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  1. On 2/8/2020 at 10:08 AM, Nightingale87 said:

    Since we are talking mods, I´d love to see flyable jets. Just like in PR. Noone spawns in randomly, but it´s a vehicle like any other.

    yeah but for some reason they don't do it in squad so when i said 'in the vanilla' about the A-10 i see it as the middle line between no jets and a.i. jets. of course fully flyable jets would be awesome...

  2. 1 hour ago, Nightingale87 said:

    I´d love it. But do you really believe that Squad (vanilla) Will ever implement such a thing?????


    No, that's why the title also suggest's MOD. What i do like to see in the vanilla is a player temporarily spawning in the A-10 when it is triggered. Would the game handle it? Ignoring the question 'who' spawns in it (for now).


  3. 1 hour ago, Guan_Yu007 said:

    I think seeing other squadleaders is fine, for the squadleader. Would be cool to have a mode where regular soldiers dont see friendlies except SL's being able to see eachother.

    yes, but... this only makes players more impaired as to a commander drawing the desired position and desired manouvering is more of a game changing element hence MOD/new game mode.

  4. I'm seeing a kind of grey grid area on the sides of roads again, maybe it's my nvidia settings but about  the pixelation, it happened for me after they anounced the removal of some 4k textures in vegetation. I think they just downscaled some other stuff as well as TXAA doesn't feel the same anymore.

  5. Sounds effective on a private server with squads who train and stuff, and play the game with actual strategy involved.

    On public servers people would be relieved that coms is down for a while...and see it as a gap to go full call of duty.


    Bit of a negative impression though but i believe there's truth in it. (talking about my reaction)

  6. Upping up the tactical/communication is what it's all about.


    First things first... There are 2 commanders , a first commander and a second commander called out by saying "This is first command" or "This is second command". Now the difference between is that First command is not physically on the map. Second command is present as a player on the map. First command finds himself in a control room with different features to access, such as all the ordnance the present commander system has now. Only First command sees all the friendly players on the map, Second command who's physically on the map does not! All players except for First command only see a blank map and what First command draws on it. (friendly positions and there desired maneuvering primarily). Now for example, when Second command gives the order for the A-10 gun-run, it is only half of the job. First command needs to verify the go signal for the actual gun-run. Witch spawns First command inside the A-10 (for about 60 seconds maybe), perform the gun-run and spawn back to the control room. The A-10 is being taken over by AI and fly's out of the theater. Second command keeps the ability of utilizing a recon drone without First command involved. Each individual squad leaders can draw (maybe rather just place markers as it is now) on the map as well, though only visible for his own squad. Armored squads of type APC and IFV have the ability to link up by request and approval with a separate infantry squad to stimulate cohesion between. I want to see the IFV covering a squad way more then as it is today seeing them all drive straight into town a get wrecked after 1 minute. 


    Disable all form of in-game markers? (not the ones on the map)

    Insta death? duh!

    Limited rally-spawns, i believe so...

    Way more detail to be added...


    of course there's going to be inconsistencies and reasons why it wouldn't work, but overall i like this idea and would like to hear your opinion on this.


  7. @STC - RaZoR I've thought of a nice fix for that and also more teamwork and SL responsibilities. Make an approval system like for the vehicle for a player to give up, you'd have the same HUD that you get when you die but instead of ''give up'' you'd have "Request give up" 


    I'm afraid squad is a balance between sim and arcade with a growing weight on arcade since the playerbase expanded. Requesting permission to give up is what i believe just not in line with what OWI has in mind for the (growing) 'player base'.

  8. 11 hours ago, Vewt said:

    the zoom is meant to represent 'focus' which you can't do through a game monitor. when aiming in real life you don't zoom but you can change your focus on your eyes so that things further away are easier to see. The only way for the game to represent this is with zoom

    11 hours ago, Vewt said:

    This is absolutely untrue and a completely out of date justification. It was true 20 years ago on 20 year old engines, but it's completely untrue now. The hyperfocal distance for humans is only about 6m. If you're looking at something any further away from that, the focus of your eyes will not substantially change if you focus on something even further away.


    I already addressed the resolution limits of human vision compared to unzoomed vision in 1920x1080 Unreal 4 above; the zoom in game unequivocally represents superhuman vision and people who argue that it's necessary to replicate human visual acuity have seldom tried to spot camouflaged, obscured or partially occluded objects at long ranges.


    I think the truth is in between. With picture in picture you could simulate a focus and replace zoom by supersampling. Theoretically of course. 


    EDIT: Basically what ecchi says in the post above.

  9. @Vewt

    When i bought Squad somewhere around v10, i was surprised to find out there was so much balancing instead of just going for how weapons and such really are. I had a misconception on that. I thought squad was all about realism based in a battlefield like game style. Witch was my main drive to buy the game (particularly the factions like PR does it). So when it comes to a vote, i'd vote removal to for iron sight zoom for example. But i'm speaking after 2000 hours of playing. I'm pretty sure i was very grateful that there was zoom to iron sights when i just started playing (i never played PR). Anyway, zoom or no zoom. My eyes have a biological age of 90 after playing 1 hour of Squad.