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  1. v13 crash

    i cant get to the loading screen
  2. v13 crash

    Problem solved for me. I unistalled and reinstalled Validated integrety Enjoying V13
  3. Anti-material rifle

    Destroying/dammaging enplacements. Destroying IED, mine,... Stopping LOGI's by disabling the engine. Basicaly what i want to see trough my optic is a big fat tracer go down range knocking somebody to the ground.
  4. Car Bomb and Explosive vest

    Together with a dessert map whit infrastructure being really destroyed, not the "roads are completely clear so no noob can get stuck with a tank" type of destruction. This game is the only one who could make the middle east come to life (or at least "that part of the Middle East") in a awsome immersive way!
  5. FOB out of ammo, no change of picking other role.

    Indeed this feature might stop me from nitpicking, maybe. agree
  6. This sucks. The FOB being out of ammo should have nothing to do with you changing from m4 to MG because when you spawn in on a FOB with no ammo you get 2 mags anywhay, wy not give the change when the FOB is out of ammo to a player next to a ammo crate to pick that MG with 2 mags??
  7. FOB out of ammo, no change of picking other role.

    But there is! spawning on a fob without ammo means still 2 magz. like i already explained.
  8. Bipod limitation

    If you would read then you would know that i only have a issue with the bipod folding animation while taking fire. Just a faster transicion between bipod and no bipod while engaging. and i mean from bipod to no bipod. not the other way around.
  9. Bipod limitation

    Maybe a point where your crosshair stops and a certain minimum of up mouse movement making it go to the other animation. And as the turning slows down you actually crawl a little bit to the side reducing your aiming. But every soldier should have a animation when turning left or right while being prone.
  10. Bipod limitation

    So for the left to right aiming when bipod is deployed i agree on the flanking thing as you said LiamNL. But when you are on a light slope facing down, you will not be able to aim up enough. So instead of pressing c and engage when the animation is done i suggest no animation. When you move the cursor higher it will simply snap out of bipod and you will be aiming with your normal accuracy. There will be a very short animation of your second arm grabbing the rifle.
  11. Squad is dead or not ?

    If i were a triple A studio i would make a millsim because you would not have to worry about a player base.
  12. V13 Test Crash

    same here
  13. Struggling with target acquisition.

    Had the same problem when i started, i cant tell any other game that made me more aware of orientation then squad! Also interesting to consider this article: https://www.thelocal.dk/20190321/denmarks-military-wants-to-recruit-gamers
  14. Implementing AI in Squad and Why it's Necessary

    I would love that to, some guy fleeing with a couple of sheeps from incoming fire. also seeing a deer project out of a bush would be nice to. implementing AI like that would just make another broken arma, with ai stuck in tree"s and rocks and buildings. The only way i want to see AI is as soon as you cap a point, some AI troops will guard it. Butt still ai would completely change the feel of the game.
  15. Gun loading animation when entering vehicle.

    i think it's just something that needs polish, maybe v13 will solve it.
  16. Quit that! once the gun is cocked it should stay that way. But now every time you enter a vehicle with a 50.cal you have the cocking animation everytime and it lowers your reaction time very drastically.
  17. New faction S.L.A.

    a good one, of the inspiring kind. srry if that wasn't clear.
  18. New faction S.L.A.

    The southern lebanese army SLA. For the sake of millitary history that is lesser known the SLA could be an interesting faction. skip to 23:15
  19. New faction S.L.A.

    You sure make my guts tingle.
  20. to be able to lean left and right when operating a shielded dshka for example.
  21. Second stamina system.

    Keep the current stamina system, but untop of that create a overall stamina system that allows you at the beginning of the game run a bit faster. and as the game proceeds your max run speed decreaces towards normal run speed.
  22. "Alt tabbing in loadscreen causes freeze" Do you have this problem?
  23. Alt tabbing in loadscreen causes freeze

    thx i'll mess with that.
  24. Afterburner causing crashes?

    i use it to, yeah afterburner is GPU.