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  1. Gun loading animation when entering vehicle.

    i think it's just something that needs polish, maybe v13 will solve it.
  2. Quit that! once the gun is cocked it should stay that way. But now every time you enter a vehicle with a 50.cal you have the cocking animation everytime and it lowers your reaction time very drastically.
  3. New faction S.L.A.

    a good one, of the inspiring kind. srry if that wasn't clear.
  4. New faction S.L.A.

    The southern lebanese army SLA. For the sake of millitary history that is lesser known the SLA could be an interesting faction. skip to 23:15
  5. New faction S.L.A.

    You sure make my guts tingle.
  6. to be able to lean left and right when operating a shielded dshka for example.
  7. Second stamina system.

    Keep the current stamina system, but untop of that create a overall stamina system that allows you at the beginning of the game run a bit faster. and as the game proceeds your max run speed decreaces towards normal run speed.
  8. "Alt tabbing in loadscreen causes freeze" Do you have this problem?
  9. Alt tabbing in loadscreen causes freeze

    thx i'll mess with that.
  10. Afterburner causing crashes?

    i use it to, yeah afterburner is GPU.

    The ability to pilot soldiers in to the front line by paradrop. (or a gamemode where 1 faction spawns in being paradropped.)

    yeah no idea i have fit's any game cause i wan't to basically have real life substitutes.

    Would be nice if it had a animation and the hud value as a optional function where possible* (*value visible on the gun itself or not).

    I agree, just want squad to be the only game left i want to play.

    (Haven't played much shooters) I can't recall a game where you actually physically adjust your iron sights up and down like what they call "trapvizier of laddervizier" . Don't know the english term and i'm tired so no wiki on this right now. Just an idea: imagine that you need to assemble your gun and actually adjust the left and right screw to align the iron sight. Like some people woul'd need to know that they must aim a little left because they fail to manage to like be precise enough with their mouse or wathever. (just a funny idea i think)

    I didn't know that. Now i feel pretty assured that all shall be fine.

    mhm, and what does that have to do with me wanting to see the animation instead of the HUD number?
  18. Squad is dead or not ?

    Infamous player...
  19. Anti-material rifle

    Yep, that would be a nice experience to fire that thing in squad, especially if they put details in the bullet impact. I like this sort of conclusion that this topic has made, i believe most of the people would feel comfortable with the idea of the AT rifle for the militia and such. (just a detail: when i say good idea's being destroyed by stupid arguments, i was talking in general, not this topic.)
  20. Anti-material rifle

    Yes indeed, but try to explain that to all the people (it looks like there's a lot!) who don't want to see squad change in any shape or form. (at the same time i appreciate this overprotective group of people who have the best intent for the game, but sometimes i can get frustrated with the amount of nice ideas i see getting destroyed with the most stupid arguments.)
  21. Anti-material rifle

    I agree with the fact that there is no need for a AM role. I just think it doesn't hurt that it is available, just like a crew man kit being available on a map with no armor, the little icon will simply just be there with out bothering anyone! Why is it such a problem that a AM role icon would be there, If more then 50 procent of squad players think it's for immature people anyway. If you ask me squad with Barret M81 or without Barret M81 i pick with! even if it doesn't serve purpose. This ofcource does not corelate to people who have to put time and money in coding it. Wich brings it down to squad without AM role. ok i quit...
  22. Anti-material rifle

    Still, it does not need to have that much of an impact to the game. Compare it to the crewman role. Not everyone is walking around crew even if it gives acces to scoped 30mm. Because of the penalty's that come with it. If the anti material role is only available after a certain amount of other kits being utilized, a sq will most likely ask the person who takes AM role to take something more usefull. Just in the same way i play as a machinegunner and when the situation asks it, i can spawn as a crewman and take that role for as long as neccesairy. The same would work for the AM role. It would mostly be used as the situation ask's for a long range shot at a enemy rally point or fortification for example. Or LAT is out of ammo, somebody can spawn in as AM role with 1 or 2 mags and dammage a light vehicle.
  23. Squad is dead or not ?

    Even if there would be latency, i primairely blame this phenomena on my technique. I just get insecure when i get close one on one. I will try your suggestion.
  24. Squad is dead or not ?

    I rarely win a engagement when i try to shoot somebody that is behind a corner of a building. I lean left and slowly proceed but will mostly be shot before i actualy see the enemy.