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  1. Logistics Mechanics

    Nice about the crate system is that the enemy can blow your crates up!
  2. Body Armor

    I tought there was body armor already in the game. Everytime i click left mouse putting a round inside somebody's hearth, my oponent just clicks left mouse two times back and i'm dead. I tought the puff of blood was reactive armor.
  3. My top 3 would be 1 GERMANY 2 ISRAEL 3 CHINA
  4. Dragging Animation?

    john wick's dog said: Shooting a wounded soldier is a violation of the first Geneva Convention and the guilty faction should be penalized through financial sanctions (loss of supply points at all their FOBs). Shooting too many wounded soldiers should be punishable by death (damage is reflected back onto the perpetrator). The red cross symbol identifies persons covered under the agreement, so shooting a medic while dragging a wounded soldier or administering aid should receive the same punishment. I like this penalty concept but imediate result is a bit weird. If squad had staged matches with a defender and a attacker that progresses over 3 sub mission (1 map) Then you can dedact ammo and construction in the next round coming. If a defending team shoots to many wounded soldiers and they loose the first match, they start the second round (tactical retreat) with less points to fortify. Like when defending a city map the map get's played in 3 missions, where the defenders each time fall back to the last stand, with some time to fortify.
  5. I would love to see the abbility to use a sledgehammer to create openings in walls like you see in a devastated Syrian city for example. A map that would capture the real extend of debree and rubble that war creates. Making a hole in a wall to progress trough buildings is just a very essential thing when it comes to tight urban combat.
  6. Small urban map/make hole in wall

    thx for answering, anyways...i'm exited for what's to come!
  7. Small urban map/make hole in wall

    Can you keep performance up by just making specific locations only of a destructable kind? Let's say like only these few areas on these few walls, or doesn't it work like that? What is like the main feature/key aspect in what makes this impossible? The desync, is it because of process power/speed or internet speed?...
  8. Western European map.

    I would like to see a little town in the West of Europe captured on a map. But with actual detail. No lazy grid placement of generic houses. More like how a town grows over time and some buildings being smashed together, others being more spacious. You have the 21st century houses, and then some steps build a century before that lead you to some place where there are a few bars or something, maybe a little water around. Generally, a map with a village that has some soul and detail, like a small sign saying groceries or something would already give some colour.
  9. Western European map.

    Yeah what you discribe sounds cool. Getting a very movie like vibe picturing the mist and the unknowing of who is in front of you. Woul'd be even more nice with good looking vegetation. Also to have a video game for once that doesn't resort to pine trees would be nice. Some actual oak or berch. But every damn game...always pine trees.
  10. Drop left or right as an evasive manoeuvre.

    Dolphin dive was removed from Squad. Now if I understand it you want some form of it linked to lean? Seems doubtful anybody would ever go for that considering they worked their asses off for nearly a year on the animation overhaul. That's to bad, still there needs to be some way to get to cover with some adrenaline induced movement. I crawl faster out of my bed while hungover to go to work then a soldier in squad goes to cover when fired upon.
  11. When behind a wall or nearly behind a wall, there should be a way to drop yourself a little to the left or right by dubble tapping lean left or right button, to evade more quick when taking fire.
  12. Drop left or right as an evasive manoeuvre.

    yeah sorry that wasn't that clear. i mean when you are running and somebody fires at you, you dubble tab q or e and you will drop to your side, wich is very handy when you are near a wall. just a quicker way to dodge incoming bullets that's all. It can be a bit frustrating when crouching away like a snail sometimes.

    It would be nice to see different NATO forces fighting together on one map, like german and us troops taking on russia for example.
  14. January 2019 Recap

    I've played PR 15 minutes. As soon as i found out they where making a full game i immediately bought squad! My main attraction to this game was the realism of the factions! May squad one day have it's own Project Reality MOD.

    I dont like all this game experience improvements at the cost of reality. hell i dont even like balancing! i want factions to use the actual equipment with the actual properties (armor/penetration rate and so on) and if that would make a faction more powerfull, then i would be twice as excited to be on the opposing team and try to win. But i do understand that that might mean the end of squad sad enough...

    Right now the holding shift function to stay in first gear isnt really working out. when you head up a hill already with some speed you are unable to switch to first gear. you need to stop in order to go to first gear. i'd say just give the full function to switch between gears.

    * A brutal way of respawning would be to implement a body pool. You place a medical-tent or use armored ambulances and try to recover as much of the fallen possible, because that will determine if there body's left in the body pool to spawn from. There's the possibility to spawn whenever but at the cost of more tickets. Implementing this ambulance body recovering system would add a new dynamic to the battle theater. * Adding an engineer class with ability to build bridges, haul damaged vehicles from the batllefield, dig trenches...

    i do use the letting go w technique but it's not efficient for most of the time to get the truck in to first gear you need to slow down to the speed where he actualy shifts to 1st gear wich is around 20 to 30mph i think. another thing bothering me is when some of the wheels are lifted from the ground the truck will shift to 4th gear wile you need first to take of.
  19. What would you like to see in Squad

    *Gore! depending on the caliber from small gunshot wounds to half of the head missing and even limbs being ripped of, blood splatters on the wall from exit wounds also more reaction to getting shot such as falling down when running *Destructable environment *wheater *more diverse and better looking vegetation *Firing from a vehicle *animals (offcource equipped with damage model) *woman