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  1. I suggest a single button to show a units class when looking on the map. Right now hoovering with the mouse over the player icons to now where a specific unit is can be time consuming at moments when you don't have a clear sight on where your team is and what there names are. So if you'd press a button that temperarely shows the unit's class while looking on the map, you can quickly asses a situation and give orders.
  2. Insurgency gamemode , we need it!

    And animations for when you enter or leave a vehicle, opening a trunk to investigate and such. Imagine an apc speeding off with the backdoor open because they shot you when you opened it. Patrolling small afghan villages with a heli stand by. searching AI villagers and stuff.
  3. I put my map on mouse 3 and role selection style map on mouse 4. It gives a very smooth transition from combat to coordinating/orientating. Try it.
  4. Single button to show class of soldier on map

    I'm sure i'm not the only one who doesn't like text floating above a soldier when playing squad. It can can even hinder your ability to spot an enemy. That's why being able to see a class on the map would be good.
  5. Single button to show class of soldier on map

    Also on the map? i thought only on your screen when playing
  6. (Nani!?) Hip fire is weird [not normal!]

    I like the fact that the bullet goes where gun points, in case of lowering the weapon not center screen. I like this realism but when defending cqb this is a disadvantage. This could be solved by raising the gun center screen as soon as the weapon is fired, and go of center after a few seconds of no action.
  7. Alpha 16 Test + OISC Kickoff

    What's up with the momentum all of the sudden? I can slide left and right almost skating.
  8. When seated in for example a logi truck, i kind of find it a bit ridiculous to see these HUD icons that show me how the truck is angled. I prefer that gone. Also the engine icon could be replaced by maybe a couple of distinct levels of noise the engine makes telling you somethings wrong with it. Some icons replaced like the engine icon with noise and maybe the angle icons with hold lean to simply look outside the vehicle, would balance out the QOL improvements wich for some part robbed squad of it's initial (raw) appeal. Also a little red light on and off somewhere inside the speedometer to indicate if the handbrake is on or off could help make the handbrake feel more alive. Right now the handbrake feels so quantum, neither alive or dead but when observed it's there and it works.
  9. Speed leaning spam as a problem

    It's up to OWI to fix this (if at all possible) if what you do, the very game allows... Then what precisely are you doing wrong?? Life sure never complained about adapting and surviving! Disclaimer: Don't use this reasoning in life, getting away with murder is still bad m'kay?
  10. With the knife or something cutting of sticks and covering Armor or emplacements such as TOW. Or why not camouflage netting.
  11. Enable requesting vehicle ownership to be seperate from resupplying. Make it a seperate button on the select wheel.
  12. reduce fall damage

    Falling to the ground like when a team member deceides to run you over with a car, is a nice addition to falling from first floor stuff or a bit higher. And indeed get rid of the bleeding.
  13. Nanisivik should not be in the game

    At the higher altitudes, it looks kinda like the few times i have tried out heightmaps in UE4 myself. That's not a good sign...
  14. Voice Lines?

    haha I was speaking generally, not what the actual mechanic in squad is
  15. Wind direction?

    Is there a wind direction in squad that makes the smoke grenade plume go a certain direction?

    Very refreshing to have a map like scorpo, but every map looks like a squad map because you only use one type of road, one type of dirt road, one type of grass, one type of soil, one type of tree,... The placement is very generic, flowers will occur on a evenly spread and scaled number. You won't see a patch of a bit more flowers or less, it's very generic. The grass density is also so tool made. if you can't do a more dense grass density then make places where there's no grass and places where there is grass, instead of dispersing to less grass over an entire map. Hell let loose released early acces today, like they really took a look at vegetation, they did that really well. I wish i could do some squad in such immersive terrain, because now the maps are the only thing holding back my immersion, the vegetation models as wel. editing: the colours don't look good as well! you have the green grass the red barn the brown tree, no! the colours don't look good, it's like a kids colour book, squad needs some atmosphere filter. .
  17. Voice Lines?

    players yelling or taunt to the enemy is a good idea!
  18. Voice Lines?

    i like that!
  19. Voice Lines?

    A bit weird i think, i hope it doesn't encourage people from playing without a mic.
  20. Map detail suggestion

    Make a map where a cap zone is of some millitary and economic importance such as a weapons factory, bomb plant, Nuke/spent fuel storage, Sattelite coms, submarine base, SAM site,...
  21. Helicopter ropeskip

    Would be a fun addition when the helicopters drop in. Having the choice between making a full land or a hover. a c130 spawn option making you parachute is also welcome ofcource.
  22. can the sks pop tires of an MWRAP?
  23. Wind direction?

    Usefull information
  24. New Wallpaper

    nice! I thought it was a merkava. Judgement based on zero tank knowledge, just what i want!