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  1. dedicated key for each inventory item

    indeed, i expierence it the other way around. quickly deploying a grenade and there i have this most likely empty tube in my hands.
  2. World of Warcraft - Combat Priest!

    just have the option to bandage, when sitting in a vehicle, that's all we need.
  3. 100 Player Servers

    You only telling me this now?!
  4. dedicated key for each inventory item

    Or highlight the selected weapon a little more, i think it's hard to notice wich one you selected when there is multiple items on the same tab.
  5. sitting behind a wall and aiming at the ground to range and then get in fire position seems weird. It becomes even more obstructive when you are firing from a window. Not only you wait for the reload animation of a rpg, you then make sure you are not to close to the wall and then aim inside the bulding to set the correct range and only then you can get into a fire position. Skip the aiming part, just press x and range. (with a little hand animation something)

    Yeah i see the problem. when imagening it i thought of a website, nothing like in game menu or anything, just a tab on the official squad server. But squad being much more dynamic then running and gunning makes it hard to base a ranking on anyway.

    After release initiate a global scoreboard that tracks your deaths and kills and some other interesting stats. (how many miles walked in game, favoured class/weapon, friendly fire,...). Imagine playing a week focusing on zero deaths and seeing that pay off when you check the rankings.
  8. Tactical Ladder

    I want to see more nature orientated stuff such as tactical ladder or rope, in addition with a map that has a location wich only allows a noisy chopper drop off or some squad silently aproaching, scaling cliffs, climbing little cascades. Some element of dealing with nature/terrain first, before you reach the location you want to attack.
  9. Remove aim action before ranging a weapon.

    nice to hear it's on the to do list. Is the reloading animation on static weapons a similar matter? (reloading a spg altough you just loaded it)
  10. v16 HAT vs Russian Helo

    cool fun fact, googeling it right away!
  11. v16 HAT vs Russian Helo

    There must be something going on. Yesterday i drove a techie at high speed over a mine. I hear the click, the explosion follows, but it happened all behind me and i keep driving on. I think i did the same with a Brittish logi in sumari. Sometimes it just blows my mind how a Tandem AT missile doesn't even remove paint!
  12. Trenching & Portable HMGs

    building a machine gun platform so you can raise the barrel a bit. Now you can't place it on certain roofs because of the ledge. Talking about the low profile static machine guns.
  13. Must be a bigger issue at hand here, most static weapons (ground or vehicle based) have the cock charging handle or reload spg 7 round animation regardless of the fact that you just cocked or reloaded. Hopefully this will be resolved.
  14. A better armor and Gear system

    I prefer just the option to take a scope on and of. now the kit forces you to make a choice between cqb or longer ranges. But if you have a indebt kit selection option, there's gonna be an unbelievable amount of idiots who have no clue on what basis to pick certain items. And having a HAT or LAT would not garantee for a squad leader to rely on taking out armor, cause your LAT, HAT might have brought only shrapnel rockets with him. So this is mainly a problem for public servers. I wouldnt mind this system, but i think it straves to far away from the arcade way squad wants to do things.
  15. I'm giving up on this game.

    I take it back. I hope you find a clan and can keep enjoying the game.
  16. I'm giving up on this game.

    True... Hopefully the commander role brings a little coherence between squads. squad 1 waiting for squad 2 to be in position kinda stuff.
  17. I'm giving up on this game.

    Glad to see some arrogant players leave the game to be honest.
  18. Shot Effects

    True, but a little dazzle when getting shot is not ultra hardcore.
  19. Shot Effects

    Yeah like Operation flaspoint did! But then again, there firm discision to leave gore absent from the game renders a lower spine injured person to not be identified correctly because you can't show any sign of being wounded. You will just see somebody proning around without knowing he's hurt.
  20. Make "suppression" logical again!

    Just going to the crouch position with a cry of pain would already be something, with a second of gun sway.
  21. What about a game mode where the map is just the map without player icon and positions visible. You can only draw on the map. So you'd need to communicate even more. Getting in position and waiting for other squads to be in position all guided trough by the commander role with UAV.
  22. Make "suppression" logical again!

    I would not mind if when the player get's shot, you get a sort of cramp forcing your gun to sway down or something for a second. It really feels stupid when you shoot somebody in the groin twice but that last bullet of his spray taking you out. I have this problem allot when an enemy pops up close in front of me. Just something to indicate pain, audible as well. When somebody shoots me twice in the groin and i take him down in total panic i kind of feel great though...
  23. FPS drops since V16 update

    Hmmm now that you say...The magnesium/aluminium oxide effect (the very bright sparks comming off an exploding tank) Is that still in the game?
  24. FPS drops since V16 update

    I tought of buying ram to improve frame rate but seems as this is not a solid way. I now have 8GB RAM with a 1060 3GB and i7 CPU ans SSD. I think a part of it has to do with optimization. The older maps have a much more steady frame rate, then for example Mutaha. (atleast on my system with the settings on high) Squad makes my system sweat for sure but being patient for optimization will make a big differene i believe.
  25. Single button to show class of soldier on map

    k seems like i'm missing something thx for the info.