog headset back in the early days of Project Reality to achieve better sound quality and positional audio. Its was a great investment as my positional audio was far superior than my pears and the sound quality was impeccable due to BF2's Sound blaster technology support. Squad in its current form, has moderately good positional audio, on a single plane, left and right that is. Unfortunately however from my experience it has no positional audio supporting the vertical plane. Time and time again, my squad would be clearing a building with several floors, hearing enemy gunfire emerging from the building from our left or right, only too clear the floor and come to the conclusion that the enemy player is above us. Are there any plans to remedy this by adding vertical positional audio support, as I believe it would vastly improve target acquisition and identification in such situations. I know I may be alone in my substantial investment to achieve better audio however, I can ascertain from the several post in support forum, I am definitely not alone in my use of 7.1 surround sound, whether virtual or analog. Any response or direction to other similar post would be welcome. Cheers Kdot
  3. 9.8 Sounds

    Restarted PC and cleared cache to no avail unfortunately!
  4. 9.8 Sounds

    Sweet I'm gonna clear the cache and see if that resolves it. Cheers.
  5. 9.8 Sounds

    Morning Gents. For some reason it seams like the devs in addition to the bug fixes that we all appreciate, have turned the bass nob in 9.8 too maximum and all the sounds consist of a very undesirable bass level now. Maybe I missed it, but I saw no mention of an edit to the sound's cache in the change logs. Was this an intentional change, or an unforeseen bug? The level of bass has completely thrown off the players ability to identify enemy fire in my opinion and made the audio experience in Squad quite hard to enjoy. Any response would be welcome as I would be relieved to hear this is a bug on the client side which I can resolve with some tinkering or a reinstall, as a patch of these sounds is going to drive me away from playing till it is changed or fixed. Kind Regards Kdot
  6. August 2016 Monthly Recap

    Nice too see the devs are spending our hard earn't cash on Holidays and breaks. -.-. Well Deserved rest from what? Your last progress update post was two months ago -.-.
  7. Old habits die hard. Them devs love to play with us!
  8. There are actually several crossfire post on the forums. Links for two: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/8660-crossfire-support/, http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/7756-unofficial-crossfire-fix-for-squad/.But on another note I did try your configuration will little success unfortunately. Running a R9 295 x2 and actually saw a dip in frame rate when moving from full screen to border less. Although border less did remove the flickering apparent when in full screen. Possibly because when in border less there was little to no use of my second GPU, rarely using more than 15 percent on the second GPU. When in full screen how ever i would see 100% usage across both GPU's but with the obvious flickering. What was the GPU usage across your cards when in game in border less?
  9. Crossfire support?

    Possibly. I have an R9 295 X2 and rolling back drivers rewarded me with no fps gains. Or enabled crossfire, which is what i was hoping for :( ! Using the Skyrim, TESV.exe crossfire profile temporarily enabled crossfire for me how ever it does not any more, I would recommend giving that profile a try.
  10. Crossfire support?

    CCC = Catalyst Controll Center, The old control center for AMD GPU's.
  11. Crossfire support?

    How are you getting crossfire to work? What crossfire profile are you using in CCC?
  12. AMD CPU performance is terrible

    Would agree with you on the case of gpu's as they make some amazing hardware but thier lack luster driver suppport doesn't do it justice. How ever on the cpu front the price point must always be taken into acount and in the case for bang for buck and amd fx series proccessors, especaily the fx 8350 are realy doing amazing things. If you can afford to cool it that is [emoji12].
  13. AMD CPU performance is terrible

    Couldn't disagree with you more. Currently only getting low fps in squad due to lack of crossfire support, but in more demanding games such as arma 3 and star citizen im getting between 45 and 60 fps. At 3840×2160 resolution mind you. However i am water cooling mine and oc'd to 4.5ghz . AMD TILL I DIE!
  14. Crossfire stopped Working

    Yes using Msi After burner in game display. Updated and reinstalled to make sure its working correctly. MSI after buner is definitely working correctly as it shows both gpu's under load when in other games. Edit: AMD Radeon R9 295 X2 Edit: Updated to latest driver but still no change. 18/12/2015
  15. Well I managed to get crossfire working momentarily by using the skyrim TESV.exe crossfire profile in Radeon Settings. How ever upon restarting my computer, the profile no longer utilizes my second gpu and I'm back to getting less than 30 fps! Happy to post log files etc, but not sure how to access them. Any help would be appreciated as its past the 15th now and I honestly want too get stuck in!