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    [CO] Chilled Out Gaming About Us We are a chill clan recruiting for our server. If you want to join a clan that doesn't have weekly requirements or annoying fulfillment's to stay as a member, then look no further. Once you join, you join. Just follow the rules and be a generally decent human and we will do the same for you. Recruiting Join our discord here. That's it, no really. Server Rules Squad Leaders must have a microphone and use it to communicate, no exceptions. If a vehicle requires a crewman class, you must have 2 crewman before leaving main. Be nice to your squad mates and provide a helpful and fun atmosphere. No intentional Team Kills. Racial or derogatory slurs will have action taken accordingly. Server Suggestions or Comments? If you have any problems with Admins, would like to become and Admin/Mod, or any suggestions or comments, please post a comment on this thread or direct message an Admin/Mod on our discord server. We will respond to your request normally within a few hours.